Spy Bahu [ 1st September 2022] Written Update

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At the beginning of the episode, Sejal is seen walking along the road when she becomes aware that some thugs are following her. Sejal begs Kanha ji to watch over and protect her. Yohan shows up at the location and defeats the guys. Sejal is about to turn, but she is experiencing some discomfort and is keeping her hand on her stomach. After she arrives at the shop, she realises that she needs to give him a call. She goes to the proprietor of the store and explains that she has an urgent phone call to make, then she asks to use his phone. The proprietor hands over his mobile phone. When Yohan looks at her, his first thought is to find out who she has called. He believes that Sejal, and not Paro, would have phoned. While Sejal mulls over what she should say to Babu Ji, she hangs up the phone without engaging in conversation with him. She believes that babu ji will not be able to survive this ordeal, so she hands the phone back to the proprietor of the shop and leaves. Yohan approaches the shop keeper and inquires as to whether or not I am able to make a call. The proprietor of the shop claims that it is his personal phone and questions why customers believe it to be a public phone. Yohan has promised that he will give you some money. The proprietor of the shop hands him some money. Yohan places a call to the most recently phoned number. Babu ji answers the phone and begins their conversation. He inquires, “Who is next in line?” Yohan is trying to figure out the reason why Sejal phoned Dada ji. He wonders whether or not she has completely lost her memories. He requests that the shopkeeper provide Sejal with some water and biscuits. The proprietor of the store visits Sejal and offers her a biscuit and some water. She claims that she is broke and has no money. The proprietor of the shop encourages her to retain it. Sejal takes it and sips water. She comforts her young child and tells him she is sorry he has been hungry. She looks around and discovers the cookie packet lying on the road. She then proceeded to sit down, pick up the biscuits, and devour them. When Yohan sees it, he weeps. He notices that a fast car is about to hit her and immediately goes to protect her. He saves her.The driver applies the brakes and then pulls away. Sejal receives an apology from Yohan. Sejal inquires as to the reason behind your silence over your marriage. She says you let me go. He offers his apologies. She wants to know how he was hurt in the first place. He remembers engaging in combat with goons. Her dupatta is ripped, and she ties it over his hand. She wants to know why you keep injuring yourself. He claims that I am torturing myself in order to make up for my errors. Because, in his opinion, she did not present any evidence to support her claim that she is Sejal, he believes that she is, in fact, Paro. Suddenly, it begins to rain. They seek refuge in a safe place. Yohan tells me, “I know you are exhausted, but we can’t go in this weather; the car is parked a distance away.” He takes off his suit, but he keeps it so that it can dry. After that, in order to warm himself up, he starts a fire. Both Sejal and Yohan are currently lounging around the fire. Sejal forces him to touch her pregnant belly and then claims that our child is moving around in there. Yohan is overcome with emotion, and he comments, “I can’t believe that the moment is so wonderful, says our baby.” He expresses regret for everything that took place today and adds that he is sorry about it. He claims that your Papa is a terrible guy because he has allowed you and your sister to worry for each other while you were both alone, but this was the final time. He explains that if there is going to be any issue, approval from your Papa is required. He kisses on her tummy. Sejal experiences hiccups. He claims that you have no recollection of the fact that we chose to call our daughter Hichki. Sejal inquires whether or not we have a son. After that, he says khakra. Sejal reports that the baby expresses a desire for the mother to begin a new chapter in her life by forming new friendships. She extends her hand in front of her. His hand is in a lot of pain. She continues, “First I found out that you are the father of my baby, and then I found out that you are my husband.” They engage in a handshake. Sejal heaves a cough. According to Yohan, the rain has ceased.Sejal gets up. He offers to get her a bottle of water. She drinks water. They return to their home. Both Veera and Ahana are taken aback. Yohan tells the servant that both Sejal and his baby need food and asks the servant to prepare all of Sejal’s favourite foods. Yohan explains that both Sejal and his baby are hungry. Veera inquires as to where you discovered her. He promises that he will make Sejal eat first, and then they will discuss after that. Yohan and Sejal are currently seated at the dinner table. Shalini believes that Mahira is probably wondering why Sejal went away and then came back again. Yohan explains to Veera that the issue that had been bothering the husband and wife had been resolved. Veera feigns smile. He suggests to Sejal that she eat something. First of all, you, Sejal says. He claims that you are obstinate and that you have food. According to Shalini, love must be exactly like this or else it’s not real. Arun is brought there by Krish. Arun inquires as to whether or not Sejal actually came back. He affirms that he will provide Mata Rani with an offer of 51 000 Chadawa. Yohan is warned by him that he will not be forgiven if he causes Sejal any trouble. Yohan claims that it is irrelevant whether or not you forgive him, but he promises that this will not happen again. According to Krish, we will throw a party/baby shower. Arun has confirmed that we will be having rasam at the baby shower tomorrow. He claims that we will communicate to the people about the Nanda heirs. Veera requests that he inquire with his parents. The answer is yes, Sejal confirms. Yohan has suggested that we perform the godh bharayi. Ahana recently informed me that our planned engagement has been called off. Yohan informed me that we will discuss this later. Ahana has the evil intention of hurting Sejal’s unborn child.


The godh bharayi ceremony is attended by Sejal’s mother Minal and her father Saras. Sejal hacks up blood and throws it up. Everyone starts to feel concerned about Sejal. Yohan helps her to her feet and transports her to the medical facility. Ahana smiles.

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