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Chitra reveals to Ishita that Simar’s mind can function for 26 hours in just 24 hours. Ishita has told Simar that she must give up everything at this point because badimaa would choose me to be her favourite bahu. Chitra claims that Delhi is a very long way away. Ishita inquires as to the type of cuisine you would choose, whether it be Chinese, Mexican, or anything else. Chitra has stated that she would not go home and prepare the meal. Ishita tells Simar bhabhi to look after her while she focuses on herself. Chitra describes a number of different foods. Ishita rings the bell and then tells her sevika that they are ready to receive their orders. Chitra claims that she is enjoying it very much and that she will finally be aware of her true self now. Sandhya returns to the room, where she discovers Reema and Vivaan in the process of packing their belongings. She inquires as to whether or not they are going somewhere. According to Reema, we are in the process of sorting the garments. Sandhya requests of them to complete the task later and then meet her downstairs. Vivaan regrets having lied to her about the situation. According to Reema, this is not a big deal, you didn’t lie, but you did keep our secret to yourself. She suggests that we go out and eat together.Ishita requests Aditi to pass the achaar when they are seated at the dining table. Badimaa cautions her to refrain from consuming it. According to Sandhya, eating achaar outside the home is harmful to one’s health and should be avoided. Aditi tells her mother that she was not preventing her from obtaining the item. Badimaa begs Sandhya to ask Indu to cook home produced meals. Ishita and Chitra both inquire to one another about whether or not badimaa has changed. Aditi inquires as to the reason, “Indu Maa,” as to why she would not succeed. Simar promises that she would fulfil whatever request that is made. Ishita tries some matar paneer and comments that it has a lot of salt in it. Sandhya claims that Simar never fails to provide delicious cuisine. Badimaa gives it a taste and notes that her taste buds are likely to be changing during her pregnancy. According to Aditi, there is no need for concern. According to Chitra, each person has a unique set of symptoms. Simar has assured me that going forward, I will exercise greater caution. While Badimaa is preparing Ishita’s meal, she calls Simar and asks her to sample it before she serves it to Ishita. Ishita is offered dinner by Simar, who also reveals that she has included ghee in the dish. Ishita claims that she has a sensitivity to it, and she accuses you of completely ruining her mood. Badimaa cautions her not to ruin the mood she’s in at the moment. She had assured her that she will prepare something special for her. Everyone inquires whether or not you will prepare dinner for her. Gajendra expresses a great deal of concern for the new bahu. Vivaan claims that I must have consumed meals that you prepared when I was younger. Giriraj claims that even he is unable to recall when exactly he had it. According to Badimaa, interest costs more than the principal amount, and in this case, there is interest on interest. She states that the issue at hand is to the twin heirs here. She had promised that she will prepare something for the twins. Ishita envelops Badimaa in an embrace and assures her that she will gladly consume the food on Badimaa’s plate. She is forced to consume the meal by Badimaa. Ishita smirks when Badimaa makes her consume food. As she looks at Simar, she gives a sly grin. Sandhya gives Simar a call and tells her not to feel sorry for herself after knowing how much badimaa cares for Ishita. Simar said she didn’t feel awful. Chitra boasts that she is fortunate to have a bahu as wonderful as Ishita. According to Reema, Sandhya tai ji is extremely fortunate to have a bahu like Simar who is so kind and patient. She claims that if someone had spoken ill of my cooking, I would have coerced that person into consuming the same meal that I prepared. Chitra inquires of Reema on the manner in which badimaa is exhibiting her affection for Ishita. The thought crosses Reema’s mind that, thank god, she will be spared the drama. Ishita is asked by Simar where Reyansh is located. Ishita claims that she has no idea. Ishita is still being provided with nourishment by Badimaa. After speaking to his pals, Reyansh learns that Kavya and her family have already departed. Reyansh claims that he would have smuggled her out of the country if he had the ability to do so. His companion inquires as to whether or not he truly desired to torch Kavya’s parents. The answer is no, according to Reyansh, who also claims that the drama was successful and that she has already departed. His buddies have entrusted him with the responsibility of organising the party.While Kavya and her parents are riding in the vehicle, she recalls how Reyansh had cornered her and then threatened to set all of them on fire to kill them. The words “don’t be sad” and “we are with you” are spoken by Kavya’s mother to her daughter. Kavya envelops her in an embrace while sobbing. She warns the driver that she is about to throw up and wants him to pull over immediately. She gets down and vomits.

Simar ponders the reason that Kavya’s father was speaking negatively about his daughter. Kavya travels to the edge of the cliff. They got out of the car and started walking. Her parents. Kavya stands on the edge of the cliff and gazes down at the sea below. She is ready to take a leap of faith when her parents yell at her. Simar has the uneasy feeling that something bad is going to happen, so she prays to Mata Rani to prevent anything bad from happening and to assist Kavya.

Kavya is rushed to the hospital by her parents, who also summon the attending physician. There is a doctor there. The mother of Kavya goes to the doctor and begs them to rescue their daughter. The doctor has determined that it was an attempt at suicide and has requested that they contact the authorities. Kavya’s mother claims that her daughter is pregnant and that she tripped and fell when they were outside. They beg the doctor to rescue Kavya while they are there. Nurse says her pulse is decreasing. The doctor requests that they call the police until he can check on the patient.Chitra and Ishita recount to Reyansh how they were a nuisance to Simar and forced her to prepare food for them twice. They are warned by Reyansh to be cautious with Simar. Ishita has informed me that badimaa is squatting down in front of me. Chitra inquires as to what her plan is. Ishita tells her to appreciate each sight as it comes, and she promises that she would show that behenji the actual location. Simar claims that the uneducated woman will be serving here in some capacity. Simar is asked by Aarav if she doesn’t realise what Ishita is thinking of her and why she is enduring all of this. Aarav then asks Simar why she is tolerating all of this. Ishita has been known to have mood swings, as Simar grins and explains. Aarav claims that Aditi would never treat you in such a manner. He claims Badimaa is not saying anything to her. According to Simar, badimaa does not distinguish between the members of the family and is aware of which daughter need the most care from her. She tells Badimaa that she is aware of how much Ishita needs her attention and begs him not to think about it in that way. He says Badimaa’s chamchi. Simar inquires as to whether or not he would like some Jhansi coffee. She prepares coffee and takes it to the meeting. After taking a sample, he notices that some of the coffee has gotten into his moustache. Simar flashes a grin and then wipes it away. She takes a sip of coffee from the coffee cup that he uses. He grins. She prompts him to laugh out loud and tells him that Simar is the type of person who can make you feel better. She gives him a tickle. He says no Simar. Mahiya song plays…..


Simar confronts Ishita, demanding to know why she is acting in such a malicious manner and whether or not she is indeed pregnant. Ishita interrogates her friend, “What are you saying, must I complain to Badimaa?” Simar claims that very soon, everyone will be aware of the information since Dr. Ghatak will present the complete report. Dr. Ghatak advises Chitra that if she does not wish to pay his fees, she should simply tell him the truth, as it will only take one minute of his time. Badimaa travels to that location and inquires about the truth.

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