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Sirf Tum 1st September 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Mamta expresses her gratitude to Ranveer for assisting Suhani’s Dadi. Ranveer claims that keeping my vow is equally as essential to me, so when she arrived, I reacted by closing my eyes. He has promised that I would never see her face, and that she will keep her distance from me in order to preserve my mental health. Aditya tells Dadi that they are going to dance to some of Dadi’s favourite songs by Shammi Kapoor. Dadi claims that I am able to outdance everyone else. Suhani implores Aditya to accompany her to the medical facility. Aditya claims that this female flirts with Dadi by calling her “Darling” and placing more orders. Dadi calls him darling. Suhani asks Dadi to keep herself hydrated. Dadi says Sudha would take care of her.After removing the items from his closet, Ranveer looks through the drawers and finds her sketch. He recalled that Suhani had instructed him to put on the blouse that she had given to him as a present. He won’t even consider putting it on. Suhani has stated that the decision is up to me. Ranveer insists that he must pay attention to what his wife has to say. Suhani instructs him to get ready for the day. Ranveer says that he is fortunate since he has a gorgeous and intelligent wife, and he often wonders which of them he loves more. Fb ends.He leaves the house in order to examine the white clothing. He burns it, along with the sketch she had drawn, before throwing it away. Aditya frequently inquires about the patients’ well-being when he is working in the hospital. Suhani examines the patient and succeeds in bringing a smile to his face. Aditya stares at her for a moment. Ranveer walks around the hospital checking on the various patients.Suhani’s boyfriend Aditya shows up to her house. He notices the pakoras, places one on his plate, and then settles down to eat it. Suhani shows up and invites him to accompany her. Aditya keeps back the pakodas. Rakesh requests that he wrap it in tissue paper before he takes it. After grabbing the pakodas, Aditya walks away. Mamta brings tiffin for Ranveer.Suhani informs Aditya that one year has passed after it has passed for her. Aditya says that they have finished their internship and that when they enrolled, they didn’t anticipate that they wouldn’t have to see the doctor’s face. Aditya says that after they finished their internship, they were surprised. Dr. Deepak informs them that their internship is now complete and they can go on. He tells me that I have some wonderful news for you. According to him, Dr. Bhargava owns and operates a hospital in Dehradun, but he is moving to the United States today. He has expressed his desire for young physicians of exceptional ability to lead his medical facility. He claims that I have mentioned your name to others. Suhani claims that we will be able to communicate with him if you provide me his phone number. Dr. Deepak expects me to keep him informedAditya reveals to Suhani that they are going to manage a hospital going forward. Suhani assures me that we would do everything in our power. Dr. Bhargava assures Suhani and Aditya that he is confident in their ability to successfully manage his facility. Suhani implores him to rethink his decision to sell the hospital. Aditya approaches him with a request to rent out the hospital to them. Dr. Bhargava approaches them with a partnership proposal and begs them to consider accepting it. Aditya and Suhani get delighted.As Ranveer and Suhani become more connected with Apna hospital, he notices Aditya and Suhani’s picture in the newspaper. He claims that you are in competition with my hospital, and that I will demonstrate to you who provides the superior care. Dadi overhears Aditya telling him that they intend to make the hospital the top hospital in the city. Dadi lauds Suhani as the most talented physician there is and blesses the family. Rakesh reveals to Suhani that he has always been proud of her, but that regardless of what she has accomplished, he is even more proud of her. According to him, taking this first step is the first step to becoming an excellent doctor like him. Sudha warns that he could be misunderstood because this location is close to Mamta hospital. Suhani claims that it is his responsibility, not ours. Rakesh argues that Suhani is correct. Ishaan is questioned by Aditya about whether or not they will throw a party. Ishaan says yes.When Ranveer finds the ward kid resting, he wakes him up by kicking him. The ward lad offered his apologies. He receives a rebuke from Ranveer, who then requests that he leave. The ward kid expresses his regrets. Ranveer requests that he go immediately. Suhani reassures Nurse that the two of them will grow as a result of their experiences and will not repeat the same mistakes. Aditya overhears her and tells her that she possesses qualities of a leader. Aditya has indicated that he would go. A patient walks in while yelling for the doctor. Suhani requests that the nurse and the wardboy maintain him on the stretcher. She observes the wound and comments that it is severe. She claims that you have been shot in the hand and instructs you to take him to the emergency room while she notifies the police. The patient has specifically requested that she not inform the police. According to Suhani, this is the protocol. At that very moment, she becomes aware of the terrorist who was killed by the police. The Nurse gives the police the information. Suhani is informed by another nurse that the patient escaped after hearing about the police. Suhani requests that she have her therapy as soon as possible.

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