Sasural Simar Ka2 [7th September 2022] Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka2 7th September 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Simar declares that she will reveal Rudra’s actual face to all of the other characters. She sobs as she makes the request to Mata Rani to assist her in exposing Rudra. Aarav arrives there and informs everyone that baba ji was murdered violently, so they should be wary. Simar claims that Rudra is trying to frighten her and that she cannot be left alone with Di because of what Rudra is doing. Aarav invites her to look at their mirror and then tells her, “Just like this reflection, I will always be with you.” He wants to know if you have faith in me. She expresses herself more than I do. Simar promises that we shall free Reema di from the cage that Rudra has confined her in. Rudra is able to hear her. Chitra requests that Rudra drink the juice. Rudra agrees. She inquires about how old his sibling is. After saying the number 120, Rudra then said 20/21. Chitra shares that they have a plan to get Vivaan to wed his sister. Badimaa, Giriraj and Gajendra don’t like her proposal. Chitra is adamant that they make the trip to see her, saying that Vivaan will recover more quickly from his ordeal if they go through with the marriage. Badimaa inquires of Rudra concerning the identity of his sister. He says Mayakshi. A crow and a dupatta can be seen hanging outside of the building. Mayakshi receives a visit from the crow. Mayakshi claims that she is aware that Bhaiyya discussed our alliance. She wants to know if he called me, and I intend to go. She says Mayakshi’s Maya can’t be comprehending, Maya ya Chaya.After some time, Aarav and Simar make their way to the location and begin searching for the haveli. While Simar maintains her grip on the tree, the storm rages above her. They look up and see a haveli in front of them while being blown along by the wind. Simar is cautioned by Aarav not to go anyplace. Simar travels back inside the haveli once more. She takes a peek through the crack in the door and sees Reema strolling about in her bridal attire. She yells “Reema di” and suddenly finds herself wide awake in her room. She wakes up with scratches on her palms and wonders if the occurrence was a dream or a portent of some kind. Vivaan has decided not to get married. The Oswal Mansion is visited by Mayakshi. When she entered the temple, the diyas were lit up like candles. She looks at Vivaan and smiles. The smile on her face disappears as soon as she glances at Aarav. Badimaa gets up. Mayakshi acknowledges her status as Badimaa by touching her feet and stating, “You are the Aan Baan Shaan of this city.” Badimaa inquires about her age and comments that she doesn’t look her years. Chitra claims that Rudra told her that you are 120 years old. Mayakshi approaches him and asks if he is Aarav before shaking his hand. Aarav says yes. Vivaan believes that I will give marriage a lot of serious thought. Mayakshi gives Aarav a friendly grin before asking, “Are you married?” The answer is affirmative from Aarav, who is interested in a girl with a pure heart. Simar has down into the basement. Mayakshi becomes tensed seeing her. Simar inquires as to what is taking place in this location. Aarav reports that chote’s alliance negotiation is now taking place. Mayakshi has indicated that she will depart. Rudra asks her to talk to Vivaan. She has stated that she needs some time to consider it. Badimaa informs her that she wants Vivaan to settle down before Navratri and urges her not to take too much time in making her decision. Mayakshi implores Rudra to come while adding the word “please.” Simar urges Mayakshi to wait and says I am Simar, Vivaan’s only bhabhi. Mayakshi responds by folding her hands instead of shaking hands with the other person when the other person extends her hand to shake with her. Simar inquires about what took place. Mayakshi has expressed her desire to return home and claims that she is in good health. Badimaa is informed by Rudra that his sister is extremely sensitive, and that he raised her with the utmost care. Simar urges him to hurry up and get out of there with his sister, stating that nobody would want to see their sister in peril.


Both Simar and Aarav travel to the haunted haveli in order to investigate. According to Simar, Reema di is currently present in this haveli. She assures Aarav that it is her voice when he asks her whether she heard Reema weeping. After noticing that she was sitting, she lifted her veil to look at Reema. She gives her a call.

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