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The Episode Start With:

Gopal sneaks into the nursery area of the hospital while everyone else is asleep. There are two babies. He detects the approach of a nurse and immediately goes into hiding. A baby is taken by the nurse, and she then visits Amrita. Amrita claims that this individual is my daughter. The nurse affirms that she is indeed magical, comparing her to a fairy. Amrita sobs as she cradles her infant and holds him. Amrita introduces this person as her daughter and says, “I have waited so long for you.” You are my only source of hope and my very life. She gives gratitude to God. When Rajeev entered the room, he was carrying his daughter with him in his arms. He starts to cry and then breaks the news to Amrita that this is their daughter. He engages in play with her. Alok makes his way there and offers his congratulations to them. Rajeev is quoted as saying, “I am very pleased, I have all of the bliss.” She is on a different level than everyone else. What does Amrita say about me above? The answer from Rajeev is “sorry, but sure.” When Alok examines her ear, he cannot locate the birthmark that he had previously observed there. He walks away from there and claims that the baby in question is not Amrita’s. Where is her daughter? When he arrived in the nursery, he inquired of the nurse about the location of Amrita’s daughter. It is not her daughter, even though you gave it to her. Her daughter had a birthmark under her ear.
Gopal presents the infant to Gauri and compliments her on how lovely she is. He discovers a birthmark behind her ear and notes that it is distinctive. Gauri claims that you are so obstinate that the authorities might have easily caught you. Gopal claims that I had to put myself in danger in order to protect my daughter. His observation that her birthmark looks like a moon inspired me to give her the name Chanda. Gauri nods.

In their conversation, Alok tells the physician, “I am certain that is not Amrita’s daughter.” According to the medical professional, birthmarks can occasionally disappear. Alok asks, “Do you really believe you can trick me?” Where is her daughter? Amrita travels to the location and inquires about the situation. Alok says it’s nothing. Amrita claims that you are keeping something from her, so enlighten me. According to Alok, I have a sneaking suspicion that your daughter is not actually yours. Amrita is taken aback and inquires as to what he might possibly be talking about. I prayed for her every day for many years, and Rajeev was overjoyed to finally see his daughter. You sound like a law enforcement official when you speak. I beg of you to not have any doubts about my daughter. Please. Alok has told me not to cry because it’s possible that I was mistaken. After giving her a hug, he walks away from the scene.

Alok inquires of the nurse regarding the possibility of there being a co-delivery with Amrita. She confirms that another mother has given birth to a girl, but before we could intervene, the other woman fled the scene. Perhaps they were on a low income and unable to pay the required fee, which is why they fled. They could have accidentally taken the baby belonging to your sister. Alok requests that his officer search for a low-income household that has a young child in the area.

Gopal, Gauri, and the rest of Gopal’s family have taken refuge in a derelict building when the police arrived and informed them that they had surrounded the building. Gopal claims that they have discovered us, but that does not mean we are out of options. I won’t stand by and watch while anything bad happens to my Chanda. According to Gauri, you will not be going anywhere. They are given the order to surrender by the police. Gopal told me that I need to go in order to keep you all safe. Gauri loses control of her emotions and insists that you will not be moving anywhere. Gopal wraps his daughter in the fabric he is wearing and instructs his son-in-law, “Promise me that you will look after my daughter.” Gauri claims that I cannot complete this task on my alone. Because Gopal told you to, you must. He gives his mother custody of their daughter. Gauri grabs him and says you can’t go. He then walks away from the scene after pushing her away.

Amrita’s room is visited by Maasa as well as Rajini. She insists that we ought to have an heir at this point. Where is my little boy, my baby? Rajeev presents his daughter to Lakshmi and says, “I always wanted a daughter, and she is so gorgeous.” They are congratulated by Sanjay. Maasa is irate after realising that it’s a daughter all along. She claims that I waited seven years, and all you got me was a female. Amrita looks at her daughter while speaking to her husband and adds, “You wanted an heir.” According to Maasa, sons and not daughters are to be the heirs. According to Amrita, that is an outdated custom, and there is no longer any distinction between girls and boys. Rajeev believes she is correct and that you ought to be happy now. Maasa claims that I always wanted one of our children to be a male. Amrita points out that you are a woman and a powerful person; in light of this, how can you make such a statement? Maasa claims that because I am a woman, I am aware that I am able to manage the household, but because a woman is unable to expand her family, she wished she had a son. Amrita responds, “You surprised me by saying all this; I didn’t think women had the strength to give birth.” Maasa tells me that you have begun responding to me now; is that correct? Amrita responds, “You have my respect, but this is about my baby now, and I have a responsibility to safeguard my daughter.” I am sorry that I have caused you pain, but if you just hold her for a moment, you will forget all that has happened. Please take care of her. Maasa avoids eye contact with her mother’s offer of assistance. Rajeev mentioned that she is in need of your blessings because you are her grandmother. According to Sanjay, Amrita was forced to endure a lot, yet she managed to safeguard her child. Maasa has given the all-clear, so if you all are content, I will go and get everything ready for her arrival. She walks away from there without taking another glance at the infant. Amrita requests that Alok get everything ready for their departure. They all get up and depart. Amrita smiles at her daughter and adds, “I think it’s time for us to go home.” Rajeev is seen smiling while holding his newborn child.

The episode ends.

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