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This is how the Episode begins: Yohan is questioned by Sejal or Paro about his reason for being here. Harsh claims that he showed up in order to participate in the interview. Yohan inquires as to the motivation behind attending the exhibition. Harsh claims that she has a fear of being unable to survive without us, which is the reason why she travels with us. Sejal hits him. Yohan is questioned by Babu Ji about his identity, and he requests them to refrain from fighting. Yohan says some people call me lakkarbagga. Sejal believes name is odd. Yohan inquires as to whether or not they have given any thought to the baby’s name. Harsh words from Paro, who asserts that she will not come up with a name for the child until she actually sees it. Yohan claims that she does not appear to pay attention to anyone around her. Sejal offers to make him some tea. As he moves his hand toward it, the cup topples over. The cup of tea lands on her hand. After cleaning her hand with his handkerchief, Yohan blows on it to disinfect it. Sejal pulls her hand away from the other. Harsh grabs Sejal and forces her to keep her hand in the icy water. He assures me that we will send tea to you. Ahana gives Yohan a call. Yohan exits the house they were in. A woman gives Paro a call and tells her that her reports have arrived. She bumps into Yohan and says that she blames you for all of the reports about Paro falling down. Paro appears and claims that there is no problem. She gets on her hands and knees to get the reports. Yohan has instructed everyone to give him some space; he will select the reports. Sejal reveals to Kaki that she inquired as to the report from the Doctor, but the latter responded that she would provide it following a comprehensive check. When getting a check up, she says, your heart beats a lot faster than normal. Yohan is asked about his family by her. Harsh beckons for her to enter, then physically restrains her and leads her inside. Yohan believes that Harsh has seized his position in her life, and he is considering withdrawing from her life. In the side pocket, he locates one of the papers from the report. He takes it and looks to see if the father’s name is blank on it. He wonders why Harsh’s name is not written down anywhere.It is then revealed that Babu ji believes the paper to be significant. Yohan intervenes just as he is about to turn around and asks him why his father’s name is not mentioned in the report. He inquires about the nature of Harsh and Paro’s relationship. Babu ji discusses the connection between humanity and the heart. He claims that we were unaware of her till a few months ago. According to him, Harsh had travelled to a river in the area in order to assist the local residents and had discovered Paro there. According to him, Harsh and the other villagers were the ones who brought her here. He claims that he has no idea what happened to her since when she woke up, she was memory-less. He suggests that Paro may be someone’s Lakshmi, along with their wife and daughter. According to him, we endeavoured to help her become better. The fb is shown, and after they attend to Sejal, she eventually regains consciousness. Babu ji claims that she regained consciousness, but that she forgot anything until we adopted her as our Paro. The woman is forced to eat while her father-in-law reads from the Bhagavad Gita in front of her. She walks because of harsh, and Babu Ji hides any negative thoughts from her. Babu ji believes that the fact that Paro and her unborn child were not injured as a result of the major accident is a miracle. According to him, Paro was completely unaware that she was pregnant till much later on in her life. According to my dream, Yohan believes that Sejal and I are the parents of this child. Babu ji claims that he has no idea how the woman’s family is doing following the death of such a girl. Yohan’s eyes well up with tears. Babu ji asks if you are OK. Yohan claims that after hearing your Paro’s tale, it made him emotional. Paro’s child receives a blessing from Lakshmi, who assures her that her child will never forget her father. Lakshmi is the one that Sejal asks to pray to God on her behalf so that the baby’s father will hear the news. Yohan considers how he can leave the baby alone with you despite the fact that it is not simply your baby.Ahana believes that she is prepared to get engaged, but Yohan has not yet arrived. She believes that even if Shalini is correct, Yohan will still choose not to marry her. She is of the opinion that she should wed him. A call comes in to her phone from an unknown number.Yohan walks inside and says that his car is not working and that he would want to wait here till the repair comes. He then says that he will take the interview. Because Harsh insists that I go to work, I won’t be able to take Babu and Paro with me when I go. They are too important to me. Yohan claims that I am not a serial killer and that I will not kill them. Harsh is told by Sejal to accompany her, and Sejal says they will give an interview. She prepares food, which she then serves to Babu ji and Yohan. Yohan inquires of Babu ji about how long he has been creating jewellery. Babu ji claims that ever while his father was still alive. Yohan gives it a try and concludes that it tastes exactly the same. According to Babu ji, they went to the expo in order to earn some money; however, a fire broke out inside the exhibition, and Paro was able to save the children as well as the flag. He claims that Paro is very skilled at mathematics. She wants him to refrain from praising her.

Ahana is questioned by Veera about where Yohan is and why Veera believes she was unable to keep a check on Yohan. Ahana says, “I shall ask you,” referring to you as her mother, and adds that she knows you as Sirji. Veera is yelling at her to pick up her phone. Ahana lowers her head to pick up the house. Veera stomps on her hand with her foot and claims that she can easily destroy her opponent. She mentioned that Yohan might pick up my call. Veera goes. Ahana answers the phone and tells the caller that she has instructed them not to call her again.Babu ji informs me that we have now arrived at Morbi following the expo. Yohan inquires as to whether or not Paro has made an effort to recall her previous life. Sejal inquires as to whether or not this inquiry has anything to do with the exhibition. Yohan says no. Babu ji beckons him over and informs him that the diya aarti must begin soon. Yohan will be leaving. Sejal gives diya to Babu ji. Babu ji is keeping her fingers crossed that her loved ones will hear the news and come looking for her here. When Sejal feels the baby kick, she asks the child whether he or she would prefer to listen to the lullaby or the reprimands from their father. She claims that your mother will scold you on behalf of your father. Yohan knocks on the door once more and tells her that he needs her assistance to fix the automobile. He then asks her whether she can be of assistance to him. Sejal comes out. He asks her to put water in the automobile, and then he claims that he will attempt to start the vehicle. Suddenly, he places a dark cloth on top of her head. Sejal screams for assistance and calls for Harsh and Babu ji.


Yohan takes the black cloth that was covering Sejal’s face and removes it. He challenges Sejal to be honest with him. Sejal asks what? He claims that you are a professional liar who mislead people and other people, and he claims that this baby is his. He shows her pictures of himself and Sejal. Sejal is taken aback by this.

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