Sasural Simar Ka2 [31th August 2022] Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka2 31th August 2022 Written Update on


Gagan begins the episode by inquiring of Simar regarding the likelihood that Reema di can be found within the Mortuary. They go to enter. The Constable has requested that they determine whether or not this young lady is in fact her sister. Simar examines the body of the deceased. Badimaa inquires of Vivaan regarding the availability of medicine for her. Vivaan consumes the prescribed medication. Badimaa forces him to drink some water and tells him to lay down and rest for a while. Vivaan is currently relaxing on the bed. Chitra assures Badimaa that she will not permit Reema to return after what she did with Vivaan, and she wants Badimaa to pledge that she will not violate the Navratri condition. Chitra is observant of the festival of Navratri. Badimaa has stated that she does not wish to give anyone else a chance, has stated that we did not look for our bahu, and has stated that she hopes that all of her children’s problems would be resolved. When Reyansh finally got home, he kissed Badimaa on both feet. Chitra claims that he has made the trip in order to see his brother. Badimaa begs him to go like a guest. Kavya goes there, sees him, and is frightened; then she leaves. Simar cries. Aarav is able to calm her down. The Constable inquires as to whether or not she is your sister. Simar insists that she does not have di. They have just emerged from the mortuary. Simar is told by Gagan to take care of herself. Aarav reveals to Simar that all of Rudra’s addresses are fictitious, including his workplace at the Cosmo city building. Gagan explains where she might travel unexpectedly and how she can disappear unexpectedly. Aarav has suggested that we travel to the PS. Gagan says you are right. Simar has told me that I should go to the temple that is close.Simar arrives at the temple and remembers Reema’s letter as well as Vivaan’s statements that he had seen her. She rings the bell at the temple and then addresses Mata Rani, asking her to respond to her inquiries. She inquires as to where her Reema aunt is and why she would act in such a manner against Dewar ji. She requests that you help me get in touch with her. She prays to God, asking him to direct her steps. It is indicated that Reema is outside of the temple. It sounds like Chaya. Reema wraps herself in her dupatta after removing it from her bag. Simar turns to look for her after sensing that she is nearby, but she does not see her. The dupatta of the Mata Rani flutters and falls to the ground. As Simar chases after the dupatta, he catches a glimpse of Reema through the fabric. Pandit ji visits Simar in order to hand up her cell device. Simar bolts from the area, leaving the Pandit ji in possession of her mobile phone. She yells “Reema di” and wonders where she could have gone. Aarav visits the shrine and makes a phone call to Simar’s mobile device. The Pandit ji hands him the phone and informs him that she had left the temple at some point in the recent past. Aarav says ok and goes out. Simar eventually makes it to the jungle and gives Reema a call.She extends an invitation to Reema to stand in front of her. Reema extends an invitation to her to stand in front of her. She insists that you appear in front of me immediately. There is a sudden appearance of white smoke there. She looks up to see Reema standing there with an angry expression on her face. She is going to give her a hug right now. Reema warns you not to go too close to her. Simar is concerned about your appearance and wants to know what has changed. If you do have a problem, she encourages you to inform her so that the two of us can work together to find a solution. Simar is your partner in everything. When she sees the tree limbs crashing to the ground, she retreats. Reema inquires as to who approached you for assistance and why. Simar interrogates you about why you discarded the note in which you requested assistance. Reema claims that I did not make any requests for assistance. Simar claims that she is familiar with your handwriting. According to Reema, I did not write any note or seek for anyone’s assistance. She politely requests that she not follow close behind her. Simar claims that you are her sister and calls her Reema di, that the two of us were raised together, that we went through all of the difficulties together, and that our sasural is one. Reema confirms that she and you share a heart connection, but she requests that you go so that she can move on with her life. Simar says please don’t go, di. She tells her that without her, Dewar ji is like a lifeless body and begs her to come and apologise to him. If she does not, she will be forced to leave her residence, as well as sasural and Aarav ji. She prevents Reema from continuing in this manner and asks her, “Did you hear what I said? You can’t carry on like this.” She tries to hug her, but her arms go right through her. She then begs her to share her concern with her. Her surprise and astonishment are palpable. Reema claims that she warned her not to approach her. When Simar reaches out to touch her, Reema spins around, transforms into smoke, and then disappears into the sky. Simar experiences shock, then passes out and falls to the ground.


Pandit ji warns Simar that Reema will attempt to trick her into falling into her trap, and he advises Simar not to give in to Reema’s trickery. Reema’s soul punctures Aarav’s call. The door opens and Simar exits the vehicle.

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