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The episode start with:

Nine months later, Amrita has a nightmare in which her baby is taken from her by an unknown person. When she wakes up, she is shaken with anxiety. Rajeev opens his eyes and declares that there is no cause for concern. Amrita claims someone took away my baby. Rajeev assures you that your baby is safe with you, therefore there is no need to be concerned. He then gives her a hug before telling her to go to sleep.

Maasa will begin preparations for Amrita’s baby shower first thing in the morning. The well-being of Amrita and her unborn child is a source of concern for her. She remembers the doctor telling her that her child no longer has a brain spot on his or her head.

The photograph of Amrita that Gauri is focusing on while she cleans it is in front of her. Gopal arrives at the location and makes several attempts to engage her in conversation, but she pays him no mind. Gopal has told me that he would want to take me somewhere. Your desires will be granted if you visit the mandir dedicated to Mata Rani.

Amrita reveals to Maasa that I committed to visiting the mandir in order to pray for the well-being of my unborn child. Maasa informed me that you are nine months pregnant, and as a result, I cannot permit you. Amrita claims that I made a pledge to Mata Rani, so it looks like I’ll have to go. The plan has been approved by Rajeev, and we will travel there the following day.

The following day, Amrita and her family went to pay their respects to Mata Rani at her temple. Along with Gopal and the rest of her family, Gauri travels to their destination. Amrita is seen here offering her prayers within the mandir. Amrita sends her prayers up to the heavens so that her child may be safe. Gauri fervently prays to God that she may one day live a life like that queen (Amrita). Maasa wishes for Mata Rani to have a son and presents her with gold bangles as a token of his gratitude. According to the priest, Mata Rani is not impressed by anything that can be spoken to her. Amrita reports that all she wants to do is pray for the wellbeing of her child. The priest lays his hands on her and prays for her. Amrita sneaks out of the house before Gauri may catch a glimpse of her.
Gauri is about to leave the mandir when she is stopped by a wise man who tells her that in the future she will have the roles of both Yashoda and Devika. Amrita interrogates him about what exactly he means by that. He believes that a baby’s fate is tied to that of its mother. He anticipates that you will give birth to two children. Amrita has stated that this is not what the reports indicate. A wise man has told you that the lines on your fate cannot be erroneous because your fate has two children. Amrita looks on. The wise woman informs her that those gold bangles would not be given to anybody other than her child. Amrita can not understand what is happening. Amrita is cautioned by the wise man to exercise caution because it is easy for two fates to get intertwined.

Gauri pays her respects to Mata Rani in the mandir by reciting prayers and presenting her with laddos. She offers her prayers to her before taking the bangles that Maasa had placed there.

Amrita and Rajeev are about to leave the temple together, when she tells him that I have job to do. Gauri is about to leave the mandir while wearing the bangles that Amrita gave her, but one of the bangles slips out of her hands. Amrita catches her as she is ready to fall after she has caught up with them and is running behind them. Gauri is taken aback when she finally sees her and believes that she is the queen from the photo. Amrita inquires as to whether or not she is doing well, and then bends down to physically check on her. Gauri keeps staring at her. Amrita is confronted by Maasa, who tells her that she should not compromise her standards for a woman like her. Amrita has informed everyone that she is expecting a child. Maasa tells her companion, “Let’s go, just take care of your baby, and I’ll be right behind you.” Amrita tells Gauri that she should not let what she said make her feel guilty. Amrita is removed from the scene by Rajeev when he arrives there. Gopal eventually makes his way there and removes the bangles. Gauri claims that we had a face-to-face encounter with the queen from the picture. Your actions of stealing from the mandir were wrong, according to Gopal. According to Gauri, I carried out the action for the benefit of my children. When the priest learns about the bangles, he instructs his followers to go get them and bring them back. Both Gauri and Gopal start their runs there.


Rajiv and Amrita are in car. Rajiv maintains that Baba was not a god in any sense of the word. According to Amrita, he made it abundantly obvious to all of us that we needed to concentrate and maintain a vigilant eye on our surroundings should we run into another person. Who will come into contact with me next is revealed by Rajiv. Amrita notices that a vehicle is crossing their route without even slowing down, which causes them to collide with one another.

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