Sasural Simar Ka 2 [19th August 2022] Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th August 2022 Written Updateon


Vivaan begins the episode by inquiring of Reema regarding their plans for Manali. He wonders why we would take the bus when we have the option of flying. Reema tells him that taking the bus is fun, and she asks him if he didn’t enjoy her surprise. He commented on how much he enjoyed the surprise and how much fun it will be. He inquires as to why we are passing via Delhi and why the journey must take place that way. Reema says this so that our journey would be exciting and we can take pleasure in it. They are seated inside the bus. It’s time for him to get off the bus. When Reema thinks back to purchasing the sleeping pills, she realises that she is holding them in her hand. The coffee is on him. She distracts him and slips some drugs into it. Vivaan says cheers.In front of Dr. Ghatak, Badimaa begs him to preserve the baby she is carrying. Dr. Ghatak promises to give it a shot and asks the Nurse to set up an appointment for sonography. Sandhya and Gajendra tell us not to be concerned. Badimaa prays for Ishita’s baby (which is fake). Ishita snaps selfie. Chitra wants to know, what are you up to? Dr. Ghatak wants to know, what are you up to? He tells her that she needs to get ready for the sonography. Chitra has a happy laugh. Ishita places an order for Momos and instructs Reyansh to retrieve it. Both Aditi and Gagan will go there. Aditi inquires about Ishita’s well-being and whereabouts. According to Sandhya, she slid down the steps. Pallavi claims that Simar is the one who caused her to fall, and she also claims that if something were to happen to Simar, then she would never leave anyone again and would file a domestic abuse complaint. Badimaa assures Pallavi that Simar is incapable of causing harm to anybody. Momos is handed to Ishita by Reyansh, who also informs her that he has some coconut water for her. Dr. Ghatak admits that he is embarrassed by the constant deceit in his life. Both Chitra and Ishita have made him an offer to pay them extra money. Dr. Ghatak instructs them to handle Simar because she has a lot of things to ask. Pallavi asserts that he is in the right. According to Ishita, she has taken care of her; at this point, she must be sobbing and resenting her fate. She claims that she found tranquilly after Badimaa pushed her. Chitra claims that others were unable to accomplish what you have accomplished with Simar. She claims that you made her a servant of the house and then evicted her from the room. She compliments her and says that she has become a fan of her. Aarav and Simar are currently making their way here. badimaa is said to pray for the heir. Ishita is the one who ends up eating because of Reyansh. Both Simar and Aarav make their way to the hospital. Someone visits Ishita in her hospital unit. Both Simar and Aarav make their way to Kavya’s ward. Kavya is questioned by Simar over what occurred. Kavya’s mother claims that her daughter has put an attempt on her own life. Simar was given an apology for his deceit by Kavya’s father. His mother claims that we would have lost her at this point. He claims that we were making an attempt to rescue her from Reyansh. Aarav and Simar are astonished. Kavya, Simar wants to know if you’ve given any thought to what would happen to your family in the event that something bad happened to you. Kavya claims that I am incapable of doing what Reyansh is asking of me because I am broken. She maintains that she is unable to murder her child. Simar wants to know if she is expecting a child. The question that Kavya’s mother raises is, “Why did you tell about the baby?” They are concerned about what actions Reyansh will take. He claims that we have nothing to do with the Oswal people. Kavya reveals to Simar that she is carrying Reyansh along with her baby, and that he intends to murder the child. She asks whether you will preserve the baby because it is an Oswal. Simar is reminded of Reyansh’s falsehood. She explains to Aarav that Ishita is only pretending to be pregnant, and that Kavya is actually carrying the successor to the Oswal family. According to her, Kavya is carrying the Oswal’s blood inside of her womb.Dr. Ghatak is questioned by Badimaa regarding the pregnancy and the mother. After determining that the mother and the infant are both in good health, Dr. Ghatak requests that they return home. Badimaa expresses gratitude to God. According to Reyansh, I will cover the cost of dinner. Gagan asks badimaa if he shall take Aditi home. Badimaa says yes. Sandhya asserts that everything is OK as long as it concludes successfully and states that the arrangements for Janmashtami will be carried out. Ishita is the one who gets the blame from Chitra for Simar’s absence at their meeting. She claims that Aarav have not arrived and prevented Vivaan from continuing. She provokes Badimaa against Simar. Reyansh approaches the front desk’s receptionist in order to settle the bill. His friend dials Reyansh’s number and breaks the news to him that Kavya has made an attempt on her own life. Reyansh is taken aback and utters something just as she is ready to do something else and tell something.Aarav reveals to Simar that he is unable to accept the fact that his blood and brother had acted in such a manner with a female. She said thank god, both Kavya and her kid are healthy. Simar reveals to Aarav that Kavya’s parents are quite anxious about the situation. When Kavya’s parents appeared, they informed Simar and Aarav that Reyansh’s buddies had arrived in order to kill Kavya. According to Kavya’s father, they have arrived here as well. Simar and Aarav both stare at his other friends.When Reyansh visits Dr. Ghatak, he tells him that he would have given him a heart attack. The bill is handed to the nurse. The opinion of Reyansh is that it is a lot. Nurse and Dr. Ghatak demand that he make the payment. Reyansh has a conversation with his companions and begs them to stay with Kavya.Aarav assures Simar that he will deal with Reyansh’s goons, and Simar responds by asking, “How dare they?” According to Simar, we can’t have Kavya around for the time being. She tells him to start the car, and that she’ll bring Kavya over here herself. Aarav walks Kavya’s parents to their vehicle alongside him. A friend of Reyansh’s comes to the ward to look for Kavya, but she is not there when he arrives. When Simar, in her role as Nurse, is escorting Kavya out of the building, a security guard interrupts her and inquires as to where she is bringing the deceased body. Simar explains that she forgot the documents upstairs, and she politely requests that he let her take her. The security guy told me that I am not allowed to let anyone else go without the papers. Simar is visible to Reyansh’s companion who is on the first floor. Simar gets tensed.


In the recap, Simar requests that Badimaa pay attention to what she has to say. Badimaa responds by stating that she does not want to hear anything and that she only knows that you are the cause of Ishita’s sorrow. She requests that she remove herself from her line of sight. She claims that I had assigned you the obligation of taking care of the family heir, but you were unable to do so. Badimaa hears from Aarav that Simar has met all of her obligations, and Aarav informs Badimaa that the truth about what happened at the accident will soon be revealed to everyone. He is there to support her by holding her hand.

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