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At the beginning of the episode, Veera confronts Yohan with the question of whether or not they should forgive Sejal for the fact that she is pregnant with his kid and has forgotten everything. I am certain that Yohan is telling the truth when she says that she did not forget anything. After that, according to Veera, we would turn her over to the police. Yohan provides instructions on how to hand her over to the police; she is carrying my child, and I have requested that she be released on bond because she is pregnant. Ahana wonders if you will marry me or if you would abandon me in the middle of our relationship. Yohan adds that he doesn’t want to cause you any emotional distress and that he can’t make any promises that he can’t keep. Ahana claims that our meeting is predetermined, regardless of whether or not Sejal is there. Veera confronts her with the question of whether or not she is becoming loyal to Yohan and wonders whether or not she is making the same mistake that Sejal did. She states that if I find out that you love Yohan, then I will kill you by hand, but I will not allow my plan to be thwarted in any way. Ahana says no Sir ji. Yohan is reportedly acting in the manner in which he desired, so Veera suggests that we wait and observe their interaction.When Yohan enters the room, he finds Sejal in the process of burning the blanket. Sejal claims that she has destroyed his faux worry as well as her hope, which is the reason why she came here. Yohan is concerned that she may have destroyed some of her parents’ belongings. He inquires as to the reason why she torched her blanket. Sejal reports that you confessed the previous day that you threw away everything that belonged to me. Yohan seems to recollect only retaining the blanket. Sejal heaves a cough. Yohan entrusts her with the care of his infant child and asks her to prepare breakfast for them both. Sejal wants to know why it is that you despise me but adore your child so much. Yohan warns you not to yell since it is detrimental to the health of the baby. Sejal is adamant in her refusal, saying that she compares you to the school’s haughty master ji. He invites her to join him for breakfast. Sejal has announced that she will be fasting today in observance of Janmasthami. Yohan inquires, “With whose permission are you doing this?”When Ahana answers Arbaaz’s call, she tells him that she would call him back later. She then makes preparations to do something nefarious with Sejal while she adorns the dahi handi. Yohan and Sejal receive a gift from Shalini in the form of a shagun for Sejal. Yohan takes it. Ahana goes outside and replaces the dahi handi because she is afraid that you would damage the handi that I have prepared.Arun is approached by the servant, who requests that he give Adi some milk. Arun responds, “I don’t have time,” and then requests that she either feed him or put him to sleep. Veera confronts Arun with the question of why, up until yesterday, he was unable to endure to see Veera cry. According to Arun, my true heir is on his way. Yohan receives confirmation from Sejal that he is still Paro. Yohan says I am simply stating that…. Yohan receives a reprimand from Arun after he arrives there. After that, he apologises to Sejal and tells her that the puja is very important for the baby and that the happiness of his heir is more important to him than anything else. He comforts her by wiping away her tears and then invites her to join him for puja. Yohan’s fury is too much for Sejal to endure, so she says she will agree with what he has said. She goes to prepare herself. Yohan reveals to Arun that, to the best of his recollection, he despises her. Arun says that we will chat later, so for the time being, try not to make her angry.Yohan’s home is where Arbaaz finds him and it is there that he places a call to Ahana. Ahana inquires as to his whereabouts. Arbaaz then begins to dance after applying some paint to his face. Ahana requests him to quit teasing and fooling around with her in this phrase. Arbaaz is walking behind her. Ahana is searching for him. The dahi handi is currently suspended from the flower rope. Yohan makes his way there. Arun inquires about Sejal’s whereabouts. According to Yohan, she must be on her way. Sejal travels there in order to receive blessings from Arun. Arun blesses her. The next thing that Sejal does is touch Veera’s feet. Veera searches for Ahana and wonders where she may possibly be. Shalini confides in Shail that she has been thinking about him a lot and that she has just finished decorating the house. Arun inquires of Veera on the location of the plate and the bracelet. Veera requests that the Servant bring her the plate. Arun is handed a dish by a servant. Arun recommends to Sejal that she convince her husband to put on this bracelet, which Arun and I received from Pandit ji. This bracelet will shield Yohan in the event that the handi is broken. Arbaaz takes Ahana to side. Shalini is observing their faces. Ahana issues a stern warning to him, telling him not to cause Yohan any harm or she will report the incident to the police. Arbaaz claims that you are becoming possessive toward him and that he has a lot to say about how much he dislikes her. Ahana requests that he release her grip on her hand. Shalini sneaks a picture of them before vanishing.Yohan is forced to put on the bracelet that Sejal has chosen for him. She then applies makeup on his face while saying that Kanha ji will watch over him at all times. Arbaaz approaches the other men who are going to assist Yohan in climbing to the dahi handi so that he can reach it. Veera receives a visit from Shalini, who informs her that she has something she wants to show her. Ahana appears at that location and says, “I was checking out the arrangements.” According to Shalini, the handi is very tightly knotted. Veera says yohan will manage. At first, Yohan was not able to ascend. Arun tells him to give it another shot. Ahana is reminded of the threat made by Arbaaz. Yohan makes his way to the top by standing on the other men. Arbaaz gives everyone a push, causing them to fall down. Yohan, Arun yells at you. When Sejal yells for Nanda ji, she becomes concerned.


When Sejal sees Yohan and Mahira’s wedding card, she immediately begins packing her belongings and preparing to depart. She gives the wedding card to Yohan to look over. Yohan has told me that if you want to, you can leave. Sejal is currently making her way out of the house.

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