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Ranveer is surrounded by people who have been drinking, and this causes him to pass out. In spite of Suhani’s request that they leave him alone, they decided to drive off with Ranveer. Aditya gives Rakesh a call and tells him that Ranveer is currently operating the hospital cab, and that Suhani has not arrived at the hospital as of yet. Rakesh inquires about the driver’s phone number and requests that he provide it. Suhani’s family begins to feel concerned for her safety due to the possibility that Ranveer will hurt her. Rakesh assuages Sudha’s anxiety by assuring her that Suhani is capable of coping with Ranveer on her own. Ranveer is restrained by the men with a rope at an uninhabited location, and Suhani is also present. They are warned by Ranveer, but despite his warnings, they continue to leave Ranveer and Suhani alone at that location. Suhani unties herself and makes an attempt to help Ranveer, but he tells her to get away from him. He explains why she did not listen to him and got out of the car when he specifically ordered her not to. Because of her actions, they find themselves in a difficult situation right now.Suhani asserts that now he will observe her animosity for him. Why does he have such an inflated sense of self-importance? She attempts to acquire assistance by going out into the world, but she is unsuccessful. Ranveer is yelled for after Suhani loses her balance and falls. In addition to that, he calls out her name. Aditya informs Rakesh that Suhani is not picking up his calls and that even Ranveer’s phone is not reachable at the moment. Aditya claims that he is looking for Suhani right now and that he will locate her. Suhani’s life was completely derailed because to Ranveer, according to Sudha, who labels him a bad omen. Suhani and Ranveer do not have a hostile relationship, as Dadi explains, thus Suhani and Ranveer’s friends should not be impatient with each other. She believes that he abducted her. The same information is communicated to Sudha by Rakesh. In accordance with Sudha’s recommendation, they need to contact the authorities.Suhani stands up and explains that what they’ve seen so far with Ranveer’s egocentric personality is nothing new. She shouldn’t have abandoned him in such a vulnerable state like that. Ranveer makes an effort to get free of his captivity and accuses Suhani of abandoning him, claiming that she is a liar who pretends to care about others but is actually self-centered. He expresses his feelings for her quite clearly and vehemently. Rakesh goes to the police station in order to register a complaint about the missing person, but the inspector tells him that they are unable to file a complaint against a reputable doctor without any proof. Rakesh claims that he is concerned for the well-being of his daughter, but the Inspector states that they are unable to register a complaint until the initial period of twenty-four hours has passed.Aditya arrives at the spot, and he discovers the hospital cab waiting there. It had occurred to him that Suhani could be nearby. When Suhani arrives to assist Ranveer, Ranveer makes fun of her for returning to him, bringing up their previous animosity toward one another. He claims that he is aware that she has always despised him, and he also states that he feels the same way about her. Suhani asks him to keep his loudness low. Every time he gets in difficulty as a result of his rage, he blames everything on her, claiming that she is the cause of all of the problems he has in his life. She claims that the only reason she came was to assist him because she cares about humanity. She sustains an injury while attempting to remove a pillar that is embedded in his leg.The police are the source of information for Vikrant. Rakesh initiated a legal action against Ranveer by filing a complaint. Mamta reports that Ranveer has gone to his duty station, while Samaira reports that he cannot be reached on his phone. Where exactly does he proceed from here? Dadu believes that so long as Ranveer and Suhani are together, they will be responsible for taking care of themselves. Ranveer’s refusal to accept Suhani’s assistance prompts Suhani to become angry and yell at him. According to what she says, there is no one else who can be of assistance to him. She makes an effort to remove the pillar and instructs Ranveer to remove his leg in order to do it. Ranveer argues that he is not disabled and that he is able to care for himself despite what she claims about him. She believes that he must be in a lot of agony. There is no need for her to demonstrate concern in this situation. Aditya searches for his girlfriend Suhani.


Aditya comes in and says to Suhani, “You are gravely harmed,” before turning to Ranveer and asking, “Are you doctor or saton? You are the root of all the problems.” Precap: Aditya says to Ranveer, “you are behind all the problems.” 
Aditya chose Suhani. Ranveer smacked him in the face and yelled at him, saying, “How dare you touch her, she is my wife!”

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