Spy Bahu [17th August 2022] Written Update

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To the beginning of the episode, Sejal and babuji are seen arriving at the Sarvabharat Expo to set up their stall. Babu ji says it looks we got late. Sejal inquires about the location of the stall number. Babu ji says 22. Sejal notes that our journey to get here took 19 hours and expresses the hope that their business be successful. Ahana has a conversation with a third party and reveals the following information: “Two days ago, Sirji helped me grasp the plan, and today we need to execute the plan.” She tells him that we will encounter each other in the exhibition, and she asks him not to approach Yohan in front of her. She explains that she doesn’t want Yohan to start having doubts. She is heard by Shalini. Yohan is surprised when Ahana walks out and informs him that she would like to accompany him. He claims that he will travel by himself. Ahana claims that I am interested in going there with Drishti. She tells him that she heard a doctor is coming there, and she requests him to accompany her to the doctor after the exhibition is over. Yohan has informed me that I have a great deal of responsibility with guns today. Shalini brings Drishti there. According to Veera, Drishti need medical attention. Yohan extends an invitation to Drishti. They finally make it to the exhibition. Yohan is in charge of delivering the sample firearms to the stall.Sejal inquires to Babu ji about the possibility of recognising a familiar face today. Babu ji is hopeful. Yohan and Sejal are moving closer and closer toward one other. She falls and manages to catch herself. Her dupatta lands in his lap, covering his face. Before he could see her, she quickly pulls her dupatta back over her head and turns around. Yohan also turns when he hears his name being called out. Yohan swivels his head to gaze at Sejal, but he is unable to make out her face.Ahana releases Drishti’s grasp and walks away. Mahira receives a call from Yohan. Ahana has a firm grip on Drishti’s hand. Yohan gives Bhaskar a call and informs him, “I have arrived at the site.” Drishti is involved in a collision with someone. When Drishti turned around, he saw Sejal sitting in the stall. She can’t help but wax nostalgic over the times she’s spent with you. Sejal is giggling with babuji. Drishti says Se… Ahana stares at Sejal, but she is unable to make out the features of her face. She considers giving her an injection in order to put her to sleep. Yohan has arrived in Drishti. Ahana is the one who conceals the injection. Yohan wants to know if you are okay. Ahana claims that she is worn out and requires some rest. Drishti says bhai…Se. Yohan orders Ahana to cease her actions. He makes an effort to gaze at Sejal, but the mirror in that area is being removed by someone. Sejal is currently seated on the ground. Yohan turns his gaze toward babu ji while he sits in the stall. What does he ask then? Do you require something from that location? They are invited to come by Babuji. Ahana says we shall buy all. Yohan gives babu ji the task of packing all of the belongings. It was made by my daughter, according to Babu ji. The injection is given to Drishti by Ahana. Sejal has heard, and she is going to stand up, but her dress has become caught in the nail. Babu ji manages to free it and assist her in standing up. Yohan turns to Ahana and asks her to grab her by the hand and come with him.Ahana wonders where Manager may possibly be. The manager and the other gentleman approach the woman and show her their firearms. They are set to go through the checkpoint without any problems. Ahana presses Drishti, and a series of beeps can be heard. Ahana explains to the guards that Doctor insisted that Drishti wear that, and she produces the doctor’s prescription as evidence. She causes the guards to become distracted and then gives the manager the signal to leave. The manager and the other man enter the building from the opposite side.

The beginning of the cultural event will be marked by the children dancing. Sejal makes her way there in order to listen to the kids perform. She is a member of the crowd and is seated there. Ahana gives the men her signature. The children take turns firing the pretend gun, and Sejal thinks back to the time when there was a gunfight at her home. Yohan turns around when he gets the sense that someone is around. Ahana messages Manager. She stands up and pretends to take a video in order to divert the attention of the security guards so that her men can access the firearms. Following their performance, everyone applauds the children. Sejal will now go and compliment the children. Her applause is in support of the children. Yohan visits the location and congratulates the children on a job well done. He inquires as to the whereabouts of their instructor. When Sejal hears him, she begins to experience hiccups.Ahana knocks over the light under the guise that she is recording it when it happens. After that, she yells at everyone, urging them to flee. After hearing her, Yohan emerges from the cave. The manager and the other person make off with the firearms. The children are concealed by the bedsheets while Sejal makes an attempt to free them. Yohan is in the process of bringing Drishti outside when he overhears Sejal calling for assistance. He tells Ahana that he will protect the children and urges her to take Drishti. He runs inside


In this recap, Sejal tries to stop the flames from consuming the national flag. Yohan believes that the girl is putting her life at danger in order to protect the flag. The rod is in Sejal’s possession. Yohan is also in possession of it. They are the ones who raise the flag. When he looks at Sejal’s face, he calls her name. After that, he notices her baby bump when she has her hand on her stomach.

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