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The first line of the episode is delivered by Sejal, who states that she is at a loss on what to do. Yohan implores her to have faith in him and confronts Babu ji with the question of what he has done wrong if he wishes to spend the rest of his life with his wife and child. Babu ji says it will be settled and asks Paro to give her hand. In exchange for Sejal’s hand, he offers her sindoor or turmeric and takes her hand in his own. He claims that your relationship will be established. He instructs them to close their eyes and focus on what they are feeling. He requests that Sejal listen to the message that her inner self is attempting to relay to her. Sejal opens her eyes as images of Yohan and her appearing in black and white flash before her. Babu ji inquires as to whether you feel comfortable placing your life and the life of your child in the care of this individual. Harsh looks on anxiously. Yohan has Sejal’s hand resting on his chest at all times. Okay, says Sejal; I want to give him and our relationship another shot for the sake of our future. She claims that I shall travel back to my house with him. Harsh loses his temper and leaves. Your babu will never leave you alone, and this house will be yours for the rest of your life. Babu ji adds that if you suspect that something is wrong, then let me know and I will come and bring him back. Sejal sobs while hugging and kissing him.Shalini believes that Mahira was speaking to another person and that she was telling them something Yohan should not know. Even on the day of their engagement, she may have divulged some information. She contemplates making an inquiry and plans to present her mother with evidence later.Yohan is grateful to Babu ji for having faith in him. Yohan hands over a business card with his contact information printed on the reverse side. Sejal comes out. Lakshmi travels to that location and informs everyone that a storm is on its way and that there is no way to leave Morbi. They are admonished by Babu ji to remain seated. Shalini trips and falls onto the bed, and then she apologises to Mahira. She becomes aware that she is not lying in bed and wonders if she went out to see the person who called her. She notices a man who is chatting with Mahira while he is standing there (Ahana). Ahana tells the man to leave as they are both standing outside the house. The guy says that he will come to meet you if you don’t come to meet him first. She assures him that she will come to see you without a doubt and then tells him to leave. Shalini has the suspicion that Mahira is carrying on an affair, and she considers informing Veera of her suspicions.While sitting in the rain, Harsh reflects on the time he spent with Sejal. Harsh receives an invitation from Babu ji to come inside the house. Babu ji tells Harsh, “I know that you like her and were ready to accept her with her baby.” Hard wonders what the point is, given that you are sending her off with that man. He is concerned about Paro. Yohan inquires of Sejal on whether or not she is taking any vitamins. While explaining that she has a lot going on in her head, Sejal hands him some clothing to change into. Yohan quickly alters his attire and then lies down to get some rest. Sejal inquires as to whether or not you require anything. Yohan claims you didn’t sleep yet. Sejal claims that ever since the accident, she has not been able to sleep. He claims that lack of sleep in the mother is detrimental to the health of the infant. She suffers from hiccups and drinks some water. He claims that drinking water will not make this hiccup go away. The window opens up. Sejal moves to the side of the room to shut the window. Yohan arrives, and once he is there, everyone shuts the window. Song plays….. He cleans her specs and makes her wear it again. Song plays kehdo naa… He won’t stop saying sorry until you tell him to stay away from you completely. He coughs and then apologises for his actions. She claims that city dwellers aren’t suited for the rain in the country. She then hands him a towel before going to prepare kada. He looks at the drawing that Sejal has done. He believes that he is looking at a scene from Kashmir, and that the children here are similar to Mahira and myself. Sejal returns and reveals to Yohan that she sees these two children in her dreams, speculating that perhaps they are connected to a previous incarnation of herself. Yohan contemplates the reasons behind Mahira’s and my sketch, as well as what she hopes to accomplish. Sejal asks do you know? He tells her that we will talk the next day and asks her to have a good night’s sleep.Arun is looking for Yohan, according to Veera, who reveals this information to Ahana. Mahira receives a gift of food from Shalini as she arrives at that location. She makes fun of her. She inquires as to whether or not Veera went to Mahira’s room at one in the morning and states that she would have called her to share the anguish. Veera claims that I did not go to her room at the specified hour. In the conversation, Shalini asks, “When you weren’t with Mom, where were you? Because you weren’t in my room.” Ahana has expressed her appreciation for your concern for her and has suggested that you may not have seen that I was praying to God for Yohan. Veera praises her. Shalini has expressed her excitement about Mahira taking on the role of bahu.Sejal makes an effort to rub some lotion into her foot. Yohan shows up there and tells her to give him a call because it is his responsibility to look after her. Babu ji goes there, and as a result, he feels delighted. He refers to you as our Jamai, saying that you are our daughter in the same way that she is. He then entrusts Sejal with the care of Kanhaiya’s idol. Sejal becomes joyful and then inquires about Harsh. Babu ji claims that he was there to fulfil an order. He tells me that I, too, need to go give Madhav the rent money. Yohan tries to touch Sejal’s foot, but Sejal prevents him. Yohan maintains that this relationship is founded on mutual respect and equality. He approaches her and suggests that he perform the massage instead. Sejal looks on. At that very moment, the oil bowl tumbles to the ground. He says khakra got scorched. It is confirmed by her.


Ahana is informed by Veera that Yohan will arrive at the age of 12, and that shortly after the arrival of Krishna, they would become engaged. Ahana smiles. Babu ji sends Sejal with Yohan. Krish performs a dance to the Kisna song. Yohan is the one who brings Sejal back. She falls down. Yohan helps to hoist her. Everyone has their eyes on her.

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