Sasural Simar Ka2 [3rd September 2022] Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka2 3rd September 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Simar can be seen heading in the direction of the haveli. This haveli is where you will find all the answers to your questions, the spirit adds as it glances at Reema and begs Simar to walk. The baba ji says no Simar. She is told by the ghost that she must enter the haveli so that she may see everything in its proper light. She points out that you had already placed your trust in her and requests that she investigate the matter further. She urges her to pay attention to what her sister has to say and enter the haveli. Simar walks past the crimson line denoting the mystical area. The ghost displays a grin. What does Baba ji say to Aarav about the destruction that has taken place? She walks into the interior of the haveli. Someone is moving around in the haveli, and they are carrying a skeleton axe as they walk down the stairs. Simar wants to know who you are. He maintains the axe’s position on the ground, and the magical rays are dispersed in all directions. After seeing his visage, Simar calls him Rudra. She decides to approach him. He then greets Simar before taking a seat on the sofa. Simar responds with, “I know, my heart was telling me that you were behind all of this.” He laughs and says that it appears that you are unhappy with your life because you came here looking for your Di. Simar claims that she is her sister and her life, and that she is the reason she is hunting for her since she knows how much love she has for her. She requests that he leave her alone. Rudra claims that I would have abandoned her if it weren’t so difficult to release a dead person from their confinement. Simar asserts that you are dishonest and that my Di has not been harmed in any way. She claims that she demonstrated this to me, and that I saw her with my own eyes. Rudra would inquire as to whether or not you saw it with your own eyes before informing you that it was an illusion. He informs me that she has passed away and that her life would end because of me. He claims that whoever relation a girl has with me, all of that girl’s other relationships come to an end. Simar claims that I am aware that my sister is still alive. Rudra says you don’t know anything. Simar claims that this is his city and sasural and that his Aarav ji is free to search him whenever he wants. She wants him to separate himself from Reema. He chuckles and says that he is afraid at the same time. He inquires as to whether you are aware of who I am. He asks whether you believe that your husband will be able to arrive here and then tells you that he can’t even hear your voice, so you can forget about the possibility that he will. The baba ji tells Aarav that Simar was in this area and requests him to halt. Aarav gives her a call. They got rather close to the haveli, but they still couldn’t spot it. The spirit claims that despite the fact that you are standing there, you are unable to glimpse the other world. According to him, the haveli is there in front of you, but you will not be able to see it. She claims that communication with Simar is impossible.Simar is informed by Rudra that she will yell and scream her last moments in the haveli before passing away. He strikes the magical rod on the earth with his fist. Simar is restrained by being tied to the chair when it is taken out from under her. She is taken aback by it. Rudra says, “I did not intend to put an end to your life, but you have brought it upon yourself by coming here.” He warns you that you will perish in your pursuit of the information you seek. Leave her alone, according to Simar. Rudra claims that it took me a long time to obtain her, yet now you want me to give her up. She inquires as to what? He is talking about my goal and my dream, which is something that is beyond anything. When he hits the rod, the door magically appears in that spot. Simar is caught off guard. She claims that she is confident that her sister is still alive, and that your fear is evidence of this fact. She also says that you want to kill me so that I can’t get here. Rudra asserts that this is his world, and you have no idea who you may have offended by messing with it. He tells me to answer the riddle for you, and he claims that your Reema di is still alive. He claims that Reema is still alive and that she is happy wherever she may be. He tells you that you can now die in peace because neither a human being nor a god will be able to come here and save you. The name Rudra is yelled by Simar. Rudra passes through the enchanted door and disappears inside. Simar yells Aarav ji. Baba Ji and Aarav are standing close to the magical line, but they are unable to see the haveli from where they are. Simar yells Aarav ji. The spirit speaks to Aarav and tells him that Simar is in front of him, but the two of you are in different realms and therefore cannot hear each other. She claims that you are unable to cover such a great distance. Aarav is informed by the baba ji that he would never see Simar again after this. Aarav responds by claiming that this is impossible and then asking him to explain how they can rescue her. Simar yells Aarav’s name to get his attention. Aarav says Baba ji, I need my Simar. Reema claims that nobody will be able to hear both of you, that the two of you are unable to combine, and that she is unaware of Rudra’s abilities.


In this last scene, Simar offers a prayer to Mata Rani and begs her to help her get to Aarav. Her bracelet rolls across to Aarav from the other realm after it slips out of her grasp and falls to the ground. Baba ji is informed by Aarav that the bracelet was made in Simar. The spirit cannot believe its eyes.

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