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At the beginning of the episode, the terrorist may be seen fleeing the hospital. Suhani and the ward boy come out to search him. he is being searched. The terrorist flees after hearing the sound of the police jeep. He is secretive. Suhani finds her way to the Mamta hospital by following the bloodstain. He contacts the doctor. Ranveer asks the ward boy to prepare the occupational therapist and bring the stretcher. Ranveer receives word from a ward boy at Apna Hospital that the patient in question is a terrorist. Dr. Suhani filed a complaint with the police, which led to Ranveer’s arrival. Another physician has informed us that he cannot be treated here. The ward kid is informed by Ranveer that he will be treated by Ranveer as a patient under his care. Suhani keeps following the blood traces and eventually arrives at the hospital in Mamta. She is of the opinion that Ranveer will not intentionally break the law. A ward boy makes his way there and informs her that the doctors have decided to operate on him. Ranveer glances at Suhani’s sketch and says, “I’ll take care of the patient you refused to cure.” Ranveer, if you continue doing what you’re doing, Suhani is concerned that you could put your medical licence at risk. She contemplates what action to do given that he will not pay attention to anyone’s advice. Ranveer torches Suhani’s drawing before throwing it on the ground and walking away. Suhani believes that she is unable to risk Ranveer’s job by allowing him to become furious or shout at her. She is reminded of his oath, and she wraps a dupatta across her head and face. The gloves are for Ranveer to wear. She then enters the building and speaks with the nurse, requesting that she tell Dr. Ranveer that Dr. Suhani has arrived to visit him. He is reportedly in operating theatre, according to the other doctor. According to Suhani, this patient may be a terrorist.I am supposed to have a conversation with the doctor, he says. He then makes his way to OT and has a conversation with Ranveer, telling him that if they treat the patient, the respect of their hospital will be at risk. Ranveer claims that it is her hospital and then becomes angry with him. He claims that the patient will perish if he does not do the operation. He promises that he will provide the police an update after the procedure. The physician comes out and tells Suhani to go and tells her not to worry. Suhani considers informing the police on Ranveer’s behalf so that he can preserve his career. Ranveer removes the bullet that was found in the patient’s hand. The patient cries out in anguish. Ranveer sutures his hand back together. The patient takes in several deep breaths. Ranveer warns him that his pulse is getting lower and tries to resuscitate him. There is also a police officer and some security guards who come there. He instructs some of the guards and constables to remain outside, while instructing others to come inside. After entering, he begins questioning Suhani about the terrorist. According to Suhani, he is in overtime.Ranveer approaches the other doctor in order to inquire about setting up the blood transfusion. The Inspector begins to knock on the door while the Officer instructs the guards to take their positions. Ranveer reveals himself and inquires, “What do you want?” He notices the officers there. He is instructed by the police to move out of the way. Ranveer says to the officer that he is being critical. The officer claims that you are attempting to protect a person who is a witness in the DRDO’s major spy case. He asks him to step out of the way so that they can carry out their responsibilities without interruption. Ranveer responds, “I agree; nevertheless, what will you do by kidnapping him, as he will perish?” Ranveer goes inside and then closes the door behind him. The officer orders Inspector to smash the door in. Suhani gives Dada ji a phone call and notifies him. Suhani approaches Ranveer and requests that he open the door. She is given permission to go by the Inspector. Ranveer informs the medical staff, both the doctor and the nurses, that they have the primary responsibility of examining the patient. They broke the door down in order to get inside. Ranveer is escorted out of the building by the constable. Ranveer screams that the patient will not survive. The officer requests that the constable monitor the patient in their care.Aditya visits the hospital and looks for Suhani while he’s there. Aditya receives the news from the ward boy. From that location, Aditya will run. Suhani requests the police to hand him over to the medical staff so that he can be treated. The officer tells her that they need the location of his partners from him in order to rescue the country and he requests her to let them handle the work.

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