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At the beginning of the episode, Suhani performs an examination on a patient. After reviewing her x-ray, she inquires about the circumstances behind the injury. The young lady claims that she was injured after falling. This is also what her mother asserts. Suhani claims that it does not appear to be the injury that was sustained as a result of falling down. She will only be able to assist the young lady if the girl will just be honest with her. Aditya examines each of the reports. Suhani asks the girl’s mother to respond to her question. Ranveer arrives at the scene and tells the woman that she is not required to conduct any further investigation because the police are already present. He then requests that she tend to the injured person. According to Suhani, it is the job of the doctor to determine how the damage occurred and then the doctor will report it. She challenges the young woman to be honest. The girl claims that my spouse has assaulted me. Suhani believes this to be a case of domestic violence, and she encourages you to file a case. The girl’s father requests the woman’s mother not to teach her daughter to leave the house, and he asks who will marry her if her husband leaves them in the event that he does. Suhani believes that if the guy loves her, he will be able to persuade her and will bring her home to him in a kind manner. After hearing everything, Ranveer invites Suhani to come to his cabin as soon as possible. Aditya inquires about Suhani’s well-being by inquiring whether she is doing well. The answer is yes, Suhani confirms. Aditya explains to Suhani that if Ranveer does something inappropriate, then they would file a complaint with Dean. Suhani claims that she has confidence in my ability to deal with Ranveer. When Ranveer hears this, he asks Aditya to accompany him. Aditya is unyielding in his stance. Ranveer takes his collar and gently reminds him that he is the junior member of the group. Suhani warns him that he will spend the rest of his life feeling ashamed if this youngster strikes him, and she requests him to leave him alone. Ranveer walks away from him and continues on. Suhani tells Aditya that she will take care of him and asks him to leave. She says that she will be able to cope. Aditya says alright, go.Rakesh hears Dada ji tell him that they have always wanted Suhani and Ranveer to be happy, that there is so much animosity between them, and that if we don’t make them understand, then who would make them understand? Dada ji asks. Rakesh hears from Mamta that they have to be there for each other in order for them to be able to come together as one. According to what she has said, we are obligated to do this for their satisfaction. The issue, according to Rakesh, is not whether the relationship should be severed or restored; rather, it is about Suhani’s satisfaction with the way he insulted her and kicked her out of the house. He says that as long as Ranveer comes here and apologises to her, we won’t stand in the way of her going with Ranveer. He requests that they explain to Ranveer that he should apologise to Suhani. He tells us that it doesn’t look right seeing your faces, and that he will apologise to Suhani. He asks me why I should make my daughter bear Ranveer’s misbehaving in the same way that you have made me bear Vikrant ji’s misbehaviour. Mamta claims that because Ranveer loves her so much, he will make amends with her. She has promised that she will make Ranveer apologise to her in person.Suhani receives a reprimand from Ranveer, who then instructs her to carry out the social job. She wants to know if you handled things appropriately with Aditya. He suggests that you might be trying to motivate him by appearing to be professional. Suhani claims that you caused me to break my Teej fast, that you wouldn’t let me sit, and that you forced me to lift the heavy cylinder. She claims that you have tortured us and that your actions are motivated by personal animosity. She recommends that you get some education on how to instruct the physicians. She claims that our animosity stems from a difference of opinion over what is right and wrong, and she threatens that she will speak up if you treat Aditya in an inappropriate manner. If someone had stated this, Ranveer responded by saying that the person knows very well that I do not put my hand on a girl. He tells her to get out of there. Suhani goes.Samaira is curious and asks Mamta how she plans to proceed. Mamta is quoted as saying, “I trust my Mata Rani,” and if they are meant to be together, then they will definitely come together in the end. Ranveer arrives at the location and inquires about Mamta’s health, specifically inquiring about whether or not she is experiencing any tension or pain. Mamta says no. After checking her blood pressure, he reports that it is normal. It sounds like you’re making an effort to look for yourself, he says. Mamta reports that she was able to get a restful sleep last night, so it seems as though everything will be all right. Ranveer inquires as to what took place, as you reported feeling this. Mamta claims that the three of us visited Suhani’s home yesterday, and Rakesh ji remarked that she tells everything. Ranveer is angry and states that Suhani returned the belongings and made it quite obvious that she does not want to come back or maintain this relationship. He says things to the effect of “I don’t want to see her face, leave about convincing her.” While Mamta is getting up, she asks, “Why don’t you understand?” and appears to be about to fall. Ranveer comforts her by holding her and asking whether she is okay. According to Mamta, all we want is for Suhani and you to be together, and she wants to see your children. He believes this to be true due to the fact that you adore Suhani. He asserts that I do not love her. Mamta begs her to toss her mangalsutra and acknowledges that he does not love her in this exchange. She extends an invitation for him to accompany her.Ranveer recalls Suhani’s remarks to the effect that if a man loves, he will be able to convince you with love. He remembers that Suhani told him that if he gave respect, then he would gain respect in return, as well as other comments from Mamta. After that, he returns home and informs Mamta that he is prepared to go to Suhani’s house. According to Mamta, I should give Rakesh ji a call and inform him.Suhani hears through Rakesh that Ranveer is going to be in the area with Mamta ji. Suhani claims that she does not consider going back to him, who does not feel bad and is unwilling to apologise. Rakesh claims that I made it abundantly plain to her that it is entirely up to you whether or not you wish to go. Suhani asks, “How many times are you going to injure Mamta aunty?” It has been brought to Dadi’s attention that Ranveer has a problem. Suhani fills Dadi in on the patient and what the patient shared with her. She tells me that I can’t go back to him. Rakesh adds that it is your life, and you shall decide; we will support you in whatever you choose to do with it. If he loses his composure and acts inappropriately against Suhani, Sudha tells him to. Aditya claims that he is on Suhani’s side, and that the two of us would file a complaint against him. He promises that Suhani will not be in any danger while he is around.

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