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At the beginning of the episode, Ranveer tells the officer that they are unable to take the patient in their current state. You have, according to the officer, violated the protocol, and he then requests that the guards lock him up in the room. Ranveer says open the door. The officer requests that Ram Singh be transferred to a government hospital and that he be kept under guard there. Suhani claims that she alerted you so that you might capture him while he is still alive. The officer explains that they are concerned for his well-being because anything may happen to him in this location. Another physician arrives at the scene and confirms that the patient is in a coma because there is no sign of brain activity. Ranveer is led out of the room by the police officer. Ranveer states that I shall do out my responsibilities now. The officer inquires as to when you first became involved in activities that are hostile to India. Ranveer holds him responsible for causing a disruption in the operation. You are being detained on suspicion of participating in a criminal plot that endangers national security, the officer tells you. Ranveer reassures him that it is not too late for him to save him. The officer claims that you attempted to kill him, thus you are not allowed to get within fifty metres of him. Ranveer asserts that you are well aware that you are making unfounded allegations against me.There are times when Mamta and Dada ji visit. Dada ji wants to know the reason behind his arrest. The officer explains to him that Ranveer conspired with our nation’s adversaries to try to kill the major witness. Suhani maintains it is not like that. The officer is grateful to Suhani for providing him with the information. Ranveer explains to Mamta that she is not that Suhani and that he has phoned the police to prevent the operation. He then informs Mamta that you have found a means to destroy me. Mamta makes an effort to communicate with the officer. When the press arrived, they questioned Dr. Ranveer about what strategy is. Why did he make an attempt to murder Ram Singh? They want to know about his ties to the terrorist group that he belongs to. Ranveer is taken into custody and removed from the area.At Suhani’s house, everyone stays up to date on the latest news. The reporter claims that Dr. Oberoi is a member of a terrorist organisation and accuses him of being connected in an anti-Indian organisation. Suhani claims that it was my fault, and that the police arrested him as a result of my actions. Suhani is urged by Aditya and Sudha not to place blame on herself.The officer requests that Inspector gather any and all information regarding him. There, Dada ji and Mamta will be found. Both the cop and the Inspector have declined. The officer advises them not to squander any more time and to get a reliable attorney. Mamta is warned by the lady constable, who then demands that she leave. Ranveer feels helpless. Along with Dada ji, Mamta will be leaving. The officer requests that Inspector resume his duties immediately.Aditya reveals to Suhani that he received a call from a news channel, and the network is interested in speaking with her regarding a debate. Suhani has stated that she does not wish to continue talking. Aditya claims that I, too, am disturbed because people would no longer believe in doctors as a result of Ranveer. Suhani claims that I was present, and because of this, his life and career are in jeopardy. She sheds a tear. He cautions her from placing the blame on herself. He believes that someone needs to notify the other doctors that they will be held responsible for the error made by one doctor. Dadi and Rakesh ask Suhani to listen to Adi. According to Rakesh, the issue pertains to the medical community. Suhani looks on. Vikrant assures Dada ji that he would return with the first flight after a conference they both have to attend. Even though Vikram is not now in the city, according to Dada ji, he will return as well. Vikrant has stated that I will return.Ranveer overhears the other thieves discussing him amongst themselves. After that, he tunes in to the news broadcast on the channel that is dedicated to news. The discussion includes participation from Suhani as well as from other medical professionals. She explains that no one, regardless of their occupation, has the right to behave inappropriately in any way. Someone else claims that the doctor forgot their duty when they were trying to save the patient. A another doctor gives a different account. Suhani explains that the issue is about the duty, and she suggests that if disagreements arise, the situation should be investigated. According to the doctor, Ranveer violated both the protocol and the agreement he made with the police by not cooperating with them. Suhani reveals that he wished to save the patient and implores his listeners not to present an anti-nation viewpoint. The doctor said we heard that he is really angry guy. The reporter tells her that they have heard that she is his wife and congratulates her on having the bravery to speak about her husband. Ranveer yells that she has done this to bring down his hospital and raise her hospital’s standing in the community. He is considering doing the exact same thing with her. A large crowd has gathered in front of the Oberoi Mansion, and they are shouting out chants demanding that Ranveer be executed by hanging. Vikram is informed by his attorney that this is a delicate matter and that he is being accused of engaging in actions that are hostile to India. Mamta insists he is not anti Indian. Even though he was trying to save the patient, he did not call the police. The attorney claims that he ought to have contacted the authorities. Dada J maintains that he did nothing wrong. The attorney requests that he transfer fifty percent of his earnings into his account. According to Vikram, I will speak with my accountant about depositing the money into your account. He then contacts the accountant, who informs him that the accounts have been frozen by the police. He claims that the police have frozen all of your personal accounts. Vikram is taken aback by this information and shares it with Dada ji. Vikrant gives Vikram a call and inquires as to if there is a problem with the bank account. He claims that none of his cards are operating properly. Vikram has indicated that he will carry out some action. Dada ji explains to Lawyer that they would make the necessary preparations for the money, and he asks Lawyer to make the necessary arrangements for bail. The attorney claims that he does not take on any cases that do not involve money, and he explains that this case is about desh d.

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