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Sasural Simar Ka2 25th August 2022 Written Update on

Simar makes her way to Pandit ji right at the beginning of the episode. Pandit ji inquires as to whether or not she is anxious. He offers to examine the palm of her hand. He examines her hand and then warns her that she will have a very difficult time in the future. Simar assures me that I shall prevail in overcoming any challenge so long as my family and Aarav ji are by my side. She is grateful to him for bringing it to her attention. She is instructed by Pandit ji to contact the family. Aditi’s hand is tied with the holy thread, and Badimaa tells her that the thread would look after both she and her unborn child. She requests that Sandhya ask Aditi to perform the pooja for her. Sandhya, Indu does Aditi’s aarti. Reyansh inquires about the purpose of this pooja. Aditi is advised to drink some milk by Simar, who explains that pregnant women sometimes experience this rasam. Ishita uses Badimaa’s vulnerability against her by claiming that she would continue to observe the puja in the same manner even if her child were present. Badimaa reassures her friend that she will become pregnant again and explains that the reason they are celebrating janmasthami is because of her wish. She urges her not to let herself become depressed. According to Simar, each and every person’s wishes are granted once a year. Simar moves her body and entertains herself by imagining herself dancing with Reema and Vivaan. She emerges from the figment of her imagination and continues to dance with Aarav. Ishita appears sorrowful at pallavi, to show Badimaa. Ishita is taken to a dance by Badimaa after she visits her. Ishita grins. The butter pot is shattered by Reyansh when he wields the rod. Everyone is taken aback by this. Lalla, what have you done? Badimaa asks her. This pot was going to break tomorrow. After performing the janmasthami puja, Simar responded affirmatively. I’ve been told by Reyansh that I have an issue with Simar and the things that she touched. He claims that Ishita is depressed and that we have lost the child, and he questions how she can dance and be happy despite these circumstances. He inquires as to whether all of this was required for today. He makes an act of crying. Chitra reveals to Reyansh that she is able to comprehend him, but it is pointless because Badimaa is oblivious due to Simar’s influence. Badimaa cautions her to watch her words and reminds her that she had requested that they celebrate Janmasthami so that she could get over the traumatic experience. Ishita claims that celebrating is not the same, and it would appear like Simar is rubbing salt in my wounds.Aarav warns Simar not to lose her concentration and assures her that good will triumph over evil, but he expresses regret that they are manipulating Badimaa’s feelings in this way. Chitra approaches Ishita and requests that she break the silence so that everyone can sing and dance. Badimaa tells her not to let herself become depressed and tells her that her life is unfolding in front of her and that she will regain her joy. Simar believes that the time has come to disclose the hidden information. Ishita sheds a tear before embracing Badimaa. She claims that Simar is responsible for taking away all of my joy. According to Sandhya, Simar has never been guilty of such a thing. Ishita’s fall is attributed by Chitra to Simar’s shove, but Simar maintains his innocence. Aarav says Simar didn’t force Ishita. Reyansh claims we all saw. Ishita requests that Badimaa kick Simar out of the house because he is the one responsible for the death of the heir. She challenges her to make a decision between Ishita and Simar. She urges her to treat her fairly and to make her feel secure and comfortable in her own house. She invokes the spirit of the (fictitious) dead infant and insists that today you must stand up for the truth. She gives Chitra a hug while putting on a show of crying. Simar says Badimaa.Badimaa tells you that you are the one person in this world who she can put her faith in, and she wants you to know how much it means to her. Ishita smirks. My heart doesn’t agree with Badimaa’s assessment, but the reality is that we have been deprived of our successor. Badimaa asserts that the accident has taken place, and everyone is pointing the finger at you. According to what she has heard, the first child of the fourth generation passed away before being born into this world. She claims that there is no confusion about the rules in this home, and that these standards apply equally to both love and discipline. She explains that this is the reason why, Simar, you have to…. Simar tells Badimaa to stop talking and adds that her decision is as permanent as something carved in stone, and that she does not want to have to regret it in the future. She explains that before listening to your decision, I want to tell everyone everything there is to know about it. She claims that all you do is assert that the truth can’t be hidden. She tells you to allow her five minutes and explains that she has finished what was expected of her and that you have not lost your heir. Everyone is caught off guard. Chitra tells you to put an end to your dramatic antics. She requests that she pack up her belongings and depart immediately. Simar asks for forgiveness, explaining that she is the eldest grand daughter in law of the house, and that according to my sasural, it is forbidden for liars to reside in this home. She heads in the direction of the stairs and calls out for someone to join her.Kavya makes her way to the stairwell. Everyone has their eyes on her. Aarav says Jai Kanhaiya lal ki…… The Reyansh suffers a jolt. Ishita’s reaction to seeing Kavya causes her to become enraged, and she hurls the thaali full of flower petals. Kavya descends the flight of stairs. Simar says Kanha arrived, Badimaa. Badimaa ants to know why you keep going over the same information. Simar assures you that your heir is protected in three places: the womb of Kavya, the child of Reyansh, and the blood of Oswal. Chitra casts her gaze on Reyansh. It seems as though Reyansh is stunned. Ishita’s gaze is likewise drawn to him. Badimaa looks on startled.


Vivaan is broken and sits down while yelling Reema’s name. The scene ends with this. Reema has just walked into the house. Di is what Simar calls her.

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