Sasural Simar Ka 2 [17th August 2022] Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Aarav making contact with Simar’s feet. She demands to know why you are putting your hands on my feet. According to Aarav, people assume that a man is working when he returns home from the office. He insists that they must realise that it is still work for a woman to take care of everyone in the house while she is working from home. He compliments her hard work and then offers to massage her feet as a thank you. Simar claims, “I am not tired; my exhaustion goes away immediately as I come in this room,” since it is not just the room, but magic that makes her feel refreshed as soon as she enters it. The answer is affirmative, and as he looks at the candles, he remembers the promise he made to her. Simar thinks that you are quite adorable. He took her hand in his and forced her to put on the earrings that had fallen. She is lifted by him.Simar inquires as to whether or not she is fat. He promises that you will never become a burden to me. Vivaan asks Reema if packing his done. When he lifted the bag, he commented on how heavy it was. He expresses his appreciation to her for packing his belongings. According to Reema, it is only her belongings. Vivaan is curious as to why she has retained such petite clothing. She claims that we are headed to a secret location rather than a hilly station. He wants to know if you will just leave me there. Reema is upset. Vivaan expresses sorry.The nurse informs Kavya’s parents that their daughter is in critical condition. According to Kavya’s mother, Simar is someone who can assist us. His father is reminded of Reyansh’s threat, and he argues that they are unable to take any chances with Kavya’s life.Ishita creates a scene and causes everyone to freak out by claiming that she is suffocating and acting accordingly. Chitra is concerned that the baby might not receive oxygen. Badimaa asks did you have something? Ishita responds with a negative answer and explains that her room is claustrophobic since it is too small and lacks a balcony. She is asked by Badimaa to move into her room. Ishita says no. Ishita turns down Sandhya’s offer to stay in her room. Reema invites her to move in with them in their room. Ishita does not give in and instead calls Simar. She inquires of Simar as to whether or not the room has a balcony and numerous windows. Simar has confirmed that moving there is an option. Chitra grins. Ishita says to you, “then you.” Aarav has informed me that there is no requirement for formality, therefore you can shift there. Simar claims that no matter where we are, we can make it feel like heaven. She claims that if she gets the blessings of the elders and Aarav ji with her, then she will convert the location into Sheesh Mahal. Aarav had Simar’s remarks in his mind. Badimaa has a lot of respect for Simar, and she thinks that this phenomenon never ceases to amaze her. She claims that no girl will ever give up her room to another, yet it seems like there was no issue with you. She benedictions her. She requests for Ishita to come into the room.

Sandhya hears through Badimaa that Simar has been blessed by God with a large heart. Ishita walks into Aarav-chamber Simar’s and tells him to “remember your God well,” adding that whatever will transpire with him is beyond his ability to comprehend. She believes that the entire area needs to be redecorated, and she has a conversation with Simar’s portrait, telling it that the other person is so annoying that she will have her smile stolen. She detaches the picture frame from the wall where it was hanging. Simar travels to that location in order to call her. Ishita puts the picture back on the wall and says, “I wanted to improve this space.” Although Simar claims that this is merely a room for you, I see it as my entire world. She explains that we have provided you with this accommodation for a few days, that you are merely a visitor here, and that you are expected to adjust rather than change. She tells her to try not to worry about it too much. She inquires about the basis for my suspicion that you are engaging in this behaviour on purpose and inquires about whether or not you are indeed pregnant. Ishita asks shall I go and tell Badimaa. Simar claims that in a very short amount of time, everyone will be aware of the situation, since Dr. Ghatak will shortly arrive with the entire report. She has instructed you not to alter anything in this room in any way.Chitra explains to Dr. Ghatak that his clientele is expanding on a daily basis. Ghatak adds that if you want everything to come with a certificate, you will have to pay my fees; but, if you do not want this, he will tell you the truth after just a moment of your time. Badimaa wants to know which truth it is. She inquires the advice of the physician. Dr. Ghatak thinks I did a mistake. Simar notices that the Nurse appears to be in distress. Your bahu’s diagnosis, the doctor adds, is incorrect. Simar wonders whether or not Ishita is carrying his child. Badimaa asks what are you saying? The Reyansh symbol for Nurse. The nurse hands Dr. Ghatak the patient’s file. The memo reveals to the doctor that they were successful in obtaining the funds. He clarifies that by “one baby” he means that she is not carrying twins. Badimaa says you scared me. The nurse suggests not to worry about it. Both are fine, according to the doctor. Badimaa asks Ishita to rest. Chitra ushers her inside the room. Simar harbours some scepticism. Dr. Ghatak is standing outside. Simar emerges from the building and states that she would want to examine the reports. Ishita and her husband are the only ones who have the legal right to view the findings, according to Dr. Ghatak, who refuses to hand them over. Simar has informed me that Reyansh has handed the envelope to your Nurse. Dr. Ghatak shares that he has several years of experience in the medical field. Simar steals money from the Nurse and then displays it to the Doctor. Instead of blaming him, the doctor questions her about her family’s well-being.


Ishita seemed to have fallen down the steps as a result of Simar pushing her. Badimaa looks on startled.

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