Sirf Tum [28th August 2022] Written Update

Sirf Tum 28th August 2022 Written Update on

Ranveer says, “Even I don’t want to keep any contact with you, and I don’t want to keep any memory with me, related to you.” He suggests that you should have thrown away or burned the items in question. To dissuade her from continuing, he asks if she has brought this item with her. Suhani tells him to “do anything you want” and then hands the mangalsutra back to him. She claims that I did not find any significance in what she said. Mamta inquires as to what it is that you are performing. Ranveer wants to know what your thoughts are on the next stage. He promises that he will never divorce you. Suhani asks me whether I will make fun of myself in society, and then she says that she has been keeping Teej from eating for that Ranveer, whom he adores very much, and not for this Ranveer, whom I despise very much. She offers Mamta a salutation and then prepares to go. Ranveer claims that you are free to travel wherever you like, but you will never be able to escape me because my name will serve to always remind you of our relationship. Suhani reorients herself and begins to approach him. She told me yesterday that she was delighted that I turned down Aditya’s alliance offer and that she believes he is my honest and loyal buddy. Whether or not I marry him depends on me alone. She claims that your happiness turned out to be a curse for you. Ranveer becomes enraged and walks behind her. Suhani walks out and gives Aditya, who has been waiting outside, her attention. Ranveer is glancing in their direction. Suhani rides along with Aditya, seated atop the bicycle. Mamta, Vikrant, Dada ji and Samaira come out. Ranveer takes the items to his room, where he packs them in the suitcase that Suhani had brought with her. According to Mamta, it is unclear what he will do at this point.After opening the bag, he removes Suhani’s belongings and stores them in the closet he shares with her. He then flips through the album of their wedding and thinks back to what Suhani had said. Mamta and Samaira travel there frequently. A photograph that Ranveer has chosen from the album is affixed to the door of his closet. After that, he smudges her picture with the marker. Mamta wants to know why you are being so cruel to yourself. Ranveer claims that she lied to us, so it follows that she is a liar.Sudha confronts Suhani with the question of why she did not travel with her father. Suhani claims that she overcame her phobia on her own so that she can triumph and move on in life. Dadi thinks that you did the right thing by returning his belongings and also the mangalsutra. She proposes that they obtain a divorce. Suhani wants me to marry someone else, so she says this. She wants to know if this existence is mine or if it is for society. She asks whether it’s okay if I make a deal with my life. To this Sudha responds, “Do you mean to say that your Dadi and I have reached a compromise?” Suhani expresses her disapproval of the practise of forced marriage and asks her family and friends to refrain from doing so with her. She claims that at the moment she is content with her alone. According to Rakesh, we won’t coerce her towards getting married. He says that if society asks her, then we will address them, that our daughter is happy without getting a divorce, and that the decision about whether or not to get a second marriage will be hers. He explains that we are concerned about your future, but that it is okay because our satisfaction derives in seeing you succeed. He claims that I should not have given in to the pressure from society and had you married to Ansh. He states that at that time, according to society, you were married to Ranveer. He tells her that he will answer society’s questions and then tells her to live her life and be happy. Suhani hugs him.He then set her sketch on fire and touches the burnt sketch. He looks angry.

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