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At the beginning of the episode, Reyansh’s companions see that Simar is dressed as the Nurse. They speculate that Kavya might be on a stretcher. She is requested to display the papers by the security. Simar yells out that there is a gun present. The check is being done by the security. Simar is Kavya’s running partner. They are currently riding in Aarav’s automobile. A buddy of Reyansh’s comes to their automobile and discovers that the tyres have been punctured. Aarav remembers accidentally puncturing the car’s tyre. Kavya, along with her parents, would like to express their gratitude to Aarav and Simar for rescuing them. Aarav hears from Simar that Reyansh’s pals are extremely risky because they all carry firearms. Aarav believes Reyansh is in poor company. He insists that we must transport them to a secure location immediately. Simar calls Reema. The call will not be accepted by Reema. Simar calls Vivaan. The caller, Reema, hangs up on his phone. After Reema gave Vivaan some sleeping drugs, he is currently unconscious. She apologises to Vivaan and adds, “I’m sorry, but I have to do this.” As she prepares to go, she notices that her scarf is wrapped around his hand. She manages to escape with her belongings and makes her way to the Delhi train station. As the bus pulls away, she casts a glance across towards Vivaan. She apologises to Vivaan and tells him, “I am sorry, I promise that I will return after finishing my work.” Vivaan says Reema, what is this, in sleep? Reema calls a cab and tells the driver she needs to get to the airport.

Chitra and Ishita are frustrated that Badimaa is not reprimanding Simar for his behaviour. According to Pallavi, they did not go all the way here to visit Ishita. The reason they chose not to come is clear to me now, Reyansh explains. The nurse requests that they return home. Ishita is sleeping when Reyansh comes in and squeezes the blood pouch on the bed. According to him, Badimaa is not upset with Simar because the baby is still alive. He insists that we must put an end to this child’s life, claiming that otherwise Simar will become the target of Badimaa’s wrath. He insists that this is the one and only option. Ishita insists that there is no way we can put an end to this fictional child’s life right now; instead, I must deceive them in order to gain control over Badimaa. Ishita is pressed by Reyansh to grasp the fact that they cannot put it off any longer. There are times when Dr. Ghatak visits. You are required to inform everyone that Ishita’s child was unable to live, since Reyansh has informed you that your double money is ready. Ishita grins.Both Aarav and Simar will be visiting the hospital shortly. Ishita sounds like she is in a lot of agony and is wailing, which Badimaa hears. She runs with Sandhya and the other patients within the hospital ward. Sandhya inquires as to what took place and why you are screaming. Ishita cries out “my baby” before feigning unconsciousness.

Badimaa inquires as to what took place with her. She inquires to the Doctor regarding the status of things. The doctor apologises and adds that we were unable to save the infant. He claims that Ishita was the one who had the miscarriage. Badimaa is surprised. She claims that you had assured her that both Ishita and the baby are doing well, therefore she questions how this could have taken place so soon. Reyansh smiles and pretends to cry. The nurse requests that everyone go and informs the husband that he is the only one who may remain. Chitra points the finger at Simar and demands to know why he took the life of her heir. Aarav encourages Chitra to reflect prior to making any statements. Pallavi claims that those who are in the middle class are envious of wealthy people and that your badi bahu has shown evidence of hostility. Aarav cautions her not to point the finger of guilt at Simar because it was she who initially suggested that Badimaa form this partnership. Simar claims that it was my fault, and that I should have gone with her. She clarifies for Badimaa that Ishita was never carrying anyone’s child. Badimaa gets angry. Dr. Ghatak offers Reyansh a phoney report and informs him that it is written clearly that Ishita Oswal was pregnant and had a miscarriage. However, the report is a fake. Reyansh tells her to get ready for the performance that will blow everyone away. Ishita messes up her hairstyle and then declares, “I am ready in every way.” Pallavi claims that your bahu has lost her mind and is pointing the finger at Ishita in order to protect herself. She claims that I am unable to permit Ishita to stay with her and that I would bring her to my home instead. Aarav declares that he has had enough and requests that Pallavi take his daughter with her. She claims that once her truth is revealed, which she has already done with Reyansh, then what is she talking about? Chitra believes that it is for the best that we put an end to this drama. She believes that once the findings are made public, nobody would be able to talk about the matter anymore. Ishita goes outside and confronts Ishita, demanding to know why the latter intends to murder her child. She begs Reyansh to come to her rescue. Simar tells her to cut out the negative drama already. Ishita breaks down in tears, begs Badimaa to protect her child from Simar, and then makes a solemn commitment to leave the home. She claims that I have a lot of fear of her. Badimaa consoles her by hugging her and crying. Dr. Ghatak confronts Simar, asking her how can she speak to his patient in such a manner, and he states that Ishita is becoming unsettled upon seeing Simar. According to Simar, the truth is that…. Badimaa tells Simar that our successor is no longer in this world and begs Simar to check on Ishita’s status.

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