Sirf Tum [ 3rd September 2022] Written Update

Sirf Tum 3rd September 2022 Written Update on

The sound of the police jeep causes the terrorist to flee the scene. He dissembles. Suhani arrives at the Mamta hospital after following the blood smear it left behind. He contacts the physician. The ward boy is asked by Ranveer to prepare the occupational therapist and bring a stretcher. Ranveer is informed by a ward boy from Apna Hospital that the patient in question is a terrorist. Dr. Suhani protested to the police, and the officer in question came dashing here. Another physician has advised us that he is beyond treatment. Ranveer reveals to the ward child that he will be treating him as a patient for him in the future. Suhani maintains her pursuit of the blood streaks and eventually arrives to the Mamta hospital. She is confident that Ranveer will not engage in illegal activity. A youngster from the ward visits her and informs her that the doctors have decided to operate on her husband. Ranveer looks at Suhani’s sketch and tells her that he will treat the patient in question even though she declined to do so. Ranveer, according to Suhani, what you are doing puts your chances of obtaining a medical licence in jeopardy. She ponders what to do in the face of his refusal to hear anyone but himself. The sketch that Suhani had created is torched by Ranveer, who then throws it on the ground. Even if Ranveer yells at her or becomes upset with her, Suhani believes she cannot risk ruining Ranveer’s career. A reminder of his oath causes her to pull her dupatta over her head and cover her face. The gloves are being worn by Ranveer. She then enters the building and requests of the Nurse that Dr. Ranveer be informed that Dr. Suhani has arrived to speak with him. Another physician has stated that he is currently in operating theatre. Suhani believes that the patient in question may be a terrorist.The doctor says I will talk to him. He then makes his way to OT and has a conversation with Ranveer, in which he warns the latter that the respect of their hospital could be at risk if they treat the patient. Ranveer claims that it is her hospital and lashes out at him in anger. He claims that if he does not do the operation, the patient will pass away. He has stated that he will provide the Police with information following the procedure. The physician comes out and tells Suhani that she should go and not to worry about anything. Suhani is concerned about Ranveer’s career and is considering informing the police on his behalf. The patient’s hand is examined by Ranveer, who removes a bullet from it. The patient screams out in their agony. Ranveer sews his hand back together using stitches. The patient breathes heavily. Ranveer warns him that his pulse is falling and tries to bring him back to life. A officer comes there with security guards and Police. He requests that some of the guards and constables remain outside, while others report to him inside. Inside, he confronts Suhani with questions on the terrorist. Suhani says he is in OT.

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