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Sirf Tum 31th August 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Suhani is feeling down. In an effort to inspire and encourage her, Aditya relates a story about a bird. He tells me that it was a satisfying experience for me to watch the bird achieve her goals and soar to great heights. He informs Suhani that she is his bird and that the patients will wait in line for her because of her reputation. Ranveer approaches Dadu with the request of having him inaugurate his new hospital. The request comes from Dadu, who wants him to convince Mamta to open the hospital. Mamta inaugurates Mamta hospital. According to Ranveer, your son will attend to your medical needs at your hospital, and he promises that you will soon eat. A mother and father take their daughter to the emergency room because she is heavily bleeding. Ranveer sends her to OT. Mamta has an image in her head of Suhani with Ranveer, and she says that her dream has not been realised just yet. Suhani, Vikrant says that all of us are missing you and that I couldn’t be more proud of you. Dadu states that we are still holding out hope that they would get back together. Samaira says you are right.Suhani arrives home. She is asked by Sudha to investigate what has transpired with her. Rakesh reports that she has been complaining of body ache and is vomiting since the morning. Suhani insists that we send her to the hospital immediately because she has dengue, which exhibits these symptoms. According to Aditya, we are going to take her to our hospital. Suhani responds that it is a long distance, then contacts Deepak and asks him to inform the hospital that is nearby. Dr. Deepak provides information regarding Ranveer’s hospital, which is being opened for business today. Suhani gives him a friendly grin before asking him to inform another hospital. He provides the name of another hospital to her. Suhani says ok.There is an ambulance service there. Ranveer examines a patient and then requests that the Nurse administer the patient some pain medication and antibiotics. There is a visit from the ward boy who asks him to check. Samaira travels to the location. Ranveer inquires as to whether or not she attends college. Samaira tells you that Badimaa sent the tiffin, and she wants to know how you are coping with the hospital and the paperwork. She is urged by Ranveer to finish her education and take care of the administration department.The physician informs Suhani that her Dadi’s platelet count is low as a result of dengue and urges her to make arrangements for her Dadi to receive AB negative blood. Suhani inquires whether he will begin the treatment. Aditya has indicated that he will conduct a search for the donor within the blood bank. Ishaan reveals to Suhani that Ranveer’s jiju carries an AB negative blood type. Rakesh has indicated that he may not show up to assist us. Rakesh is told by Suhani not to worry about Dadi, and Suhani tells Rakesh to put their faith in her. The tiffin is cleared away by Ranveer. Samaira reveals it to Mamta and demonstrates it to her via video call. Ranveer inquires of Mamta regarding the timing of her planned self-care activities. Mamta assures everyone that she will look out for herself, and she is aware that Su… He told me that I needed to leave since I had a meeting with the equipment manager. Suhani turns her head to have a peek at Dadi through the window. Ranveer looks over the notification that states there is an acute need for blood, and he assumes that my blood type is AB negative. He claims that I will make a donation. Samaira says your encounter. Ranveer affirms that he will make a donation and then makes an offer to ditch her.Suhani and Aditya are informed by the Doctor that Donor is now en route to arrive here. Aditya travels to tell everyone the news. Suhani thanks Mata Rani for protecting her Dadi. When Ranveer arrives at the temple, he informs the receptionist that he is Dr. Ranveer Oberoi and that he is there to donate blood. Suhani is informed by the doctor that they will proceed with the blood transfusion. The nurse reports to the doctor that she has completed all of the necessary tests and that the donor is in good health. According to the doctor, she will be transferred to the other ward. Rakesh lets Sudha know that he will be spending time with Maa. Suhani says she will go. Rakesh says ok. Suhani inquires of Nurse regarding the identity of the benefactor, stating that she wishes to extend her gratitude to the donor in person. The nurse explains that he is inside and that you can meet him, and she shows you his form. Suhani walks inside after reading Ranveer’s name on the door.During the time that the blood transfusion is taking place, Ranveer and Dadi are lying in bed next to each other. Dadi glances over at Suhani and motions for her to approach her. She claims that the strain you are feeling is my fault. Suhani tells her that we will be leaving for home in a little while and asks her to pledge that she will not take any tension. She turns her attention to Ranveer. Dadi also stares at him. Ranveer is currently sleeping with his eyes closed while he is resting on the bed. Dadi invites Suhani to take a seat for a while. Ranveer has a cough here. Suhani grabs the glass off the table. Nurse makes him drink water. He re-assumes his position on the bed. Rakesh and Sudha are informed by Suhani that Dadi’s therapy has been completed. Rakesh says, “I would like to express my gratitude to the giver.” According to Suhani, Ranveer is the one who donated. Ranveer leaves the building with the doctor and continues on his way. It was Rakesh who called him. Ranveer pauses. Rakesh is grateful to him for giving Dadi some of his blood. Sudha has stated that if you hadn’t come, then our hopes would have been completely dashed. Ranveer receives a phone call from Suhani, who tells him that he has saved Dadi and has done his job to humanity. He claims that he was unaware that the patient’s name is Dadi. He claims that I have finished my work as a physician and a donor.

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