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Sasural Simar Ka2 23rd August 2022 Written Update on

This is how the Episode begins: Ishita drinks up all of the juice that Sandhya had brought. Sandhya says very good. Ishita inquires if it is okay if she goes to her room. Badimaa makes the request that they stay in the same room for the next three days. Ishita says but Simar bhabhi. Chitra is given an invitation to accompany Badimaa. Yes, according to Chitra. Ishita brings Badimaa closer to her and tells her that she is becoming depressed seeing their sorrowful faces and that she wants to get out of the trauma as soon as possible. According to Badimaa, we would make an effort to escape the trauma. Ishita inquires as to whether or not it is possible for us to enjoy the Janmasthami festival despite the fact that her Kanha will not be able to join them. After wiping away her fake tears, Badimaa informs them that they will enjoy the event. Sandhya says that I will speak to Simar about making the necessary arrangements. The answer from Badimaa is no, and we will handle all of the arrangements. Chitra has a soft spot in her heart for Ishita’s dramatic moments. There is a visit by Reyansh. Badimaa inquires as to where you have been since she requested that you be with Ishita. Reyansh claims that I was merely at home. Chitra places a call to Reyansh. Badimaa claims that he, too, has experienced the loss of a child and adds, “I can relate.” She inquires about Reema and Vivaan, pointing out that I haven’t seen either of them in a very long time.When Reema arrived at Rudra’s residence, she questioned Servant about the presence of her master. The servant invites the woman to come inside. Rudra seems Reema and smiles. Reema gestures with her hand toward him. He says Reema.When Aditi opened the door, she saw Reyansh standing in front of Narayan’s house. She wants to know if you are okay. She inquires as to if Ishita is experiencing any problems. Reyansh claims that she experienced a spontaneous abortion and then returned home. He is under the impression that Kavya is not in this place; where did Simar put her? He claims that he came in order to invite people personally for Janmasthami. He is asked to take a seat by Indu. Reyansh says no and goes. Gagan claims that he was acting in an odd manner. Aditi has indicated that he is feeling miserable. Indu claims that he was looking for something.Simar and Aarav confront the doctor about messing with the feelings of everyone involved. The doctor says I didn’t want to do it, but I became avaricious when I saw how much money I could make. He warns me that if this information becomes public, it will be disastrous for me. He guarantees that this is something that he will never do again. Simar said that the doctors are like an army that is fighting to save patients’ lives in the hospital. She accuses him of playing with people’s feelings, which she says is typical of lousy doctors like you, and she says he needs to make amends for this. Reyansh tells his buddies that Kavya is not inside, and he begs them to go look for her now that they know she is not there. He is under the impression that he will not abandon Simar no matter what she does.Simar is visited by Kavya. When Simar requests that Dr. Ghatak examine the patient and produce an accurate report, the truth will eventually be revealed. She has Kavya’s hand in hers. Reema smiles. According to Rudra, you are standing in front of me right now. According to Reema, you invited me to visit Mumbai, therefore I did so. Rudra raises her up and spins her around. Reema requests that he suppress her voice. The conversation continues with Rudra apologising to Reema and asking the servant to bring two coffees. Since you mentioned that this would be a one-day shoot, he says he is relieved to see you here. Rudra says did you inform someone? No, Reema adds, I didn’t tell anyone, and Vivaan is only aware of part of the truth. She entertains the idea of drugging Vivaan and escaping from the bus while it is still moving. She claims that it is a major piece of news. She is instructed to sit down and tell him everything. According to Reema, whatever it is that I did, it is not to be put up for sale. Rudra asserts that after your hoardings are set up, everyone will forget about what took place.

Vivaan is awakened by the conductor, who then commands him to stand up. Vivaan gets up and seeks for Reema. He inquires with the conductor about the whereabouts of his wife. The conductor explains that it’s possible she’ll exit the train before him and then inquires whether he was travelling with his own wife or with the wife of someone else. Vivaan gives Reema a call while he ponders her whereabouts. The application of make-up makes Reema very delighted. Rudra can view Vivaan’s calls on her phone at all times. Vivaan is curious as to her whereabouts. During the session, Reema strikes a pose. Rudra snatches the camera away from the cameraman and takes photos of herself. Reema inquires as to whether there was any cause for concern. The opinion of Rudra is that it was outstanding. He begs her to phone Vivaan and says it’s possible that he’s already up and looking for you. Vivaan becomes anxious as he searches for Reema while strolling around. Rudra encourages her to imagine that they are at an acting audition. Vivaan is contemplating filing a missing person’s report. Reema calls Vivaan. Vivaan inquires about Reema’s whereabouts. He claims that I was frightened and that I was growing angry. He claims that he was terrified and that he planned to make a complaint with the police. Reema accuses him of being responsible and claims that she has been phoning him for a long time. He claims that the phone was turned off. She claims that you have neglected to include me in this unexpected journey at all. She claims that she got off the bus to use the restroom, and when she came back, neither the bus nor he were there for her to find. He expresses regret and promises to visit the location in question. She tells him to cover his ears and apologise before she continues. He grovels and does sit-ups before apologising. Reema has stated that she will travel to Manali the next day after going shopping in Delhi. The word from Rudra is “tomorrow.” According to Reema, filming will be over soon. Vivaan tells me that he will wait for me because he realises that he has made a mistake. He tells you to hurry up and arrive since you are aware that I cannot tolerate being apart from you for any length of time. Be careful, advises Reema.Simar has a conversation with Kavya’s parents and tells them that Reyansh bhaiyya is unable to hunt for Kavya. Kavya’s mother explains that they have faith in her. Simar interrogates her in an effort to learn what it is that they want her and the others to convey to Reyansh. Someone is heard knocking on the door. Simar requests of them that they retell the story with full conviction. After entering the house, Reyansh and his thugs approached Kavya’s parents and inquired about her whereabouts. Kavya’s parents have stated that they have no idea where their daughter is. They say that his brother and sister in law have Kavya now and that they took her from here. Reyansh threatens them and tells them to tell him about Kavya if they find out anything about her. The door is then shut by Kavya’s father, who then informs Simar that Reyansh and his companions have left from there. Simar and Aarav smiles.


Precap: Simar makes puja arrangements with Aarav. Chitra says that Simar is quite adamant about taking care of the arrangements by himself. Ishita claims that Badimaa is not looking at her and that Badimaa has stated that she will not allow Ishita to be successful. Simar beseeches God to assist her in putting an end to the evils.

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