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At the beginning of the episode, Badimaa prays to Mata Rani while lighting the diya in the in-house temple. She asks Mata Rani to bestow her blessings on Vivaan and the others in the household. Sandhya inquires of Simar as to whether or not she is upset as a result of Chitra’s statements. According to her, every mother loses her composure when she sees her child in such a precarious position. Simar claims that she is able to comprehend that whatever Di may have done, she is very embarrassed of me. Sandhya and Badimaa are the recipients of her apologies. This family has forgiven all of Di’s faults up until now, but this is not a mistake; Dewar ji is in this situation because of her, and she shall not be forgiven. She says that I know that Di has surpassed all limits today. This family has forgiven all of Di’s sins up until now. Badimaa tells her that she has committed a transgression, and that in return, she would do something terrible to her that she can’t even fathom. She claims that nobody in the house will accept the girl’s name in any capacity. Chitra disperses Reema’s belongings around the floor after bringing them there. She yells at Simar and demands that she remove all of Reema’s belongings from the home immediately. Vivaan is taken aback and suddenly remembers Aarav reading the letter that Reema had written. Reema’s belongings are gathered up from the floor by Simar, who then folds her clothes. Chitra is harsh with Simar. After whatever she has done with Vivaan, Badimaa assures Simar that Reema will never come back to live in the house again. Simar affirms that everything you mentioned is accurate, and that Di will not return, and that all of her belongings will be burned. She destroys items that belong to Reema. Aarav reaches that location and says, “I can understand why this moment is difficult for you; on one side, you have your sister, and on the other side, you have your dewar ji.” The statement “I love my sister very much, but whatever she did was very wrong” was made by Simar.Vivaan is getting ready to leave the room. He is stopped by the servant. Vivaan loses his balance and falls to the ground. Chitra confronts Simar with the question, “What do you want to say to emphasise the fact that you are sorry for your sister’s actions?” She claims that by playing the victim card, you are making everyone else confused. A servant visits the location and shares information with them regarding Vivaan. There is a mad dash to his room from everyone. Aarav comes over and scoops him up off the ground. Chitra inquires of Giriraj regarding the whereabouts of their son and what the other girl did with him. She informs Vivaan that his family is present and then she invites him to share some of his thoughts. Badimaa warns her not to put too much pressure on him because the situation he is in is very precarious. Vivaan claims that I grew self-centered and was only concerned with myself and Reema…. Badimaa makes an effort to calm him down and assures him that he will quickly recover from this traumatic experience, claiming that her son is courageous and fierce like a tiger. Simar offers Vivaan some water and reassures him, “You will be OK, Dewar ji.” Aarav requests that he drink some water. Vivaan drinks water. Giriraj says we shall let him rest. They put him in the position of lying down on the bed. Badimaa has requested that I speak with all of you about something very important. Vivaan gets asleep.Badimaa announces to everyone in the hall that she has made the decision to remove any traces of Reema from their home and their lives. She says that the time has come to close this chapter of her life, and she says that we will begin Vivaan’s new life on the next navratri. She tells Chitra that she wants Vivaan to throw himself wholeheartedly into his life and requests that she make the necessary arrangements. Simar responds, “I understand why you are saying this, and I want you to know that we all wish for him to be healthy.” She has told him that he will be able to begin again once he has all of the answers. She claims that he has always loved di, but the damage that she inflicted on him may remain in his heart for the rest of his life. She tells him that she wants him to stop all of his complaining and that he will have all of his questions answered. She claims that because of this, Reema di has to come, not to stay here, but rather to apologise to Dewar ji for the harm that she has caused. She insists that Di should show up. Chitra asserts that your sister will burn in hell and begs for Chitra’s forgiveness. She implores Simar to feel humiliation and get out of that place immediately. She claims that whenever Vivaan sees your face, he would think of the girl who betrayed him, and he will be unable to move on with his life. She recommends that we all get out of the house immediately for our own safety. Simar has told me that you are a mother and that I carry your feelings inside of me. She asks her to allow her time until Navratri so that she may bring Reema back, to find answers to Vivaan’s queries so that he can go on and be freed from this relationship, and so that she can provide Vivaan closure so that he can move on with his life. She said that if she couldn’t do it, she would do what you wanted her to do. She said that she would not show her face to anyone, including you, and that she would leave this house. She claims that the Simar in question will depart from her sasural. Everyone appears to be in shock.Simar is questioned by Aarav about the reason behind her actions. He claims that because of Reema, you have put our relationship at risk. Simar invites him to go around the house and tells him that the atmosphere inside is eerily quiet, much like that of a temple, and that everyone there is broken. She claims that Di’s lack of concern for others is the cause of Dewar ji’s situation. She has expressed that she feels sorry for him. Towards the latter part of the night, Vivaan hears the sound of the anklet, and he says Reema. He rises from the bed and walks up to the picture frame that contains Reema’s picture that is located in the room. He can make out the sound of the anklet coming through the window. According to Simar, Di has left such a deep wound in Dewar ji’s heart that the normally upbeat person made an attempt on his life today. Sheb encourages the one who is successful the first time to try it again without fear. She claims that I am terrified in the event that Dewar ji attempts to do it once more. When Vivaan glances through the window, he notices that Reema is wandering around outside while dressed in white. When he sees her, it makes him joyful, and he calls her Reema. Simar suggests that if we want to give him a complete treatment, we should bring Reema di back and demand that she apologise to him. She claims that he won’t be able to get psychologically and physically well until all of his questions are answered. Aarav inquires as to the whereabouts of your Reema di and the location of the search for her. Reema watches on, standing outside the home.



Simar spots Reema and tries to give her a hug, but she’s unable to. Simar appears to be in astonishment.

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