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At the beginning of the episode, Sejal can be heard yelling, “Babu ji, Harsh save me!” She begs and implores him to remove the handkerchief from her head. Yohan lifts the scarf that had been covering her head. Arun makes a request to someone else to obtain information about Yohan. Arun is asked by Veera where Yohan is because there may be visitors arriving soon. She insists that he should show up before to the engagement or else we will say anything. She believes that this is our best opportunity to regain our respect after anything Sejal may have done.Sejal asks Yohan where did you bring me? In front of him, she begs him to leave her alone. The name she uses for him is bhaisaheb. He addresses her as Sejal and requests that she tell the truth. She is asked by Paro if she is Paro. He claims that you are Sejal kotharia, a person who is willing to lie to others and violate their trust. Sejal inquires as to which lie it is and states that she does not comprehend. She claims that you are misinterpreting what I am saying. Yohan inquires as to what your plan is and why you are dishonest with the locals. Sejal accuses you of being a liar for bringing a pregnant woman in such a state. She inquires as to the reason behind his lack of empathy. He accuses you of having no compassion for tearing me away from my child. Sejal says you can’t be my spouse. Yohan claims that he anticipated that you would not trust him and so came prepared with all of the necessary materials. He shows her pictures of them together. Sejal inquires as to whether or not I was your spouse before to the accident. The answer is yes, Sejal Nanda, and Yohan tells her that she is now officially his wife. Sejal says that you are the person I longed to meet, and she was always believing that the love of my spouse was what kept her alive. She also claims that you are her husband. She claims that you abducted me and brought me here against my will. She thinks that your behaviour is unacceptable. Yohan inquires as to what your conduct has been like with me and my family. He claims that I would have met you with affection but that you turned me become a cynic instead. He claims that it is impossible for me to either live or die. He frees her hands and makes her get up. He believes that our lives were filled with splendour. Sejal wants to know why you have your eyes closed in the picture of our wedding. She inquires as to whether or not you had any desire to wed her. He claims that I had asked you the same question in the past, but you never responded to me. He claims that by continuing with this marriage, you have deceived him.Harsh gets informed by Babu ji that Paro has gone missing. According to Harsh, where did she go? The wish of Babu ji is that she is doing well. According to Harsh, I shall investigate and look for her. Yohan is challenged by Sejal, who responds by stating that she will not believe him. He hurts himself when he stumbles against the wall. Sejal makes an effort to run, but she soon gives up. When Harsh sees Paro’s anklet, he searches for her other jewellery and finds it. He believes that Paro did it on purpose and then abandoned it.Yohan, Sejal has returned, and she checks on you to see if you are okay. Yohan accuses me of having no feelings and of being an outsider. The message of Sejal is that humanity must rise above hatred. He claims that I have told you this before and that you are acting as if you had amnesia about it. Sejal claims that she has no idea where she picked up such information. Yohan claims that I already told you this. There is a harshness there. Paro says Harsh. Yohan has Sejal’s hand in his own. He is asked to remove his hand from hers by Harsh. Yohan claims that this is not yet the end. According to Harsh, she is the daughter of our village. Yohan claims that she is both his wife and the mother of his future child. The pictures are shown to Harsh. Yohan invites Sejal to accompany him to his home, where the delivery of their child and the subsequent care of the child will take place in front of him. According to Paro, my baby is not a thing that you will keep for yourself. She wants him to demonstrate that he is her husband through his actions and not just his words, or else she won’t believe that he is her husband. She invites Harsh to accompany her.Shalini reveals to Krish that she has prevailed in the wager and that she must now wait for European cruise tickets that include an unlimited champagne package. If the marriage ends as a result of Yohan, according to Krish. He thinks I didn’t lose yet. When Ahana returns, she inquires about Yohan’s whereabouts. Arun informs me that I have called off our appointment. Yohan is an expert, according to Shalini, who then questions where you have been. If Yohan had shown up, then, according to what Arun has said, we would have to search you. Ahana claims I had gone for a walk. According to Shalini, Krish was under the impression that you had run away together. According to Veera, Mahira is already very tense. Arun has told me that we would meet Yohan as soon as he arrives. Shalini lets Krish know that he is in trouble and requests that he purchase the airline tickets. She wonders where she could have possibly gone.Babuji rubs some ointment into Sejal’s wound before telling her that the other man was dishonest. In the conversation, Sejal mentions that he had showed her pictures. She claims that if he is the biological father of the child, then it would be unethical for her to take the child away from him. Harsh claims that he inquired about him and was told that Yohan Nanda is a very successful businessman. He claims that there has been no fresh information concerning his wife or the accident she was in. Yohan claims that I prevented any news about her from being published. According to Harsh, it is quite tough to conceal. According to Yohan, if you have enough money, you can accomplish anything. He shows babu ji several photographs. This, according to Harsh, is not the proof. Yohan claims that Sejal has a fear of the dark and that she hiccups whenever I come too close to her. Harsh explains why she does not currently suffer from hiccups. Yohan claims that there is a mole located behind Sejal’s ear. Harsh wants to know how we can trust that you have loved Paro enough to keep her. Yohan had the idea that he may convince them that he loves Sejal so that he can steal her away from this place. Harsh admits that he does not know the answer and calls for Paro to come. Yohan confesses to Sejal that he has a deep love for her, and that he wanted to pass away when he saw the vehicle going over the edge of the cliff; but, he was responsible for his sister. He said that he was sorry to hear about your passing and that some of your ashes were handed to him. He expresses guilt for his actions from the previous night and says, “I thought you left me and began over.” Sejal says I am not understanding. Yohan makes the request to babu ji that he believe him. Babuji claims that the decision will be made right at this moment.


In the previous part of this recap, babu ji asks Sejal whether she is willing to give him a chance. The answer from Sejal is yes; I do want to give this relationship a try.

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