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Sirf Tum 9th September 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Mamta offers a prayer to Mata Rani and expresses her faith that Suhani will ensure that nothing bad will happen to Ranveer. She replies that she has faith in Mata Rani and that she will protect both of them from any harm that may come their way. Vikram says we shall go to court else we will get late. They are leaving. Suhani accompanies Aditya by riding on the back of his motorcycle. They are being followed by someone in the automobile. Suhani sees the car and immediately tells Aditya about it. She claims that there is a car following us. The pace quickens under his control. They were stopped by the thugs who were in the automobile. The goon threatens to take legal action against you. When the police arrived just at that moment, the thugs ran away. Raghu and John travel to the location. Suhani inquires about their whereabouts and how they arrived. Raghu claims that Ranveer advised them that there is a possibility that your life could be in danger as a result of supporting Ranveer. John claims that the concept of taking you to court while being protected by the police was his. Aditya inquires as to their identities. Suhani is the one who puts John, Raghu, and Aditya in touch with one another. Aditya invites her to have a seat in the police vehicle. Suhani sits. The police officer receives a call (from the thugs) and informs Ranveer that Suhani was rescued by her buddy earlier today. He claims that plan A did not work, therefore now he is ready to implement plan B. He claims that Suhani is going to show up with the police, and that this is all part of his plot. He tells her that if her future turns out well, then she will be rescued, but if she attempts to make it to court, then… He chuckles. Suddenly, Ranveer grabs him by the collar and asks, “If anything should happen to my Suhani…” Mr. Singh, the officer, has warned us that if we do anything to you, we will have no choice but to hang you. Ranveer takes a revolver from from a police officer and takes aim at Mr. Singh once he has stolen it. He is still carrying the weapon as he rushes. Mr. Singh requests that the Police apprehend him. When Ranveer sees Suhani approaching, he inquires as to whether or not she is okay. Mr. Singh has told us that we initially believed Suhani to be your rival; nonetheless, you moved to save her after hearing my narrative. He reports that you have disappeared. Ranveer is transported there by the cop who is on duty. Ranveer is now looking in Suhani’s direction.The attorney explains that Mr. Singh has told him that Ranveer is a member of an anti-India gang and that he attempted to kill Ram Singh. Ranveer claims that he is making things up. The judge asks the defence attorney to make sure their client is aware that he is required to obtain authorization before presenting their statement. The attorney for the defence claims that Ranveer is innocent and that he only wanted to help his patient Ram Singh. He asserts that I shall demonstrate this in a legal setting. The judge invites him to continue. The attorney for the defence calls Suhani, who is the most important eye witness. The judge has decided to grant permission. Suhani enters the courtroom as a witness. Suhani is questioned by the attorney for the defence about what transpired on that particular day. According to Suhani, Ram Singh was in a terribly injured situation when he arrived at our hospital. When she saw him on television, she asked the nurse to take him to occupational therapy. This is posted on a Facebook timeline. She claims that he escaped before I could report the incident to the authorities. She claims that she ran in his pursuit. She claims that he went to Mamta hospital, where Ranveer made the decision to treat him because his condition was significantly worse at the time. She explains that it is the responsibility of the doctor to try to save the patient’s life, and she mentions that she has told the doctor so that the procedure will not be halted and the law would not be broken. The judge inquires with Mr. Singh as to whether or not Suhani had notified him. According to Mr. Singh, Ranveer did not alert us and continued to operate. The judge inquires as to whether or not Ranveer wished to inform the police. According to Suhani, after the operation had been completed, Ranveer was about to inform the Police. According to Mr. Singh, Ram Singh is said to be in a coma as a result of Dr. Ranveer. You are a liar, according to Suhani, because you hauled Ranveer out of the OT while he was insisting that the operation be performed on him. She claims that you are responsible for putting Ram Singh into a coma. She divulges to Judge that she was previously coerced into administering the incorrect injection to Vikrant Oberoi. She claims that in this day and age, paperwork is not required because simply alerting people is sufficient. She inquires as to the reason Mr. Singh did not consent to Ranveer doing surgery on Ram Singh.The judge inquires of Mr. Singh as to whether he possesses any proofs against Ranveer. Mr. Singh asserts that they do possess proofs but requests that the court allow them to provide additional proofs. The attorney for the defence claims that Ranveer is innocent, and that they do not possess any proof against him. The attorney for the prosecution argues that Ranveer is proven guilty since he stole a gun from an officer and then ran away from the scene of the crime. Ranveer claims that he did not flee but instead learned that Suhani’s life was in danger and decided to go save her because of this information. The attorney for the prosecution inquires as to whether or not he went to notify his leader or to save Suhani. Ranveer claims that he did not elope and that he cannot bare the thought of anything happening to Suhani. Suhani explains to the judge that Ranveer’s suspicions were correct, and that she was assaulted on the way to the courthouse. She claims that in order to prevent her from testifying in court, Mr. Singh intimidated her. Mr. Singh thinks she is lying. Suhani reveals the Judge that she has taped his threat and then hands over her mobile device. The judge overhears Mr. Singh warning Suhani to avoid him and to never provide any assistance to Ranveer, or else she will suffer severely while she is incarcerated. Suhani inquires of Mr. Singh as to the reason why he prevented her from revealing the truth to everyone. The judge announces a 15-minute recess for the court. What does Suhani believe would happen if the Judgement does not rule in Ranveer’s favour?

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