Sirf Tum [21th August 2022] Written Update

Sirf Tum 21th August 2022 Written Update on

The first thing that happens in this episode is Ranveer reprimanding the driver, reminding him that he had made it very plain that the driver should not interrupt his sleep because he only gets one hour of sleep each day and then has to attend to patients during the night. He goes on to say that the driver is going to have to face the consequences of his mistake. No, please forgive me, sir, the driver yells back. Ranveer directs an irate glance in his direction. In the middle of their conversation, Suhani interrupts and says that he said that he did it by mistake, so please don’t overreact. Ranveer gets out of the vehicle, proceeds to the back seat, grabs the driver by the arm, and helps him step out of the vehicle. Suhani gets out of the car in an effort to help the driver. She inquires, “What is this insanity?” and pleads with him to stop doing it. Ranveer yells in response that she needs to stop doing that. Suhani looks on anxiously. Ranveer advises her to step away from the situation for now. When he sees the driver, he turns to him and lifts his hand as if to hit him, but he immediately stops when Suhani steps in the way. This turns out to be a dream, and when she finally wakes up, she starts screaming. The driver cautions her not to yell at Ranveer since he is sleeping and if he wakes up, his game will be over. Ranveer is sleeping. When Suhani looks at him, she notices that there is a honeybee perched on his neck. She yells at the vehicle to pull over before she blows on the windshield. The honey bee moves about and then comes back. She manages to get rid of it by using a cloth, but the cloth gets caught up under his neck, and when she tries to remove it, he awakens up. He inquires as to what it is that she is doing and recalls what Honey had said. He is informed by Suhani that there was an insect on his neck. After getting out of the automobile, Ranveer inquires about the nature of the games that she is currently participating in. He orders her to get down, after which he sits in the car and asks the driver to drive. The driver inquires further about Madam ji. Ranveer yells at him to be quiet. The driver proceeds forward. Suhani says that anytime she thinks that Ranveer will not stoop low, he always stoop low. She finds the location to be very secluded. She is under the impression that she would walk to the hospital. Right at that moment, a car pulls up and stops.

He asks how you will be able to forgive yourself in the event that something bad occurs to her. Ranveer has stated that they do not care. His subconscious broaches the question, “What about your rules, that not to insult woman or injure them?” He then wipes blood over his fingers and warns that the blood stains will be on your hand if anything untoward occurs to Suhani. Ranveer yells for the ward boy, Mukesh, and orders him to call the driver back. Suhani notices that someone is descending the stairs, and she tries to get something from her hand bag, but she ends up dropping the bag instead. The identity of the man is revealed to be Aditya. He says Suhani, I am Adi. Ranveer gives the attendant a reprimand. He instructs the ward boy to inquire with the driver about picking up Suhani.Suhani is surprised when Aditya asks her why she is walking on the road. Suhani doesn’t say anything. Ranveer walks out of the hospital and approaches the security guard, asking for the keys to his bike. He hands over the keys.  They are laughing. Ranveer becomes irritated and exits. Suhani asks Aditya to depart. Aditya asks Nisha to depart and tells her that he is unable to move because Ranveer abandoned them both on the road. Suhani swears nothing has happened. Aditya says let me remain. Nisha tells them to be careful, and then she gets in the car. Suhani informs Adi that she doesn’t want to give Ranveer any opportunity to reprimand her, and then she goes inside the house. Ranveer reveals to Ward boy that she is interested in hearing Vinayak Singh’s reports. Suhani presents his reports and asserts that he requires the surgery. Ranveer claims that he is the senior doctor at this facility, and that he will decide when operation will take place. He tells you that your job is to follow the directions, and he tells you that the most important thing is that if you really cannot make it on time, you can finish your internship at another hospital. Suhani insists that she will not be tardy. When Aditya arrives, he informs the staff that a patient who is 10 kilometres distant and in a critical condition is unable to make it to the hospital. He claims that he was attending to this patient under the supervision of Dr. Shekhar. Ranveer urges him to go and check on the patient immediately. Aditya explains that he is in need of some knowledge. Ranveer has stated that he will inquire about Dr. Shekhar’s attendance at the event. It has been suggested by Suhani that I accompany you. Ranveer inquires as to whether the patient’s condition is indeed life-threatening before promising to visit them soon. They appear in the wild. Ranveer yells in an attempt to reach the driver. Aditya claims that he was hungry, so I sent him out to get some food. He announces that he will be driving and instructs Suhani to take the driver’s seat, requesting that the senior physician take a seat in the back seat so that he can rest. Suhani says ok. Ranveer moves to the front passenger seat and comments, “if you sleep while driving, then…” Aditya exits the vehicle.

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