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At the beginning of this episode, Simar shares with Aarav that Mata Rani has always been a source of strength for her, and that she is confident that Mata Rani will continue to do so while she works to solve this mystery and repair our relationship. She tells me that Mata Rani will lead me to the answers I need. Aarav receives a call and immediately leaves to respond to it. Vivaan sees Reema standing outside and urges her to stop. Reema signs him to come. Vivaan yells her name and tells her to cease what she’s doing. He ascends to the window sill in order to place a call to Reema. Simar looks around and sees Vivaan perched precariously on the window sill, about to lose his balance and fall. She scales the wall and comes to Vivaan’s rescue just in time to save him from falling. Aarav arrives there and witnesses Simar coming to Vivaan’s rescue. He takes Simar’s hand and guides her as she brings Vivaan back to safety. Vivaan, she wants to know if you are okay. Vivaan says Reema is there. Aarav is concerned and wants to know what happened to you and why you climbed into the window when there was no one else around. Vivaan requests his presence and informs him that Reema is present. Aarav looks, but doesn’t find any sign of her. He claims that she is not in that location. Vivaan claims that she had seen her and that she was interested in having a conversation with her. Aarav asks Simar to manage him. According to Simar, Di is not present; in the event that she returns, we will contact her. Vivaan has informed me that she appears concerned and that she wanted to share something with me. Simar tells Aarav that she would be checking on something downstairs and asks him to watch over Vivaan in her absence. Vivaan has indicated that he will travel. According to Aarav, your bhabhi has gone to check on something. Simar walks down to check, but she doesn’t notice anyone there when she looks around. Reema is walking behind her. Simar turns, but she is still hidden from her view. She can’t help but feel that a person who is very important to her was present.Chitra shares the news with Reyansh that Simar had hit her foot with an axe. She claims that she became preoccupied with looking for her sister and that she will be kicked out of the house as a result. She states that she is really missing Ishita and begs Reyansh to make room for Badimaa in her heart and come back home so that they can evict Kavya. She also expresses how much she is missing Ishita. According to Reyansh, I shall go back to my house.Vivaan requests that Aarav bring back Reema despite the fact that he has no interest in anything else. Aarav feels awful for Vivaan. Vivaan inquires of Simar as to whether or not she has seen Reema and requests that she bring her there. Simar responds with an affirmative, “Yes, I will bring her,” and then requests that he get some water. She puts him to bed and wraps a blanket around him as he sleeps. Vivaan sleeps and calls Reema’s name in sleep. She relays to Aarav that she had the impression that someone was present. As Chote repeats the name Reema over and over again, Aarav suggests that you might have said it. Simar begins praying to Mata Rani for assistance, and at that very moment, someone throws a stone into the room with a letter wrapped around it. Aarav removes the stone from his hand and picks up the note, which he then reads as “please help me.” According to Simar, this handkerchief belonged to Reema di. Chitra walks up to them and says, “I told you not to come here,” before asking them what they are doing in that location. She claims that I will not allow you to continue to be here. Simar has asked that you kindly let her be here. Chitra tells her, “I don’t trust you,” and then removes her from the room. Vivaan wakes up and takes Reema’s name again. Aarav runs back to make him sleep.Simar is forcibly removed from Vivaan’s room by Chitra. Sandhya requests that Chitra depart from the company of Simar. Chitra tells Simar’s bahu, “Tell your dear bahu to keep her distance from my kid,” and then she shoves Simar. Aarav arrives at that precise moment and seizes hold of Simar. Badimaa asks Simar why did you go there? Aarav claims that Chote’s life is over, and that he was about to commit suicide by jumping out of the window before Simar stopped him. Badimaa asks what are you saying? Aarav claims that he made an effort to end his life, and everyone is pointing the finger at Simar. Giriraj follows Vivaan in order to be with him. Simar reads the note that was left in Vivaan’s room by an unknown person. Badimaa reads it. Simar claims that it is written; could you please assist me? She claims that it is written in Di’s handwriting and reveals that someone may have done something to her, since Dewar Ji had seen her some time before, and then she received this note. Chitra has praised the way you are carrying yourself. Simar claims that the situation is not as it seems, that Di requires our help, and that Aarav was present when she threw this note. She also claims that she was with Aarav when she threw the note. Chitra claims that Aarav will speak exactly what she says regardless. Sandhya inquires as to the reason behind Reema’s refusal to come in front of us. Gajendra asks her why she doesn’t just come inside once she’s free to leave the temple. Simar claims that I am one of the people who is considering this. Badimaa says, “Search that girl, and make her go from Vivaan’s life; I can’t watch him in this situation.” I can’t see him in this condition either. She tells her that there is still time until Navratri and offers to help her solve the enigma if she so desires. Chitra insists that you would also be required to fulfil your promise and leave the residence. Aarav is standing next to Simar and says that everything is unclear and that they don’t know whether to believe this note or the note from the hotel. He adds that you and I shall look for Reema, and I will accompany you.When Rudra receives the call from Simar, he is working out in the gym. He inquires as to how you were able to recall my name today and inquires as to how Reema is doing. Simar inquires about the whereabouts of Reema di. When Rudra heard this, he asked, “Are you insane? How did you know where she was?” She claims that I met her the last time we were together at the airport, when you tore her away from her dreams, and that since then, she has not called her. Simar challenges him to be honest with her. Rudra expresses regret that she did not provide more information about her whereabouts. I really hope you’re not telling lies, says Simar. Rudra inquires about the best way to assist you. The call is terminated by Simar. Rudra is under the impression that she is wondering where her sister is. Simar receives a call and, in a state of shock, drops her mobile phone. Aarav inquires as to whether or not everything is okay. Simar says Reema di.


Reema is walking. Simar notices her and tries to give her a hug, but she ends up falling as she goes through her. She turns and displays an expression of surprise. Reema looks on as revengeful soul.

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