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Sasural Simar Ka2 24th August 2022 Written Update on

The first thing that happens in this episode is that Rudra applauds and praises Reema for coming up with such a plot and carrying it through with conviction. Reema adds that her aspirations are very important to her and that she would do anything to pursue them. She also says that she feels horrible for Vivaan and that he might be feeling guilty. Vivaan has told Reema that he loves her and can’t wait to finally meet her. He is mystified as to how I was able to sleep without passing out. Reema apologises to Bhagwan Ji for accidentally putting sleeping tablets in his coffee and expresses his remorse. Rudra invites her to take some juice and comments that she must be exhausted. Reema drinks it and gets drowsy. She reveals that she is beginning to feel sleepy. Rudra calls her. Reema had a seizure and immediately sits down. Rudra gives Reema a wry grin and says, “This is what’s known as poetic justice; even I had mixed sleeping drugs in your drink.” He removes the SIM card from her phone before taking it. He replies that when nobody knows where you are, then I will make the most of this opportunity, Reema, sweetheart. He makes contact with her.Simar makes makhan and asks Servant to make laddoo. She emerges from the house and inspects the preparations. Simar is informed by Aarav that Vivaan and Reema are not currently at their residence. Simar says I will call Di. Sandhya affirms to Simar that the garments are of high quality. Sandhya is informed by Badimaa that they do not have as much time as they formerly had. Sandhya explains that Simar is responsible for all of the arrangements, and she displays the clothing that Simar sewed for the kanha. According to Badimaa, the puja will take place at the appropriate moment. Sandhya asks Simar not to feel bad. Simar says I didn’t feel bad. Aarav inquires whether or not what she is saying is accurate. The answer is affirmative, and Simar claims that someone is messing with her feelings. She reassures Badimaa that Laddoo Gopal is on his way, that the promise she made to Badimaa will be kept, and that the heir will not be in danger.Chitra and Ishita overhear Simar making preparations for the event. Chitra claims that Simar is obstinate and is the one who is making the plans. Ishita reveals to Badimaa that she will never allow her to trust Simar. Chitra has asked her to do out some task. Ishita tells Simar to take care of the puja’s responsibilities and claims she will come into the room later because she is weak. Chitra says nautanki. Ishita has indicated that she will perform the puja.Reema is awakened by Simar’s presence in her bedroom as he beckons her. Vivaan is the one who answers the phone when Aarav calls him. Vivaan shares the information that they had intended to travel to Manali. Aarav advises that you should celebrate your honeymoon. He is told by Simar that Reema di enjoys this festival and that she has asked him to call her. Vivaan reports that she is currently using the restroom and promises that he will compel her to communicate with him the following day. Aarav responded that it was fine, we will handle things here. Simar asks how something like this might be feasible. Aarav signs her to rest.Aarav connects the flowers with the string. Giriraj thinks arrangements are good. Reyansh believes that they are quite busy here; I will verify this. Simar presents matki to Aarav. Aarav takes it off the hook and announces that we will have butter. Reyansh visits Simar’s room because he believes that the key to finding Kavya will be in this same room, which is where they have concealed her. When he looks at the Xerox copy of the ticket, he concludes that Simar bhabs is responsible for Kavya’s departure from Agra and that Simar is not as intelligent as he had previously believed. He leaves the house. Simar and Aarav are shining out. Simar explains to Aarav that Reyansh’s thoughts and actions may be anticipated with ease. She claims that I have been keeping the forged ticket copy in my purse all this time. According to Aarav, we need to always be one step ahead of him. Simar has expressed her concern for Reema, stating that it makes her heart anxious.In the pitch blackness of the room, Reema jolts awake and yells out, demanding to know whether anyone else is present. The moment she realised that Rudra was giving her juice, she passed out. She dials Rudra’s number and inquires, “Why have you cornered me here?” There is illumination there. After asking herself where she is, Reema calls Rudra for help. After noticing the door, she calls out, “Who’s there?” The Attendants go inside and then close the door behind them. Reema inquires about your identity and inquires about the reason you shut the door. According to the Servant, we have supplied branded clothing and food for you to enjoy. According to Reema, I do not require this. It was requested by Rudra Sir that you get some food and relaxation, according to Other Servant. According to Reema, I would like to depart from this location. Rudra appears at that location and requests that Servant let go of her hand. He removes his glasses and tosses them to the ground. He claims that they are unable to converse with women and that attractive women should be given preferential attention. He refers to her as his sweetheart. Why are you acting in this manner, asks Reema. He assures her that she would soon have this knowledge and calls her his sweetheart. Reema does not believe it.The diya is lit by Simar when he arrives at the temple of Kanha ji. She pleads with Kanha ji, “Please safeguard Reema di; my heart is worried.” She goes to Kanha ji and begs for assistance in uncovering the truth and putting an end to the deceit. Sandhya inquires as to what it is that she is considering. Simar asserts that the end of all evils is nigh. She is urged by Sandhya to place her faith in Kanha ji, who assures her that things would work out for the best.


Vivaan yells at Reema at this point in the story. The Oswal Mansion is entered by Reema in this scene. Di is what Simar calls her. She has a wicked look. The fear overwhelms Simar.

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