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At the beginning of the episode, Vikram, Mamta, and Dada ji can be seen emerging from behind the lawyer. He informs the Lawyer that he is prepared to provide him gold as security, despite the fact that it is more expensive than the costs you charge. The lawyer does not accept and leaves. Stones are thrown at the family by the protesters, and one of the stones hits Dada ji. Vikram walks him through the front door and into the house. The demonstrators demand that Ranveer be executed by hanging. Suhani is given the request by Rakesh to skip work today. Dadi states that you are in a secure environment at home. She claims that Adi will take care of the clinic by themselves. They start watching the news just at that moment, and Suhani is giving an interview. The reporter says that they are proud of Suhani, a doctor, and then puts Ranveer in a lower category. Ranveer is hauled before the judge in the courtroom. The reporter wants to know whether or not he will be imprisoned or put to death for his crime. He is brought before the judge by the police along with the officer who captured him. Mamta explains that her son has asked for her help and begs for someone to take her away. Vikram has gone to court, which means that he will not be alone there. Dada ji states that he is aware that your heart would not agree with this decision. At that very moment, Samaira notices a security guard escorting Vikram, who has a wound on his head, back inside the house. Samaira inquires as to what took place, and I shall administer first aid. Vikram claims that the crowd is acting like wild animals and that they threw stones at me. He says that this is happening. He claims that the police rescued me. Mamta is feeling useless and adds that her son needs all of us, even the lawyer, but none of them are here. Dada advises have trust on Mata Rani. Samaira tells her to “manage yourself” in this situation. Suhani recalls Ranveer’s comments, which stated that she had discovered a way to ruin him and that she would be lowering Mamta hospital in order to raise her hospital. Ishaan meets up with Suhani and breaks the news to her that all of the Oberoi family’s financial accounts as well as their business and hospital have been shut down. According to him, the court hearing for Dr. Ranveer is today, and the news reported that no attorney agreed to take on the case since they were unable to pay the fees. Suhani is taken aback, and she leaves.Ranveer is questioned by the judge about whether or not he has brought a lawyer with him. The defence attorney responds to the question of why any defence attorney would come to defend the defendant, who is accused of desh droh. He requests the judge to place him on remand for a period of fourteen days so that the police can investigate his networking. The doctor asserts that all of these allegations are baseless, and that he was merely doing his professional responsibilities. He claims that I am being held captive by this situation. The judge inquires as to whether or not you were aware of the fact that he was the escaped convict. Ranveer affirms that yeah, I was aware of it. Judge asks why did you operate on him without telling Police.Ranveer claims that he would have passed away as a result of being shot if I had not performed the operation. The officer raises his hand and indicates that he has something he would like to say before proceeding to the witness box. He says that Ram Singh, Ranveer’s patient, was our Prime Witness, and that when we went there, he locked the door in our faces and had him slide into a coma until we were able to save him. He says that when we went there, he closed the door on our faces. Ranveer claims that he prevented me from finishing the procedure and then locked me in the room. He claims that this caused the patient to fall into a coma. The officer claims that Dr. Ranveer has ties to the terrorist organisation and is attempting to deceive the court. He claims that we had gone there to transport Ram Singh to the government hospital, but that he stopped us so that he could carry out his murder. He maintains that this happened. He claims that he will pass away one day when he is in a coma. Ranveer asks how he can accuse him of terrorism, and he responds that the life of my patient is the most important thing in the world to him. If the officer’s request that the court deny him bail is granted, it will be difficult for the police to apprehend others who commit crimes. The judge inquires of the officer as to what evidence he possesses to demonstrate that he is a desh drohi. The officer has stated that they require some time to gather evidence against him. Ranveer stands up for himself and argues that the cop has no business accusing him of anything. Ranveer is informed by the judge that he may present his defence using proper ways. Ranveer claims that they have heard him say this before: “I am not guilty.”A lawyer for the prosecution claims that all guilty persons make this claim. He asks the judge to deny his request for release on bail. The judge announces that Ranveer will be remanded to custody for a period of 14 days and orders the police to present their evidence and proofs. Ranveer is the focus of the officer’s gaze. The news is broken by the reporter that Dr. Ranveer has been denied bail and is being held in detention for a period of fourteen days. He inquires as to whether Dr. Ranveer really does have ties to a terrorist organisation. According to Aditya, Ranveer got himself into this predicament because of his ego. Ishaan inquires as to whether or not he is indeed associated with the terrorist outfit. Ishaan is called out by Suhani, and she explains that regardless of who Ranveer is, he is not a member of the terrorist group. She claims that she is unable to determine who is responsible for this, that he is in danger of being cornered, that Ranveer’s efforts and Mamta’s house are in jeopardy, and that nobody can assist him. The request is made by Rakesh, Sudha, and Dadi for her to refrain from thinking about him. Dadi cautions her to keep her own tranquilly and pleasure in mind at all times. Suhani claims that the reason Ranveer is in this predicament is because of me, that he is going to be fired, and that I will not allow anything negative to happen to him. She leaves despite Rakesh and the others’ attempts to prevent her from leaving.Dada ji places a call to Saroj and requests assistance. The call is terminated by her. Vikram says nobody wants to help us, because of the desh droh aspect. He claims that there is not enough money in the company to hire a lawyer. Ranveer is removed from the courtroom. The people raise their voices in opposition to him. The reporter claims that he will be held in judicial custody for a period of fourteen days. At Suhani’s house, everyone watches the news together. Ishaan reports that Didi can be found outside of the court.Suhani travels to that location. Ranveer inquires as to the reason for her visit and inquires further as to whether or not she came to witness his devastation firsthand. He wants to know if she has found peace. Suhani claims that this was not my objective at all. Ranveer asserts that you had the intention of having my hospital shut down and losing its licence. He claims that he can endure everything, but the accusation of desh droh is not one of them. Vikram flies into a rage and declares that Suhani is to blame for this predicament. I will never be able to forgive you, Ranveer says. Suhani claims that our animosity toward one another has led to a misunderstanding between us, yet I am aware that you are not a desh drohi but rather an honest doctor. She assures me that I will demonstrate this in court and that I will stand with you. She claims that you are not a traitor, and I shall demonstrate this to be true. Ranveer glances at her.

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