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Badimaa begins the episode by pleading with Simar to stop what she’s doing and then invites her to meet her there. Simar notices that Rudra is occupying the chair. According to him, you were talking about me. Simar inquires about our sister, saying, “I have seen your genuine face; where are you?” Simar is informed by Badimaa that Rudra did not reject the fact that Reema is with him and that he has brought the divorce papers, which have been signed by Reema. Aarav is presented with the divorce papers by Rudra. Aarav is taken aback by this. Badimaa is warned by Simar not to participate in his conversations, and Simar responds by calling Badimaa a liar from head to toe. Vivaan inquires as to the motivation for your efforts to save Reema. He wants to know if the indicators are real or not. It is not the truth, according to Simar. Badimaa wants to know if these photographs are authentic or not. Rudra adds that she believes it is not Simar’s fault and that after Reema departed, Simar was in shock and told her that Reema is very happy with her because she is getting all that she wanted, including the name, glamour, and so on. Rudra says that she believes it is not Simar’s fault. He claims that she has recently shown a desire to end their marriage. Aarav asks whether or not you believe that the family will accept me as a member of their family. He claims that I was with Simar, and he puts all of his faith in what she says.Aarav is asked by Rudra if he saw Simar cross Reema, if he saw Reema take her to Jungle, and if he saw the bungalow. Rudra claims that nobody can comprehend what Simar is saying, and he asks Aarav if he saw the bungalow. Aarav says I didn’t see. The question that Rudra asks is, “Then why are you asserting that you have seen?” He claims that Simar was the only one who saw anything and that nobody else did. He claims that I am free to assert that Simar is in disbelief as a result of Reema’s departure, and that she is free to accuse anyone at any moment. Aarav asks him to mind his tongue. Rudra asserts that your love is illogical. Aarav claims that neither my love nor my faith is blind to him. Badimaa is asked by Simar if she will believe Baba ji, and Simar responds by saying that everyone knows that Baba ji is Sid Purush and that they have seen everything in its entirety. She claims that he has witnessed Rudra’s dark abilities. Rudra is curious about what you are saying and is attempting to tarnish my good name. Simar makes the request to Badimaa to have faith in her. badimaa is interested in meeting that Baba at least once, and she says she wants to give you an opportunity. Rudra responds by saying that he will also attend the meeting in order to remove any suspicion that might be cast in his direction. He inquires as to the whereabouts of Baba and his Ashram. Simar claims Baba ji stays in Shanti Ashram, behind Devi maa’s shrine. This is something that Rudra repeats to the spirit, and he says that we will all travel there.Baba ji is currently reciting prayers in his Ashram. The spirit appears in that location and assaults him. She binds him with the horrible magical powers she possesses. After spotting a crow perched on his window, Baba ji exclaims, “They have known where I am; they will kill me without a doubt.” He asserts that the gate to hell has been opened, and that none can be spared. The soul watches in silence.Together with Rudra, they travel to the ashram. Badimaa requests that Rudra take off his shoes before entering the room. Rudra complies. As soon as he removes his glasses, the lamps and diyas start to appear around the ashram. Badimaa and the others enter the building. Badimaa says may be he went out. According to Rudra, we will wait in this place. Simar travels there and initiates communication with Baba ji. Badimaa says he is not here. Simar is curious to know what you did with him. Rudra claims that you have completely lost your mind. Aarav is on the phone with Baba ji when the other person answers. They start searching him right away. As soon as the last person leaves, the lights are turned off, and the room becomes completely dark.Simar comes out and calls Baba ji. Badimaa suddenly observes blood on Simar’s forehead just at that moment. When she looks up, Baba ji is already on the ground below the tree. Rudra grins. Simar says Aarav ji. Aarav investigates baba ji and discovers that he is no longer alive. The crow is currently flying through the air. Rudra grins. Everyone is taken aback by this.Badimaa requests that Inspector investigate this horrific murder and determine its perpetrator. The inspector claims that this investigation will not be simple. Giriraj asks, “Who is capable of doing this?” The inspector claims that there is no evidence or fingerprint evidence in the ashram. Rudra claims that someone else planned to do this, and he begs Inspector to investigate the matter so that the people involved don’t end up blaming him for it. Aarav reaches for his collar and asks, “Shouldn’t I have been aware of what was going on?” Badimaa asks Aarav to leave him. Rudra claims that he never left your sight, not even for a moment, and that he is unsure when he began acting in this manner. He explains the reasons why I will kill him and then asks if this is some kind of joke. Simar insists that this is not a joke and that somebody’s life is in danger. She claims that she would produce evidence to show that he is the one behind everything. Chitra claims that your sister is the one who submitted the paperwork for the divorce, but you are blaming Rudra. She says that you have until Navratri to vacate the house, otherwise you will be expelled.

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