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At the beginning of the episode, Simar reassures Badimaa that her heir is protected in three places: the womb of Kavya, the baby of Reyansh, and the blood of Oswal. The Reyansh suffers a jolt. Ishita confronts Simar with the question, “How could this cheap girl lie?” while simultaneously attempting to eject Kavya from the room. Kavya is confronted by Simar, who reveals that she is, in fact, pregnant. Ishita claims that Reyansh is unaware about this girl and that you are responsible for her being pregnant. She claims that your thought is rather lengthy. Simar inquires as to whether or not she is becoming angry or shocked. Aarav reveals to Simar that Ishita continues to back Reyansh and says that she despises you so much that she will contradict anything you say even though she knows it is the truth. The words of Simar, along with the beams of the sun, open one’s eyes. According to Reyansh, this individual is a homeless girl. Aarav has asked her to keep an eye on what he’s been up to. Simar is confronted by Chitra, who informs her that she has shattered all of the records and asks how dare she blame my Reyansh. Sandhya grabs her hand and says, “You have to hear the truth,” just as the woman is about to smack the other person. Badimaa demands to know what is going on and tells everyone to stop it. According to Simar, Reyansh has intimidated Kavya, attempted to send her far away by giving her money, and pushed her to have an abortion, but Kavya did not consent to either of these things. Ishita was not pregnant, as she claims above, and she was just playing with everyone’s feelings. Badimaa gets up. Aarav claims that the miscarriage was staged as a farce in order to force Simar to leave the house. This time, Simar claims, “I have proof,” and then she phones Dr. Ghatak. There are times when Dr. Ghatak visits. The question that Reyansh poses is, “How did he get here?”Chitra confronts him in order to elicit a confession from him regarding the pregnancy and subsequent abortion that he reported. Dr. Ghatak claims that I arrived here to clarify that point. He rips up the bogus reports that Ishita has created and throws them. He claims that the truth is that every report is a fabrication. Badimaa asks what do you mean? He is threatened by Reyansh. Dr. Ghatak claims that he frightened me and asked me to submit a report on my pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage. He argues that it was my fault as well, and that I let my greed get the best of me; but, Simar and Aarav helped me realise my duty and choose the correct road. Chitra is given a task to complete by Reyansh. Ishita asserts that the doctor in question is telling lies. Simar claims that you used to be weak in the past. Ishita says that this is the reaction you have when someone shakes you up with a big deception, and she adds that she is not going to leave this clever doctor. Simar has accused you of being deceitful, which is a punishable offence. She advises that after you are incarcerated, you should simply share your tale on social media. After that, she says, we shall examine what has become of your reputation. Ishita assures me that my reputation will not be harmed in any way, and she claims that as soon as I start showering money on him, he would begin lying just like he lied for me. Badimaa is surprised.Simar claims that this demonstrates the power of money and that you messed with the feelings of everyone. Badimaa inquires to Dr. Ghatak about what happened with the abortion and the blood. Aarav asserts that it was all a fabrication and an attempt to manipulate your feelings. Badimaa is taken aback and walks to the temple within the manor with her hands folded. Simar approaches her and gives her a hug. Badimaa claims that I was going to make a major error, that I had doubts about my Simar, and that I was going to toss her out of her sasural, which is the person’s life and soul. Simar tells her not to feel ashamed and that she took advantage of her pure heart by seeing what she was shown. She asks her not to feel ashamed. She claims that the people who have wronged you will feel ashamed of themselves. Badimaa states that she was taken aback by the behaviour of her children. Ishita travels to Badimaa in order to make her listen to her for just one time. Badimaa slaps her hard. Ishita wants to know how you are doing. Badimaa confronts you with the question, “Did you cheat and lie to a large extent?” She smacks her again and tells her not to say another word while she is doing it. This sort of behaviour, according to Pallavi, is inappropriate. Badimaa says that your upbringing is erroneous. Pallavi cautions her to stay within the boundaries set. Badimaa inquires as to whether or not you are a mother and then inquires as to how you could have forgotten that a mother is incapable of killing her child in any capacity, even in her dreams. She claims that you folks told me a lot of stories, and I don’t understand how you can do this. Chitra asserts that you are placing the blame on her bahu, and she claims that this low-class woman will not provide an heir for Reyansh. Simar claims that she has evidence to prove that the baby is Reyansh’s. The pregnancy report is given by Dr. Ghatak. He recommends that she get a second opinion from a different physician. Whether you believe Aarav or not, your Reyansh’s child is currently developing within Kavya’s womb, he says.When Reyansh confronts her, she asks why she is being punished for the sins of others. The word Reyansh is yelled by Aarav. Simar claims that she had the DNA test done, and the results are consistent. Ishita is told by Reyansh that he does nothing in the conversation. Ishita, remembering what Simar had said, smacked Reyansh across the face. She adds that today you have crossed all limits, that I can’t see your face, that although she hates Simar bhabhi very much, she had warned me ten times about your character and questioned whether I was sure to marry you. She says that she hates Simar bhabhi very much. She claims that I was so blinded by love that I never imagined that you would act in such a way. Chitra claims that this is a ploy on Simar’s part to get into Reyansh’s home so that she can fix Kavya at this location and exert control over her. Simar claims that this is an issue that we have, and if it was Kavya’s error, then it is also the mistake of our son, he says. She claims that Kavya loved him, but he hurt her by betraying her. Ishita explains to Pallavi that she is unable to make out the man’s face, and she then requests that Pallavi take her away. Chitra and Reyansh are attempting to put an end to this. Ishita asserts that there is no room for forgiveness due to your actions. Reyansh admits that he was the one who made the error and tells you, “I love you, but I don’t love Kavya.” He entreats her to put her faith in him. Ishita tells Pallavi, “Trust me, my foot,” and then follows her.After asking Kavya to leave, Reyansh places some money in her hand and then asks her to leave. Chitra tells her to get the money and get out of her residence as soon as possible. Kavya is pushed, and she requests that Kavya remove the baby and have the abortion somewhere else. Badimaa loses her cool and smacks Chitra across the face with both hands. She tells her that she will never have to hear the term “abortion” from her lips again and cautions her not to threaten Kavya. She draws Kavya close to her and tells her that she is carrying our heir, who has Oswal blood in her womb. She looks at her with a smile and announces that Kavya will be staying here. Chitra claims that even if you manage to defeat her, Maa, she will not allow this woman to marry our heir. According to Reyansh, I have nothing to do with her or the sin that is developing inside of her womb. Badimaa responds by saying, “I truly don’t care what you both think, and states that today I have to make a decision, and I have picked Kavya with her kid.” She claims that Kavya will join us at Oswal Mansion throughout her stay there. Simar smiles.


Vivaan loses his composure and collapses to the ground while yelling Reema’s name. As she enters the house, Reema steps in the water from the KumKum. When Simar addresses her as Di, Reema’s face immediately takes on an angry expression.

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