Sanjog [3rd December 2022] Written Update

Sanjog 3rd December 2022 Written Update On

Sanjog [3rd December 2022] Written Update

In Sanjog, Gauri comes to Tara and says that she has beautiful hair. Tara says don’t touch me. Gauri says I should know that her birthday is coming up. Tara asks her to clean her shoes. Gauri starts cleaning shoes. Gopal comes there and smiles at Tara. Gauri tells Tara that I had a dream that Amrita is not your mother and I am actually your mother. What if I become your mother instead of Amrita? Tara laughs and says that you can’t be my mother, I am a princess, so my mother must be a queen, but you are just a servant. Gopal is offended upon hearing this and leaves.

Gauri thinks she is my blood, so her answers are the same as mine. Gauri tells Tara the story about the princess and tells the princess that she was tortured by her mother who interfered with her homework and scolded her. Tara says my mom is not like that. Gauri says I saw her scolding you all the time. Amrita comes there and asks Tara to drink her milk. Tara drinks. Gauri says I have cleaned the room. He starts to walk away from there and grins at Tara.

Tara leaves for school in the morning. Maasa says we’re getting ready for your birthday. Rajiv says he can take a vacation today. He asks Amrita to prepare for a dance performance.

Sanjog Today’s Episode Online:

Amrita and Tara are dancing. Gauri asks Chanda to learn how to dance with them. Chanda tries to follow in their footsteps. Amrita says you are both fine. You two can work together. Tara says no, you always love her like your daughter. She asks if she can go to Gauri and teach her how to dance. Gauri says your mother is better. Tara says I’m mad at her, I don’t want to dance with her. Chanda says we can choose partners with cheats. He gives Tara a note. Tara opens it and says that the name of Gauri is written on the chip.

Amrita says it doesn’t matter who teaches you how to dance, but I know that you will give the best performance. From there, Gauri takes Tara. Amrita looks at Chanda’s note and it also has Gauri’s name written on it. He stops Gauri and asks why your name is on both tablets. Gauri says I don’t know how Chanda could be wrong. Amrita says you are lying.

Tara says she won’t learn to dance from you. Tara says no, I just want to learn how to dance from her. Amrita says don’t be stubborn. When Tara starts crying, Rajiv comes and asks what happened? Tara says I don’t want to learn to dance from Amrita. Rajiv yells at Amrita and says that if he wants to learn how to dance from Gauri, then leave him alone. Gauri breaks up with Tara.

Sanjog  Latest New Full Episode:

Gauri teaches Tara how to dance. He says he can’t teach me this. Gauri says I don’t know much. Tara plays a song and asks Gauri to teach her the steps. Gauri teaches him. Tara is about to fall when Amrita appears and grabs her. Gauri says don’t worry, I can take care of her. Chanda brings water to Amrita and apologizes for my mistake. Amrita says it’s okay, at least we can dance together.

He starts dancing with Chanda. Tara looks and tries to copy them. Gauri asks Tara to go rest. He’s coming. Maasa comes there and asks what happened? Why are you teaching that cheap Chanda girl how to dance? Gauri says she is right. Chanda is a poor girl, I will tell her what her place is in this house. Leaves the table. Gauri says I love looking at her battered face. I told you that Tara is my blood. Amrita says Chanda has my blood and Tara has my upbringing so she can’t win. Gauri says this is a battlefield so your upbringing cannot win. Amrita says we will win and they will both dance.


Amrita says we will celebrate Chandani’s birthday every year and she will get all the love. Gauri, please don’t make fun of us being poor, Chandani is your daughter, but says that Maasa hears it and what does she say? Chandani is your daughter, Amrita?

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