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At the beginning of the episode, Simar can be seen following Reema through the bush. When she couldn’t see Reema, she yelled her name. “Reema di!” The next thing she knows, she hears her sobbing while sitting on the ground. She refers to her as di. Simar becomes frightened as a result of Reema’s staring at her. After a moment of silence, Reema stands up and adds, “I requested you not to come infront of me.” Simar informed me that I have arrived to take you. According to Reema, you are running so incredibly late. Simar says no, di. She invites her to return home and inquires as to whether or not she is concerned about Dewar Ji. She promises that he will forgive you, and that from here on out everything will be okay. She claims that everyone is concerned about you and furious with you. Why is it, Reema asks? She claims that I am frustrated with everyone and everything. Simar inquires about what has transpired and requests that she explain it. She claims that everything will turn out okay thanks to me. She invites her to spend the night at her house and asks for her hand in marriage. Reema looks on.Aarav is moving through the bush while on the phone with Simar. Reema loses her balance after placing her hand in Simar’s and experiencing the jolt caused by the sacred thread that was previously held in her hand. Simar yells your name, Di. Aarav is knocked unconscious and lands in the murky water. Reema tells her to stop her drama and asks, “If you genuinely loved your sister, then why did you go to that impostor baba?” Reema tells her that she should stop her drama. She explains that all of this love and passion is an act and then begs her to go. Simar has assured me that she will not abandon you. Reema instructs her to release the Suraksha Chakra that is currently held in her palm and toss it away. Simar thinks back to the remarks spoken by Baba ji. The Suraksha Chakra that the imposter forced you to wear should be removed, according to Reema. She inquires as to whether or not your love was phoney. Simar encourages you to accompany me. If you want to know what had happened with me, you will have to remove this thread from your hand and demonstrate that you trust me more than that imposter baba. Reema asks if you want to know what had happened with me, I will tell you. However, before I do that, you have to prove that you trust me more than that imposter baba. She insists that in order to earn my trust, you must do so repeatedly. Simar wants to know why you don’t trust me. Reema claims that you are claiming credit for saving her life while also making plans to save your own. Simar claims that she is your sister and that she cannot be whole without her. She invites you to accompany me. According to Reema, your love causes me to melt. She uses psychological coercion to force her to end the conversation. She pleads with Simar, “Please assist me.” She tells me that I am nothing without you, and asks if I can count on you to help me and if you will come with me. Simar mulls on the advice given by Baba ji. If you are considering what Baba has said, Reema would tell you that Baba is an imposter. She is pleading for your assistance and saying, “Save me.”Simar expresses regret to Baba ji after thinking back on the times they shared together. She claims that nothing else is as significant to me as my sister. Reema smirks. Simar, Baba ji advises you not to cut the thread in any way, even accidentally. Aarav makes several attempts to climb out of the pit. Simar cuts the thread, but she does not remove it from the stone. The baba ji says what did you do Simar? You really ought not to have done that. Simar asserts that you believe in me now. She turns to see that Reema is nowhere to be found. She addresses her by name. Aarav implores Mata Rani for assistance and prays to her that she will save his Simar. Simar is successful in locating Reema and then follows her. She inquires as to where you intend to take me, stating that everyone is waiting for you to return home. Baba ji tosses Aarav a rope and tells him not to worry about anything. Aarav pulls himself out of the swamp while holding onto the rope. Baba ji warns Aarav that there is a threat to Simar’s life and requests that he come immediately. He claims that Simar did the wrong thing by going with her and that she should not have done so. According to Baba ji, I am unable to determine where she has taken Simar. Simar inquires to Reema about the location of their current location. She encourages us to leave. According to Reema, you have arrived here, and she has a lot of affection for your sister. Simar encourages you to accompany me. Reema is overheard saying from the location, “I haven’t been able to come out in years, and here you are.” Aarav is told by Baba ji that he has a hunch that she is present, but he has been unable to locate her. Aarav is able to locate the suraksha kawach, which he then demonstrates to Baba ji. According to Baba ji, Simar has travelled a great distance away from here, and as a result, she has become extremely susceptible; any difficulty can now triumph over her, and that delusion can do anything it wants to her. Reema requests that Simar look through the fog for her. A haveli is spotted by Simar in that area. Reema beckons for her to follow her into the haveli. Baba ji warns that we won’t be able to help you if you take even one step forward. Aarav asks him to save her. Baba ji tells us that there is nothing we can do to save her because she is moving closer and closer to the forces of evil on her own. Aarav approaches baba ji and inquires about the next step he should take. As Simar makes her way toward the haveli, she discovers the thread already tied along the path.


Haveli is entered by Simar at this point in the recap. The door closes and locks itself behind you. Simar wants to know, “Who is it?” Rudra carries a stick with him as he descends the stairs. The light in the haveli is flickering, and there are skeletons inside. Rudra claims that you are here hunting for your Didi, which indicates that you are uninterested in living your life.

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