Sirf Tum [ 4th September 2022] Written Update

Sirf Tum 4th September 2022 Written Update on


The terrorist known as Ram Singh can be seen at the beginning of the episode fleeing the medical facility. Suhani and a ward boy look for him, but Ram Singh is sneaky and doesn’t let on that he sees them. As the pain becomes intolerable for him, he makes his way to Mamta Hospital in order to receive treatment. He yells for the doctor, and Ranveer instructs the ward boy to rush him to the operating room as soon as possible. Ranveer learns from Ram Singh’s ward child that Ram Singh is a wanted felon and that the police are looking for him. Suhani’s ward boy Because Suhani would not treat him, he was forced to go to this hospital.Ranveer claims that it makes no difference to him whether the patient is a lawbreaker or a regular citizen. He is going to get started on his treatment. Suhani arrives at Mamta Hospital after following the blood trails left behind by Ram Singh on the street. She believes that Ranveer is unable to put his medical licence in jeopardy by treating a terrorist without telling the authorities of his actions. She is obligated to prevent him from continuing, yet she cannot show her face to him because he has already decided not to see her again.Ranveer takes a look at Suhani’s sketch and comments that he was able to carry on with his life after she left, but that she returned to test him, and as a result, he is going to treat the patient she turned away. Her sketch is destroyed by him. Suhani conceals her appearance by wrapping her dupatta around her head before speaking to the young physician. She requests that he intervene and stop Ranveer since it concerns the country’s safety and Ranveer must not break the rule. Ranveer is in the operating room, and the junior doctor walks there to inform him what Suhani said. The man is restrained by Ranveer, who declares, “I am the owner of this hospital, and I will determine what to do; you will follow my commands, not Suhani’s.”Ranveer continues by saying that he will report the successful completion of the operation to the authorities because he does not want his patient to pass away at his facility. Suhani is told by the younger doctor that Ranveer will not listen to anyone, but that he will become upset upon seeing Suhani, which gives her the opportunity to depart. Suhani’s nerves start to fray as she tries to figure out why Ranveer is being so adamant. She comes to the conclusion that calling the police is the best course of action in order to prevent Ranveer’s career from being derailed as a result of this single occurrence.

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