Sasural Simar Ka 2 [18th August 2022] Written Update

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Both Reema and Vivaan talk about their upcoming vacations. Viaan is not permitted to discuss the vacation plans that they and Reema have made. According to Riyansh, Doctor Ghatak called him, and Simar was present in his clinic to ask questions about Ishita’s pregnancy at the time. Ishita tells Riyansh and Chitra to take it easy and relax. Ishita shatters a picture of Simar, and then all of a sudden, Simar walks into the room. Simar claims that she is aware of the sham pregnancy drama involving Ishita. Ishita, according to Simar, is unable to recognise her goodness because she is intent on exacting revenge against her. Simar explains this phenomenon. Ishita does not even give the impression that she is guilty; on the contrary, she seems to exude a lot of self-assurance. Chitra makes several attempts to present the fabricated report to Simar, but she consistently refuses. Chitra is questioned by Simar regarding her participation in the ongoing drama.Then, as Simar is about to leave the room, Chitra stops her and tells her that she must have made a mistake. Simar has already threatened the woman by saying that she will humiliate her in front of the family. However, Simar asserts that she observed Riyansh presenting the doctor with monetary payment. Although Chitra and Riyansg appear to be anxious, Ishita does not appear to be. Chitra is told to calm down before the woman grabs Simar by the hand and begins yelling, “Leave my hand, Simar Bhabi!” at her. Ishita is shocking Simar by not holding her hand in any way, and by the looks of it, she is even removing it from the room as she speaks.Reema appears to be experiencing strong feelings as she says goodbye to the Oswals. Because she is using Vivaan to make her dream come true, she is plagued by feelings of guilt. Every happy memory that is connected to Oswal’s life keeps flashing before her eyes. But despite this, she is able to escape. They unexpectedly ran into Araav there. Viaan deceives him by telling him that he is going to watch a romantic movie. Aarav sends his warmest regards in their direction. Viaan feels incredibly guilty. However, they leave in their car.Ishita takes a firm grip on Simar’s hand, yanks her out of the hallway, and leads the way toward the staircase as Simar finally exits the room. Surprise can be seen on Simar’s face. The situation is misunderstood by everyone on the ground floor because Ishita is heard repeatedly asking Simar to let go of her hand by saying, “Simar bhabi, leave my hand.” Simar seems to be perplexed by the whole situation on her end. Then, all of a sudden, Ishita pulls herself toward the downstairs direction, and she falls from the middle of the stairs.Simar makes an effort to rescue her but is ultimately unsuccessful. Ishita acts out the scene by falling to the ground and repeatedly yelling that she was in a lot of pain. She inquires of Riyansh regarding the future of their child. Riyansh and everyone else is trying their best to reassure her. The others, including Badima, appear to be very concerned. Chitra accuses and threatens Simar in this passage. Badima blocks Simar’s attempt to give Ishita a glass of water while she is trying to give it to her. Simar seems heart devastated. Badima has asked to have an ambulance called. Gajendra and Giriraj make the call to no hu to request an ambulance. Ishita was the only one who waited for the ambulance to arrive before running off. Simar tries to accompany them, but Badima forbids her to travel with them. She acknowledges that it was her error to delegate so many significant responsibilities to Simar. However, beginning immediately, she will absolve Simar of any responsibility involving Ishita and her child. Simar makes an effort to clarify her position, but Badima refuses to listen to her and then leaves. Araav appears and makes an effort to calm Simar down. He assures Simar that he has faith in her and that he will stand by her in any way that is necessary. Araav is what Simar tells Ishita about the pregnancy that never happened. She guarantees that she will not permit Ishita to play the emotion of Badima or any of the other characters. At any cost, she will bring her to light.Kavya is currently lying in a hospital bed, pleading with Simar and Araav to come to the rescue of both her and her unborn child. She sobs while clinging to Ishita’s hand and repeatedly begs Simar to protect the child she is carrying with Riyansh.


Kavya reveals to Simar and Aarav that the infant under their care belongs to Reyansh, and she begs them to protect her child.

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