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Sirf Tum 25th august 2022 written update on

The first scene of the episode consists of Ranveer returning home with band baja. He approaches Mamta and requests that she provide some sweets for him. Mamta offers sweets and inquires as to whether or not Suhani is in agreement. Vikrant and the other people receive sweets from him. Ranveer smiles. Dada ji promises that once they work together, he would organise the distribution of the sweets around the city. Ranveer claims that these candies do not originate from our marriage. Vikrant then inquires as to what the uplifting information is. Ranveer claims that if Suhani is unable to become like him, then she will not become like anybody else either. According to him, Suhani has turned down Aditya and declared that she will never be married in her entire life. He claims that my name will always be connected to hers, regardless of where in the world she may travel. Vikrant, Dada ji and Mamta are sad. Ranveer tells the Servant that he is in a good mood today and requests the Servant to share the sweets with everyone.Aditya approaches Suhani and inquires as to whether or not he is permitted to enter. Suhani expresses her regret to him for having harmed him and for having spoken harshly to him. He expresses his regret to her for having caused her to find herself in an unusual circumstance and for injuring her hand. He claims that he had a great deal of love for her despite the fact that Ranveer was acting irrationally. He claims that I was attempting to come between the two of you. He claims that Ranveer is a prominent physician and that despite the fact that his screws are loose, he comes from a family that is very recognized. He tells you that the fact that you won’t become involved with anyone else makes him the happiest person in the world and that he loves you very much. Suhani responds by saying, “I am not thinking about it,” and continues by claiming that this is not his love, but rather his ego, and that he derives double the pleasure from seeing others in distress. I don’t know him any better, and I don’t want to know him any better, but I can tell you what I felt: I felt anguish in his lunacy, not ego. Aditya says that. He claims that it is hard to grasp his passion, but I did understand it, which is why I am apologising to you for my behavior. Suhani begs him to refrain from making her feel bad in their exchange. Aditya claims that he proposed to you like a crazed lover, without giving any consideration to what is in your heart or what you desire. He claims that it was my fault, and that you are unable to visit Ranveer as a result of my actions. Suhani has stated that she does not wish to bring up Ranveer with anyone. He addresses me directly and says that since you didn’t want to break Ranveer’s heart, you chose to be alone for the rest of your life and chose to reject me as well. He claims that I told you how I felt, and that although you know how I feel, he wants your name to be associated with Ranveer at all times. He also adds that I told you what I felt. When he came out, he saw Sudha and Dadi waiting for him outside. Dadi takes his hand and inquires about Suhani’s statement while holding it. According to Aditya, I went to apologise to her because she was upset because of me. She begs him not to get angry with her and tells him that nobody can make her as happy as she is when you do. Aditya has assured me that we will continue to be the greatest of friends. Dadi tells you that you play an important role in our family before showing you a picture of everyone. Suhani will pick you, according to what she has said, on the day that will come. He claims that if Suhani wishes to spend the rest of her life with me, I will be the luckiest spouse in the history of the planet. He assures them that he will not push her and requests that they do not force her but rather support her.Mamta visits Ranveer in his room and provides instructions on how to ease his discomfort. The words that Aditya spoke come to Suhani’s mind. She is reminded of the threat that Ranveer made.The following day, Suhani returns to the room, pulls out her trolley, and notices that it contains some clothing. A flashback is depicted in which servants bring gifts for Suhani and tell her that they are for her. Ranveer arrives at the location and informs her that her devoted spouse has sent presents for her. Suhani smiles. When she opens the present, she discovers a photo frame for their wedding day. She wonders why these presents are necessary in the first place. He wishes you a happy birthday and then displays the outfit and jewellery he bought for you. He believes that you will have the appearance of a princess. Suhani believes that these presents are nice, but that my gift is you, because you help me become a better person. She wants him to guarantee that the amount of love he has for her will never decrease in any way. He pledges to adore her for all of time and eternity. He promises that he will always be by your side, and if he is not, you will feel my absence keenly. She wants to know why I will be sad without you. Ranveer claims that I am irate whenever I am unable to keep an eye on you. She promises that she will be loyal to you at all times. Fb ends. She examines the various pieces of jewelry.Mamta is given medication by Ranveer, who then instructs her to take additional medication after consuming food. You are an expert, but not in acting, according to Mamta. She inquires as to whether he is unhappy. He inquires as to what you desire in order for me to become enraged. He argues that I should feel relieved that my Suhani would not end up with another person. Mamta tells me that she is confident that she will come back. Samaira arrives there and explains that her grandmother brought the bag with her. Mamta says that I ought to make a spectacular introduction to her. Ranveer looks on. Suhani brings her luggage with her as she enters the Oberoi Mansion. Mamta halts her progress and requests that Samaira bring the puja thaali. She claims that all of my prayers have been answered today, therefore I am going to greet my bahu. Suhani claims that I did not return and that the sole purpose of my visit was to catch up with Ranveer. Ranveer says good. He reminds her that she stated the previous day that she doesn’t want any kind of relationship, and he inquires as to whether or not she has finally come to the conclusion that she can’t live by herself. Suhani approaches him and says, “I came to return these things to you,” as she hands him the items. When she opened the bag, she said that what was inside were some old memories that were tied to you and that she had come to return them.

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