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The Episode Start With:

Amrita and Rajeev will travel with their daughter to their residence. According to Amrita, everyone at home must be quite excited. They finally made it home, but there was no one there to greet them. Manju is questioned by Amrita about whether or not Maasa has made preparations for the arrival of her daughter. According to Manju, Maasa went to sleep since she was suffering from a headache. Rajeev says let’s just go and rest. Amrita argues that this girl must not be our Lakshmi because I will accept her. After that, she goes inside the house.
Alok gets a call from his officer, who informs him that they couldn’t find the family who stole the kid, but they did catch a thief, and that the thief has 30 cases against him. Alok responds by saying that it’s okay with him. Gopal is placed under arrest, and the police takes him away. Both Gauri and his mother are in a tense state. According to his mother, he did all of this for us, and he will be back shortly. She recommends that we proceed and that you watch over your daughter from here on out. Gauri claims that she will never forget that she was the cause of her brother going to jail, that she is the reason she will never realise her dreams, and that she is the reason she despises the person. Don’t say anything, his mother cautions; instead, get out of here quickly before they grab all of us.

Amrita is overjoyed to meet her daughter and reveals to Rajeev that she will be naming her Tara. Rajeev gives a friendly smile and nods his head. As soon as they entered the house, they saw Maasa staring angrily at them. Tara receives a friendly smile from Amrita, who then informs her that this is her home. She brings her to the temple and promises that she will guard her in any way possible.

Chanda, Gauri’s daughter, is sobbing, but Gauri is not paying attention to her. Gopal’s mother has asked her to look after her in her stead. Gauri is cradling the infant, but she is fuming. She gazes over at Amrita’s photograph with a melancholy expression. Gauri said that she is unsure of when Gopal would be back.

While Amrita is having fun with her daughter, she is also singing a lullaby to her.

Alok is scouring the area in search of the family that abducted Amrita’s baby. He receives a call from Amrita, who invites him to attend the pooja.

Maasa overhears Rajini saying to her that she didn’t appreciate Amrita’s response to her question and that Rajeev seemed to be siding with Amrita as well. It was a wise decision not to welcome her daughter because she performed her puja without even calling you. She has phoned the pundit today, which means that you are no longer important.

Amrita is currently getting ready for the puja. Some people who identify as transgender visit that location in order to pray for Amrita’s daughter. They asked Amrita to bring Tara after she gave them some money. When Rajini notices this, he informs Maasa that Amrita is treating you like you are nobody by ignoring you and acting as if you no longer exist. Maasa loses her cool and declares, “I will not allow her do the ceremonies, these rituals for my heir.” According to Rajini, there is always the possibility of using my son. Amrita decides to give the kid to a transgender woman. They are all singing to the infant. Rajeev finally makes it there and grabs a hold of Tara. He interacts playful with her. Amrita is under the impression that everything would be all right between us now. After arriving, the priest instructs those present to get ready for the puja. Amrita has told me to contact Maasa so that she can perform the puja. After arriving there, Rajini inquires about the purpose of the decorations. Amrita claims that it is for Tara’s warm greeting. Rajini claims that you did not even invite Maasa, despite the fact that she was in an accident and you did not even speak to her. But you’re keeping her from getting the rest she needs while you work. Amrita receives the advice from Rajeev that she need to have questioned Maasa before to organising this pooja and that we ought to let Maasa relax. Amrita then tells Maasa that she will handle everything and that she will perform the pooja for her daughter, and then she goes to talk to Maasa.

Maasa is visited by Amrita, who inquires as to whether or not she is doing well. Maasa tells me to tell you to go and celebrate your win. Amrita says that you are aware of what this new baby means to both her and their family. At the very least, you should pray for her. Rajini shows there and informs them that she is sick, but you are concerned about your other kid, right? Amrita is aware of their deception. Rajini adds Maasa didn’t even eat anything. Amrita notices that there is a plate sitting next to her bed. Maasa informs Amrita that she is here because she wants to make fun of his injuries. Amrita asks why you are getting so worked up over such a young child. Given that she is a member of this family, you should at the very least pray for her. It is proper for you to do so; I ask that you accompany me. This has been a long time coming for us.


Amrita approaches Panditji with a question: “Is it even conceivable for a mother to carry out this ritual?” Panditji says yes. Amrita responds, “Okay, then I’ll carry out this ceremony for my daughter.”
Maasa is walking downstairs. Rajiv intervenes and inquires as to where she is going and what she is doing. Maasa has informed me that there is no longer a place for me in this organisation because my daughter-in-law will be filling my previous role. Amrita overhears Rajiv saying, “Maasa has been humiliated a lot today; you should apologise to her.”

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