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Sirf Tum 30th August 2022 Written Update on

The first thing we see in the episode is Ranveer entering the hall. Mamta urged us to get moving because all of us are now prepared. Ranveer has stated that she only wishes to go by herself. I don’t want to miss this opportunity to see her again after all these years, as Mamta has told me that you are bringing her back. She rises from her wheelchair and walks away. Vikrant and Ranveer hold her. Mamta claims that hearing this news has revitalised her legs. She has expressed that she wishes to proceed on foot. Vikrant claims that you got up because you were so anxious to welcome Bahu home. According to Dada ji, all of us will accompany you. Aditya learns from Suhani that she believes Ranveer will never visit her to win her over. Aditya claims that his feelings for you have not changed and that it was your choice to distance yourself from him. Suhani accuses you of taking his side, and she claims that he is obsessed with his ego. Aditya affirms, “I will always be on your side,” and admits that he has tolerated his rage. He claims that his hostility against me is because of the affection he has for you. He claims that the only thing that will cure his mental illness and satisfy his ego is you, and that he loves you very much. According to Suhani, one of the most fundamental aspects of a partnership is mutual respect. She claims that Ranveer does not respect her, and as a result, she does not trust him. Ishaan arrives there and reports that jiju has arrived. Suhani scolds him and states that there is no connection between our group and him. Aditya remarks that you are fortunate to have the support of your family and invites herself over Mamta is greeted by Suhani once she is outside. Suhani is informed by Mamta that the latter has kept her end of the bargain by bringing Ranveer here. Before Ranveer can say anything, Suhani interrupts him and says, “I want to say something that he will come and apologise to me, at least explain the misunderstandings.” Ranveer nods and agrees. When he is standing in front of me now, she adds, “I want to say something; I just feel hatred for you.” Ranveer, after I made it quite obvious that I want to spend the rest of my life alone myself, you still came to visit. She inquires as to what he is attempting to demonstrate. Ranveer presses her to reveal everything and conclude the conversation. It is his assertion that you will remain silent while I am speaking. He claims that you are always operating under a misapprehension. He argues that just because I came to talk to you doesn’t mean that I came to try to change your mind or remove you from this location. She inquires as to what sort of drama you have arrived with. After saying, “I will say,” Ranveer asks Samaira for the suitcase and then says, “I will say.” He claims that once you have returned all of my belongings, only then will you have collected your own. He claims that when Honey revealed the truth, a glimmer of hope appeared in his heart; after meeting Maa, that optimism grew even brighter; nonetheless, it is pointless because you are not Suhani but rather another person. He claims that Suhani is incapable of lying, but you are able to convincingly present your lie. According to him, you spend the whole day and night with Aditya. He claims that in all actuality, you are going to spend the rest of your life with Aditya, and that this does not bother me because you have the freedom to pick with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. He adds that there are no restrictions on who you can spend the rest of your life with. Mamta cautions him to refrain from doing such. Ranveer claims that even I have the responsibility to maintain my word, and I don’t want to give Maa any reason to believe that her hopes are unfounded. He claims that the day that you tell her you want to spend the rest of your life with Aditya is the day that she will pass away. Suhani becomes shocked. Ranveer has sworn that the two of them will have no more relationship after today. He adds that we will not meet again and that he has resigned from his position at the hospital. Mamta says Ranveer. Ranveer claims that it is impossible for our ways to be the same anymore. He rips the photographs of them and walks away from the scene.Sudha expresses her gratitude to Mata Rani and explains that now that Suhani and Ranveer do not have to collaborate, they do not have to confront one another. Dadi says I would distribute 5 kgs prasad. She believes that Suhani will be able to start over today. Ishaan asserts that they will hold a celebration. Aditya responds with a yes and then inquires of Suhani what it is that she is considering. Rakesh inquires as to your state of mind, considering that you had accomplished what you set out to do without resorting to violence. Suhani states, “I don’t want to see Ranveer’s face again,” yet due to his resignation, a great number of underprivileged patients would be neglected. She claims that they will not receive the amenities at this time. Rakesh tells her that a better doctor could arrive, and he asks her not to think about it. Why are you putting the blame on yourself, asks Sudha. Suhani explains that she wants to avoid him, but that the patients will suffer as a result. She adds that she sincerely hopes that he would not give up his profession. She is asked by Sudha to refrain from thinking.Ranveer begs Mamta for her faith and explains that whatever he has done is the result of a great deal of reflection. According to Mamta, having a healthy balance of personal and professional responsibilities is important. According to Ranveer, I will not be abandoning practise. According to Vikrant, I will initiate communication with the leadership of the most reputable hospital in the city. Ranveer has stated that he will not work in any hospital and instead pursue his ambitions from his youth. He gives Rajesh a call. Rajesh is bringing a model with him. Ranveer believes that the Mamta hospital was the realisation of a boyhood ambition of his, and that he has built the facility in her honour as a place where the needy can receive free medical care. He assures her that he would put in a lot of effort, that they will become the best hospital in the city, and that he will make her proud. According to Mamta, our happiness depends on how happy you are.Both Suhani and Aditya show up at the medical facility. The ward boy inquires as to whether or not she is aware that Dr. Ranveer has left the hospital. Suhani is confused as to why you are showing signs of sadness given that you ought to be happy. Ward kid claims that everybody can see that he is angry, but only his patients and the ward staff know what he has done for them and for us. Suhani and Aditya are visited by Dr. Deepak, who inquires about the patient list maintained by Dr. Ranveer. They travel to the patients’ locations. The patient is interested in learning more about Dr. Ranveer. Dr. Deepak claims that he has now taken over the treatment of the patient. When the other patients found out Ranveer wasn’t there, they left. Suhani is speechless.

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