Spy Bahu [20th August 2022] Written Update

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Eera is frustrated by Yohan’s intelligence, and she expresses her desire to kill him by threatening to shoot him. Ahana asserts that we are not in a confined space, and she promises that he will not die. She believes that he should have known about firearms at this point; otherwise, she does not understand why he waited until now to show here. When Shalini arrived, she was chatting with the servant. Before Shalini could even see her, Veera had already taken a seat in the wheelchair. As Yohan travels to Gujrat, he mulls on Sejal and the times he’s spent with her in the past. He remembers her statements, in which she said that she is a spy and that she married him because intelligence had doubts about his being a terrorist. He recalled that SK had given him some of the ashes of her dead body. He claims that Sejal committed a significant act of betrayal against him, but his heart always told him that he had simply lost the love of his life. He claims that I have been in grief for your passing for the past six months, but now I see that you have started a new life; he cannot believe that you are so heartless. He claims that she is the one who started the fire in which he is currently burning, and that even she must now confront the fire in order to answer the questions he has asked of her. He is prepared to accept this as a satisfactory outcome. Shalini confronts Veera with the question, “Didn’t you go to sadsang?” and explains that Mrs. Lamba had saved it for Mahira and Yohan’s wedding. According to Veera, Drishti and Mahira were worn out after the accident; thus, I thought. Shalini claims Drishti is sleeping. When Krish arrived, he announced that he required Yohan’s signature. Ahana claims Cuckoo is busy. Shalini claims that he ignored the preparations for their upcoming engagement and went. Ahana asserts that she is not the type of wife who has an affair with her husband. Shalini has the suspicion that she is covering up something important. Veera compliments Shalini on the lovely job she did with the decoration. Shalini’s response is positive, but Yohan has a history of making engagement announcements with one person before marrying another. Shalini’s answer is positive. She uttered the phrase “I don’t hope this will happen again.” Ahana has assured us that she will look out for us. In order to purchase whiskey from Scotland, Krish requests that Veera give him 20 lakhs of rupees. Ahana is given instructions by Veera to remove money from the locker so that it can be given to Krish. She hands the keys over to Ahana. Shalini claims Mom provided keys to Mahira. Krish claims that she has become Mom’s favourite bahu, and that you are envious of this development. Shalini promises that if Yohan marries her she will become a bahu, although it seems unlikely that this marriage will take place. They are wagering on it.
Babu ji tries to keep Sejal’s legs in the warm water. Sejal cautions him not to touch her feet in any way. He claims that he took care of her, but she is preventing him from moving forward. He keeps her feet in the warm water while saying that they have been arguing for the past six months. Sejal claims that she has no idea who the father of her and her unborn child is. Sejal is offered breakfast by Harsh when he arrives there. He asks did you take vitamin tablet today. She glances at him as if she suddenly remembered to take it. After saying “I will bring,” he leaves. Sejal is questioned by Babu ji regarding her intention to restart her life if presented with the opportunity to do so. Sejal believes that my first start is unfinished and that I may have a close relationship with the person whose kid I am carrying at this time. She says that if that person comes here hunting for me, then what should I do?

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