Sasural Simar Ka2 [9th September 2022] Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka2 9th September 2022 Written Update on

Simar pulls back the curtain at the beginning of the episode and catches a glimpse of Reema in a distraught state. She experiences shock and then exclaims “Di.” Reema stands up and gives her a hug. Simar informed me that I have located you. She inquires as to whether you are present or whether this is all an illusion on my part. Reema introduces herself as Simar’s mother, saying, “Simar, my name is Reema di, and I know that my Simar will come to take me, whether someone comes or not.” Simar assures me that there will be no problems. Aarav searches for Simar while also pondering the question, “Why do I keep coming back here?” Take me away from here, Reema pleads; I don’t want to be here any longer. Simar promises that she will remove you from this location. Who was it that brought you here, she inquires? Reema claims that my actions have led to this place, and that I must now suffer the consequences of my actions. Aarav does not give up on his search for Simar but keeps finding himself returning to the same location. He wonders what this may possibly be, if it is in fact bhool bhulaiyya. Reema requests that Simar remove her from that location immediately. Simar extends an invitation to her. She discovers that Reema’s legs are linked together. Reema claims that this location is extremely hazardous, that they will come and kill me, and that they will remove me from here. Simar makes an effort to break the chain while shouting instructions to Aarav ji. Aarav hears her voice. Reema looks at Simar. Simar passes out and falls to the ground after being struck on the head by Rudra when he finally arrives. Aarav finally makes in there and discovers Simar passed out. As Reema is being removed from that location, he is unable to see her. Simar is lifted up by Aarav, and he leads her away from that area. Aarav and Simar are seen by Rudra and Mayakshi to be leaving from there. Mayakshi requests that he put a stop to them. According to Rudra, people are not allowed to remain at this location. She requests that he put a halt to them. They will be leaving by automobile.Mayakshi warns that if we do not stop them, it is certain that we will be destroyed. He maintains his hold on the hammer and uses his wicked abilities to continue to punish her. He warns her not to challenge him ever again and tells her to always be terrified, pointing out that he is aware of everything. He sets her free. Mayakshi lets out a long, laboured breath. The conversation continues with Rudra asking, “What do you think?” and revealing that he has read that woman quite well and that she is not that. He informs her that the Navratri festival is about to start and that she has no reason to be terrified of Simar because she is just a regular woman. He claims that Damini is an effective yakshini, but Simar is completely helpless. He says we are horrible yaksh and yakshini. Mayakshi is located close to where the dupatta falls. Mayakshi asks her to depart. The person who looks like Reema is curious about what took transpired. Mayakshi claims that Bhai can not comprehend the fact that Simar is Damini. She refers to Simar as Chaya and asks her whether we are correct or Bhaiyya. According to Chaya, Yaksh Rudra is correct in assuming that she is not Damini. Mayakshi says you will say what bhaiyya wants you to say, you are his puppet. Chaya claims that she does not have any other choice. Mayakshi asserts that it is impossible for Bhaiyya to be correct all of the time.Simar and Aarav make a halt along the way. When Aarav arrived, the only one there was Simar, he tells Simar that nobody else was there. Simar says that she saw Reema there and she requested Reema to take her from there, but Reema was chained when she tried to break it. Simar saw Reema there and asked her to take her from there. She passed out after being assaulted in the head by somebody. He says that he believes you, but that we do not have any proof, which is something that we will tell our families. Simar asks do you trust me? He confirms this, but his main concern is how we would explain it to everyone else. Simar claims that there is no requirement for us to proof anything. She states that I have the impression that there is some unfinished business or a secret tucked away in the haveli. Aarav claims that he, along with him, has experienced some uneasiness whenever he enters that room. He asks how we got there, which is something that is completely beyond my comprehension. According to Simar, Di requires our assistance because she is in danger; therefore, I am unable to abandon her. Aarav claims that until one personally experiences it, they would not accept it. He tells you that he is on your side in order to uncover the truth about this haveli. They start walking together while holding hands.It appears that Damini and her beau are running together while holding hands. Even in her previous existence, Damini was Simar, and Aarav was the man she loved. They get up and begin walking. There is a break in the action, and Aarav and Simar come into view.Simar yells at the driver to stop the vehicle and warns that she is going to be run over. According to the driver, there is no one there. When Simar opens her eyes, she realises that she has been dreaming. After that, she recalls asking Damini who the woman is. Damini pointing her in the direction of Reema. Simar is informed by the driver that the house has arrived. Simar exits the vehicle and then enters the building. She observes that Rudra and Mayakshi are currently present in the home. She witnesses Badimaa, Gajendra, and a few other people praise the sweets while they eat them. Giriraj is of the opinion that this candy does not appear to be from this world. Mayakshi had a memory of adding some sort of mystical saffron to the candies. Gitanjali Devi and the rest of the Oswals, according to Rudra, will say and do whatever we want them to. Rudra asks Badimaa to have it. Badimaa claims that if she has any more, it would make her diabetes worse. Rudra offers it to Badimaa and explains that there is no sugar in it. Badimaa is getting ready to dine. Badimaa is questioned by Simar over what all of this is. Rudra claims Mayakshi has accepted to marry Vivaan. Simar is taken aback by this. As a result of Rudra’s enchantment, everyone is in a good mood, which makes Vivaan smile.

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