Spy Bahu 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update

Spy Bahu 18th August 2022 Written Update on writtenlab.com


Paro is attempting to rescue the children from the burning building. She wraps the dupatta around her head to cover her face. Yohan is also present there. All of the children are led out of the backstage area by Paro in a secure manner. Yohan notices that Paro is still there and realises that she is attempting to rescue the national flag from the flames. Yohan jumps in to help save the flag as well. Yohan is surprised to see Sejal after the cloth covering Paro’s face falls to the ground. He softly utters her name, but she is unable to identify him.When Yohan discovers that she is expecting, his confusion deepens even further. Before Yohan could talk to Paro, Harsh arrived and scolded her for not thinking about her child before running into the flames. Yohan was unable to talk to her. In addition, Bapuji travels there in order to collect her at that location. Yohan is left befuddled by this. Later, as he went outside, Ahana pretended to be concerned when she saw his burned hand. Yohan is informed by staff that several of the guns that were on display at the exhibition have been stolen. Ahana warns that this could be detrimental to their company’s reputation. Yohan reassures everyone that there is no need to be concerned because he has already discounted the possibility that anything similar could occur, which is why he exhibited fake guns. In addition, trackers have been embedded in them, making it possible to identify and apprehend the thief.

Yohan approaches the manager and requests that he investigate who started the fire at the exhibition since he believes that someone is a member of the gang. In addition to that, he inquires about the woman who rescued the children and the flag. Paro explains to Bapuji that she is unable to tolerate the burning of their nation’s flag. He believes that she has always been a true patriot and that she has always worked for the betterment of the country. Paro talks about Yohan and how his eyes welled up with tears when he saw her, and she ponders whether or not he is connected to her in some way.Ahana places a call to her partner and urges them to ditch the weapons and get out of there as soon as possible. The manager offers Yohan the earring that had been Paro’s and that had been dropped near the flag. He mentions that she had already moved on and that their family had relocated from Gujarat. Yohan is uncertain about the circumstance and is convinced that Sejal was the only one involved. He requests the management to acquire additional details. When Yohan arrives to Drishti’s location, he finds her dozing off in the automobile. Something that she’s saying keeps repeating itself. Yohan is waiting for Ahana, and he questions her about departing. The pretext that she gives is that she is carrying water for Drishti. Yohan is the one who notices the accessories bag that is kept in the car.Yohan recognises it as a match for the earring he received and recalls how Babuji had mentioned his daughter had fashioned those. He cannot wrap his head around the fact that Sejal is indeed his daughter. Ahana invites Yohan to spend some time at her house with her while they plan their engagement. However, he denies it and claims that he is preoccupied with something more important at the moment. As Yohan waits there holding Paro’s earring, Ek duje ke vaaste is playing on the radio in Paro’s automobile as it drives by. At the end of the episode, Yohan speculates that he will travel to look for Sejal.


Arun breaks the news to Ahana that the engagement has been called off. While Yohan makes his way to Kathiawari in search of Paro. Yohan is present when Paro trips and falls while in Harsh’s arms. Yohan saw the fall.

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