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Sirf Tum 10th September 2022 Written Update on

They have left. Suhani accompanies Aditya by riding atop the saddle of his bicycle as he rides away. Someone else in the automobile has been following them. Suhani recognises the vehicle and shares her observation with Aditya. According to her, there is a car following us. He pushes the pace even further. They are stopped by the thugs who are in the car with them. According to the goon, we will take you to court. The goons get away just as the police arrive at the scene. Raghu and John make their way there. Suhani inquires about their whereabouts and what brings them to this location. According to Raghu, Ranveer has advised them that your life may be in danger as a result of supporting him. John claims that it was his idea to bring you before the judge with police protection. Aditya is curious to know who they are. Suhani is the one who introduces John, Raghu, and Aditya to each other and vice versa. Aditya requests that she take a seat in the police cruiser. Suhani sits. A call comes in (from the thugs), and the officer informs Ranveer that Suhani was rescued by her friend earlier today. He claims that plan A has been unsuccessful, therefore now he is ready to move on to plan B. He explains that Suhani is going to show up with the police, and that this is all part of his plot. He explains that if her fate is favourable, then she will be saved, but if she attempts to reach court, then… He is laughing. Ranveer grabs his collar and says, “If anything happens to my Suhani…” as he speaks to him. You are told by the officer, Mr. Singh, that you cannot do anything to us because you will definitely be hanged. Ranveer grabs the revolver from the hand of a police officer and takes aim at Mr. Singh. He flees while still holding the weapon. Mr. Singh has asked for the assistance of the Police in locating him. When Ranveer sees Suhani approaching, he asks her how she is doing and if she is okay. According to Mr. Singh, we had assumed that Suhani is one of your competitors; nonetheless, you went to save her after hearing my narrative. He claims that you have already left. Ranveer is taken away by the officer who was standing nearby. Ranveer turns and looks at Suhani.The attorney explains that Mr. Singh has informed him that Ranveer is a member of an anti-India gang and that he attempted to kill Ram Singh. Ranveer asserts that he is being dishonest. The judge asks the defence attorney to make sure their client is aware that he is required to obtain authorization before providing their statement. Ranveer’s attorney claims that his client is innocent and that he only wanted to help his patient Ram Singh live. He claims that I will demonstrate this in court. The judge gives him permission to proceed. The attorney for the defence calls the primary eye witness, Suhani. The judge has ruled that permission can be granted. The witness, Suhani, walks on to the stand. Suhani is questioned by the defence attorney about the events of that day and asked to recount them. According to Suhani, Ram Singh presented himself to our hospital in a highly injured state. When she saw him on television, she requested that the nurse take him to occupational therapy right away. She claims that he fled the scene before I could call the police. She claims that she chased after him. She claims that he went to Mamta hospital, and because his condition was worse at the time, Ranveer made the decision to treat him. She explains that it is a doctor’s responsibility to try to save the patient’s life, and she reveals that she has told Doctor about the situation to ensure that the procedure continues as planned and that the law is not violated. The judge inquires of Mr. Singh on Suhani’s communication with him. According to Mr. Singh, Ranveer did not inform us that he was operating, and he did it anyhow. The judge inquires as to if Ranveer had any objections to informing the authorities. Suhani claims that after the operation was finished, Ranveer was going to inform the Police. Mr. Singh claims that Ram Singh is currently in a coma as a result of Dr. Ranveer. Suhani claims that you are lying and that you dragged Ranveer out of the OT when he was asking that surgery be performed on him. She adds that you are the reason Ram Singh is in a coma. She recounts the Judge an experience in which she was forced to administer the incorrect injection to Vikrant Oberoi. She claims that in this day and age, there is no need for paperwork because all that is required is information. She inquires as to the reason that Mr. Singh did not allow Ranveer to operate on Ram Singh.The judge inquires of Mr. Singh as to whether he possesses any proofs that can be used against Ranveer. Mr. Singh asserts that they have proofs, but he wants to provide even more proofs in court. Ranveer’s attorney claims that their client is innocent and that they do not possess any proof against him. Ranveer is proven guilty, according to the attorney for the prosecution, because he stole a gun from an officer and then ran away from the scene of the crime. Ranveer adds that he did not flee but that he discovered that Suhani’s life was in danger and that is why he is going to save her. The attorney for the prosecution asks him if he went to alert his leader or if he went to save Suhani. Ranveer claims I didn’t elope,

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