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The episode begins with Aditya making his way to Nisha’s house. Mamta recognises Suhani and takes her hand in hers. Suhani looks emotional. Suhani, Mamta told me that you had also distanced yourself from me. Suhani is concerned and wants to know what happened to you. Since you’ve been gone from our life, Mamta adds, they have been broken. As a result, I had an accident and I was unable to stand. She claims that you made a commitment to make Ranveer’s wrath go away, but she sees you bowing down in front of Ranveer’s rage. Suhani claims that whatever I did was done for the sake of my self-respect and to improve my future. She claims that she is unable to remain here since everyone would have made her too weak. Mamta has stated that she has faith in her Mata Rani and is proceeding with this trust. She tells her that the house is also her home and that she should go back there. Suhani claims that regardless of what Ranveer did to my family, there is no way I can go back. She states that if Mata Rani can convince you to work together, then she can convince you to unite both, and if there is power in your love, then God will convince you to combine. Ranveer makes his way there and solicits Mamta’s presence there. He asks Suhani what she is doing here, pointing out that this is not her shift time. According to Suhani, you are welcome to question me at any point during the shift; but, you are not permitted to do so after or before the shift. Ranveer invites Mamta to participate in the examinations. Mamta believes that because she has become acquainted with Suhani, she does not require further testing. From then, Ranveer travels with Mamta. Aditya visits Suhani and informs her that Nisha has gone to the general ward. They travel there. Samaira gets thrilled knowing Suhani is returning. Dada ji says Suhani will be back. Samaira has stated that they are going to combine them. Later, Suhani inquires about Aditya from the Ward boy. The ward boy claims that Dr. Ranveer summoned him out to the terrace. Dr. Deepak recalls whatever Ranveer may have done with him and then requests that Suhani not leave. Suhani urges him to relax and not be concerned. Ranveer invites Aditya to come closer to him so that he can take down the information. Aditya claims that he has a severe fear of heights. Ranveer says that we are going to do emergency surgery, and he expects you to jot down the relevant facts. He requests that he not waste his time in any way. Aditya is frightened and decides to go upstairs. Suhani arrives there and puts a halt to Aditya. She has assured me that she will do the task. Ranveer is the one being questioned by her. Ranveer claims that I have already handed over this assignment to Dr. Aditya. Suhani reassures you that she will be OK and then proceeds to climb the stairs. After she fell, he caught her hand and told her that if something had happened to her, he would have had to abandon the critically ill patient in order to take care of her. He goes.Mamta requests that Ranveer bring Suhani back to the house. Ranveer rejects. Mamta says that she won’t need any help if Suhani comes back. Ranveer has told me that your son is currently taking care of you here. It is fine, according to Mamta, if your ego is stronger than your mother. She claims that I will do anything I want to do, that I will not take any medications, and that I will not receive treatment. What is Ranveer trying to say here? we were talking.

Suhani eats the tiffin that Sudha gives her. Aditya gives her a call and tells her that he will go to the hospital to visit her. Sudha wants to know if you intend to go by yourself. Suhani tells her not to worry and muses over the possibility of visiting Mamta in the hospital. Dadi and Sudha want to know why she went to that place. According to Suhani, she visited the hospital and mentioned my return there. Ranveer caused Sudha a great deal of concern, so she claims that I assured her that my daughter would not go there. Suhani goes in cab. Dadi assures Sudha that Suhani is acting in our best interests no matter what she does.The hospital car currently contains Ranveer and Suhani. Ranveer requests that the driver get out of the vehicle. The driver exits the automobile. The driver’s seat is occupied by Ranveer. The driver follows the vehicle from behind. When Ranveer confronts Suhani for brainwashing his mother, he asks her why she did it. According to Suhani, Mamta requested her to come back, but she declined. She has stated that she detests him. Ranveer asks, “What do you think I will do to grovel in front of you to get you to return?” He collides with the parked bike and then quickly applies the brakes. The bike belongs to the thugs who demand that he get off of it. Suhani requests that he does not get down from the horse. Ranveer invites her to take a seat inside. After getting off his bike, he explains, “I stopped my automobile when I saw the bike.” They are instructed to move their bicycles at his request. He is assaulted by the goon. He suffered a broken nose as a result of Ranveer’s blow. He invites him to see him at the hospital in Shahpur, where he works as a physician. In the midst of the goon’s assault on his head, Suhani yells at him, pleading with him to glance back.


A quick recap: the thugs abduct Ranveer and Suhani and hold them captive in a remote location. The assailant gets struck in the head by Ranveer. Ranveer is injured as a pillar collapses on his leg. He seems to be in a great deal of discomfort. Suhani looks shocked.

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