Spy Bahu [21th August 2022] Written Update

Spy Bahu 21th August 2022 Written Update on Writtenlab.com


Yohan is seen travelling in search of Paro. He dials the inspector’s number and inquires about the whereabouts of the firearms, but the inspector and his team were unable to locate any information. Yohan commands again that the identity of the person who started the fire be discovered. The care of Paro is entrusted to Bapuji. She prevents him from pressing his feet against hers as he is ready to do so. He reminds her that he had been taking care of her prior to her recovery, therefore she shouldn’t stop doing so now that she is better.
Because Bapuji has taken such good care of her, Paro is filled with gratitude toward him.
When Bapuji meets Harsh, he asks Paro why she has been visiting their home and why she is becoming so friendly with Harsh. Paro tells him that there must be a reason for it. Paro tells Bapuji about her unborn kid and says there must be someone whom she loved so much and that she cannot make a new start with her tale since it is not complete. Bapuji then asks her if she wants to start over, but Paro responds that she cannot. Mahira shares the news with Veera that Yohan has not yet returned, leading Veera to question if they have managed to catch the men armed with guns. Yohan is described by Veera as being overly intelligent. Mahira is experiencing apprehension of her upcoming engagement. Shalini entered the room as they were having a conversation about the decorations.When Shalini calls Veera, Veera had just sat down on the chair, so she is surprised when she looks up. But Shalini only inquires as to the reason why she did not attend the Satsang. Veera tries to justify her actions by claiming that Drishti and Mahira are too worn out to continue after the exhibition. But according to Shalini, Drishti has already fallen asleep. Krish has arrived and inquired about Yohan, as he needs some paperwork completed on his behalf. He claims that this time the wedding should be even more extravagant than the one before and requests for money.

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