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The males are shown tumbling to the ground as the episode begins with everyone watching. Sejal runs shouting Nanda ji. She inquires of the males as to whether or not they saw him. Yohan has not let go of the rope and has maintained his upright position. Yohan breaks the dahi handi. A few of the photographs slide down the handi. He descends by jumping. After noticing that Sejal is standing, he approaches her. Sejal doesn’t notice the photographs and walks right over them to get closer to Yohan. Yohan is under the impression that she did not care about her parents and that she is capable of anything. Ahana is under the impression that this is not that matki. Sejal invites him to come and have the medicine administered, and she compliments Sasur ji on the raksha bracelet that she has provided for him. Ahana approaches Yohan and inquires about the photographs with him. He reveals to Sejal that he had been keeping the photographs hidden from her as a test. She claims that Sejal is a terrorist who is devoid of any feelings. She claims that she has taken the life of my brother. Yohan reveals that he cannot wait to get his hands on her. Ahana confronts him with the question, “Are you doing this to fall in love with Sejal all over again?” He promises that he will not get romantically involved with Sejal or anybody else ever again. He goes. Ahana receives a phone call from Arbaaz, who then threatens her.Yohan approaches Sejal and removes some of the colour from her face. She wants to know if I was genuinely happy in that picture or if you forced me to grin by holding a pistol to my head and smiling back at me. Yohan claims that you used to have a passion for guns. When Sejal turns to go, she runs into someone, and the petals of the flower fall on top of them. Kehdo na plays… Sejal leaves that location behind her.Shalini visits Veera, takes her hand, and tells her that she lacks character before stating that it is fortunate that Mahira’s marriage never took place. Veera nods in agreement. She claims to have a boyfriend and came here despite having one. Veera claims that you are misinterpreting the situation. Veera is shown the photograph by Shalini. Veera looks at the picture of Arbaaz and Ahana, but she acts as though she couldn’t see it. She says that in order for me to believe you, I need to see this picture. Shalini requests that she Zoom in and look. Even after the breakup of her engagement, she continues to do a lot for us, so Veera wants to know what the problem is. Shalini is pondering her next move.Sejal recalls Yohan’s statement that he does not want to see her face and thinks about it. She confides in her child, saying, “I felt the true love when he held my hand in the village, but now he is exhibiting hostility towards me.” (She says this while talking to her infant.) She claims that she is unsure whether the love or hatred she is experiencing is genuine. She tells me that I will make your life beautiful, that your Papa loves you very much, and that you are the cord that ties us all together. When she enters the cupboard to get the idol that Babu Ji had bestowed upon Kanha, she discovers the wedding card that Mahira and Yohan had sent to each other. She is under the impression that he was about to wed Mahira, and she believes that his hatred is genuine and that this is evidence of it. She prepares to go by gathering her belongings and going to the lobby. Arun inquires as to where you intend to go. Sejal claims that she is unable to continue living in this deceitful house. Sejal looks at Ahana. Yohan declares that enough is enough, and that everyone should go inside. Sejal displays his wedding card and asks, “When you were ready to settle down with someone else, why did you bring me back?” He claims that he was unaware that you were still alive. She claims that I was in the car and that I was conscious. She claims that you responded that she is your friend when I questioned you about it. She questions if I have the legal right to be aware of this. Veera asserts that your way of thinking is flawed. Ahana ponders the meaning behind what Sir ji is stating. Sejal says, “I know that after my kid is born, you will take my baby away and give it to this girl.” Arun will explain the rationale for our decision. She claims that she does not trust him at all. He claims that Sejal is correct, and that he is telling the truth when he says that he told you that you used to love me so much that you were never insecure. He explains why the relationship should be maintained even when there is no trust. Arun inquires as to what it is that you are stating. Yohan says if you wish then you can go. Arun claims that she is carrying our heir in her womb. Yohan tells me that I cannot coerce her since, if she is unhappy in this location, it will be detrimental to the health of the baby. He thinks it is a positive sign if she does not feel unsafe leaving this location. Sejal selects the items she wants. Ahana smiles. Sejal mulls over Yohan and the moments she shared with him.Ahana gives her mother a happy grin and says, “Congratulations, Mummy Ji! Perhaps Mahira will replace Sejal.” Arun informs Yohan that he has made a bad decision because he should have carried Sejal until the birth of the kid. Hearing him yell causes Adi to break down and cry. Veera predicts that Adi will experience fear. Arun claims that I am unable to think about my true heir because I am anxious about him. He requests that the Servant remove Adi and his mother from the vicinity. He claims that he has a daughter who is lazy and spends much of her time sleeping, and that his son’s overconfidence has led to the destruction of everything. Shalini is of the opinion that not even her mother could handle her father.As she travels along the road, Sejal is ruminating over Yohan in her mind. She expresses her regret to her child and tells him or her, “I’m sorry I couldn’t provide you a home.” Yohan gets in the car and thinks to himself, “I put you in this situation and forced you to take help from every person who knows you as Sejal, and then I will catch you red handed and will prove that this memory loss is just a drama.” (Sejal was forced to take help from everyone who knows her as Sejal, and Yohan put her in this situation.)


Arun instructs Veera to begin the rasam preparation while Sejal begins the godh bharayi. Unwillingly, Veera bestows her blessing on Sejal. Yohan will be able to cry on my shoulder because Ahana predicts that the celebration will turn into a time of grief. Yohan makes Sejal take sweets. Sejal smiles.

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