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Sasural Simar Ka2 22th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Simar pleading with Badimaa to believe her before revealing that the real culprit is actually Ishita. Badimaa asks her to examine her wounds and tells her that our heir is no longer in this world. Ishita yells and then stands up. She maintains that it is impossible for my child to pass away. badimaa is seen crying her eyes out. Badimaa is warned by Simar not to get harmed, and Simar reveals that Ishita was never pregnant in the first place. Aarav says yes, badimaa. He reminds Ishita that she is playing with everyone’s blessings by doing what she is doing. Pallavi inquires of Simar, “What is it that you want if you are not happy?” Chitra reveals to Badimaa that Simar is still standing here, as well as the fact that Ishita is crying and terrified, and she requests Badimaa to seek justice on Ishita’s behalf. Pallavi claims that this girl has been hostile toward my kid and asks that she be expelled because of it. Simar makes the request that Badimaa give her attention just once. Badimaa shows her the sign for “stop.” She will say things like, “I don’t want to hear anything,” and “I just know that Ishita is suffering agony with your presence, and it is better for you to leave from her sight.” Ishita, Pallavi, and Chitra all laugh nervously. Simar says badimaa. Badimaa states that you have made me angry because you were unable to care for Ishita and her baby and that you failed to live up to the obligation that was placed on you. Aarav reports that Simar has taken care of Ishita’s meals and has also made her room available to her. He claims that whatever took place was an accident and that he is aware that nobody will understand her in this place. He reaches for Simar’s hand and whispers, “I am with you.” Ishita is removed from the scene by Pallavi after she takes action. After what your wife did to me, Reyansh tells Aarav to go, and then he tells Aarav’s wife that she must leave as well. Simar asks Badimaa to pay attention to what she has to say. They are told to leave by Dr. Ghatak, who also notes that the patient is in a very fragile condition. Simar tells him that she has seen him take bribes from Reyansh, and that she has seen him being dramatic, and she tells him that he should stop his antics and that their hospital is known for giving false reports. Dr. Ghatak wants to know how she can lie. According to Aarav, your turn has come to an end. Simar claims that we will bring the evidence with us. Dr. Ghatak challenges her to produce evidence, after which he requests that they leave. They are hurriedly ushered out of the hospital by the ward boy. Badimaa cries. Ishita gives a high five to Pallavi and Chitra before announcing that their task is finished.Simar explains to Aarav that in order to beat Ishita, they need to perform more convincingly than she does. Dr. Ghatak informs Badimaa and the others that Ishita is still young and has the potential to conceive again. Ishita endures mental torment at the hands of Simar, thus he requests that they look after Ishita and keep Simar away from her. Badimaa replies that she has understood, and that I would look after her. She asks Giriraj and Gajendra to take care of the formalities required by the hospital. Ishita is the one she wants Chitra and Pallavi to take, so she asks them. Sandhya is taken aback by this. Ishit, Chitra, Pallavi, and Reyansh are about to be discharged from the hospital. Chitra has a lot of respect for Ishita. Ishita reveals that she was able to soundly defeat Simar. Both Aarav and Simar go to the hospital dressed as someone else. Simar lifts her veil to adjust it, and then lowers it once more. Chitra reports that Simar told her that she will validate her beliefs on her own. Ishita believes that my planning is really sound, but she is unable to substantiate anything. She claims that first she lost the respect, and then she was booted out of the room, and now she would be expelled from sasural. Both Simar and Aarav will go there. Ishita requests that they step out of the way so that she can continue. According to Aarav, she is a chuhiya/rat. Simar inquires as to how it was discovered in the open. Ishita becomes enraged and stands up. Chitra tells her to take a seat and warns that if she doesn’t she’ll be found out. Ishita is questioned by Simar on whether or not she is putting on an act in order to deceive Sasumaa. Badimaa travels to that location and inquires about what has transpired. Ishita reports that she is experiencing discomfort. Badimaa approaches Reyansh with a request to remove her from that location. They come head to head with each other. Simar gets down on one knee to take the picture and ends up touching Badimaa’s feet. Badimaa asks if you are fine? Simar says forgive me. Badimaa bestows upon her his joyous blessing. Aarav inquires as to what it is that she is discussing with Badimaa. Badimaa checks on her to see if she is okay and tells her that Mata Rani’s blessings are with her. Simar crouches down and lightly touches her feet. Badimaa departs. Simar reassures Aarav that they would prevail despite the opposition since they have Badimaa’s blessing.

Vivaan is still in bus. After arriving in Mumbai, Reema instructs the driver to take her to Juhu. Aarav is heard saying to Dr. Ghatak in the cabin that his wife needs to be checked out. Uncle is what he calls him. The good doctor calls you uncle. The nurse asks if you arrived on time for the appointment. Aarav claims that there is only a little bit of labour. Dr. Ghatak makes an attempt to look at her. Aarav urges him to see her hand but warns him not to look at her face. He claims that seeing her will tell you all you need to know about yourself. The physician examines her hand and determines that she is not pregnant. Aarav urges him to include the information that she is pregnant in the report. Who are you, exactly, Dr. Ghatak asks me? Simar claims that they are an established maker of masala. Dr. Ghatak has stated that he will not prepare any report. Ishita Didi allegedly stated to Simar that you fabricated a report about her. Ishita receives a phone call from Dr. Ghatak, who inquires as to whether or not she has disclosed this information to anyone else. Ishita claims that she didn’t let on to anyone else. When Reyansh answers the phone, he tells the person on the other end that they have been given a substantial quantity of money and then asks them to identify themselves. According to Dr. Ghatak, my licence could potentially be revoked. He is asked to check by Reyansh. Simar and Aarav are the ones who are recording the video. After returning to his quarters, Dr. Ghatak discovers Nurse bound to the chair. He wants to know who was responsible for this. When Simar and Aarav get there, they say that they have heard what he has said, and then they play the recording. Dr. Ghatak experiences a jolt.


Vivaan yells out “Reema” before collapsing to the ground. Both Aarav and Simar travel to that location. Aarav has assured me that we will retrieve Reema. Badimaa says Reema is dead for us. Reema enters Oswal Mansion. Simar gives her a call. A voiceover asks whether Reema or her reflection is seen in this young woman.

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