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Sanjog 5th September 2022 Written Update On

The Episode Start With:

Amrita’s records are examined by the doctor. Maasa inquires as to if the infant is doing well. The physician reports that there is an area in the baby’s brain. Everyone is astonished. According to Amrita, my infant is doing well. Maasa inquires, “What exactly does that mean?” Because this is such an unusual circumstance, I believe it is in your best interest to terminate this pregnancy as soon as the physician has informed you that there is a possibility that the kid will have neurological problems for the rest of their lives. Maasa sobs and asks, “Why does this keep happening to us?” in anguish. Rajeev wants to know if there is any chance of rescuing the baby. According to the physician, the infant will have some difficulties. Amrita assures me that nothing bad will happen to my kid, that my child will be born into this world and have a happy existence.
Gauri examines the canisters and declares that we do not have any food. When Gopal sees that our children are upset, he tells them to put their faith in God and not to be anxious. Although he provides some food, she insists that there is not enough for the five of us to eat. Gopal assures me that I ate with my buddies, so there’s no need to worry about me. Guari gives him the cold shoulder and says, “Don’t try to trick me; if you had food with your friends, then take our kids there too.”

Amrita informs the physician that her baby is her life, that if she is healthy, then her baby will be healthy as well, that nothing bad will happen to her baby, and that the doctor’s medical knowledge cannot compete with her confidence in God. Amrita then exits the office. According to the nurse, the fact that she was able to conceive was a miracle, so perhaps her faith will be successful this time as well.

Along with the rest of their crew, Gopal and Gauri break into a large house in order to steal from it. Gauri makes an attempt to unlock the gate, but the security alarm goes off, and everyone quickly evacuates the building. Gauri makes an effort to run, but she messes up and ends up falling down. While Gopal is rushing back to her, Gauri notices that the guards are approaching the area. Gopal picks her up in his arms and sprints off in the direction they came from before anyone can stop them.

Amrita comforts her infant by telling her child, “My baby is strong; nothing will happen to it.” Her servant visits her there and presents her with a sacred thread before assuring her that nothing bad will happen to her baby. Amrita claims that God has a special blessing in store for my new child. Maasa and Rajini hear her. Since Rajini claims that she is somewhat insane, I seriously doubt that she will ever be able to have children.

Gauri accompanies Gopal on his trip back to his house. They are going to contact a doctor since his mother says that you are not okay. She examines Gauri and reports that the dog appears to be healthy. Gauri says I am okay, I can do anything. His mother always warned them not to take any chances with their child’s life. The head of the group yells at Gopal and says that the problem was caused by Gopal’s wife. Gopal breaks the news to the head of the gang that Gauri will no longer travel with them. Gauri does not believe it. She can’t help but feel sad as she glances at Amrita’s photo.

Amrita and her family go to see the doctor at the medical clinic. According to her, Amrita doesn’t have to get an abortion because her kid is doing OK. Amrita and the other people are taken aback. Amrita responds, “I knew it,” and then Rajeev hugs her. Maasa looks on. Alok asserts that Amrita’s faith was successful.

After 9 months have passed, Amrita and Rajeev are currently resting. She is jolted awake by the wailing of a baby. Amrita begins to search about the house and notices that her kid is missing.


Maa Sa prayed to the Goddess and said that she would gift diamond bangles if she could have a grandchild. Amrita is questioned by Pandit about her hand. The pandit says that you presented gold bangles to the goddess; he assures me that your unborn child will be blessed as a result of those bangles. Gauri offers prayers to god while stealing gold bangles. As Gauri is leaving the temple and descending the stairs, she trips and drops one of her bangles. She tries to quickly pick it up but ends up falling again. Amrita is currently positioned so that she is standing at the bottom of the steps. She is currently assisting Gauri so that she does not fall.

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