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At the beginning of the episode, Sejal asks Saras and Minal to defuse the bomb by cutting the wire leading to it. Veera examines them on her mobile device and concludes that the video is blurry; she reasons that Sejal must be playing a trick on her. Saras successfully defused the bomb after cutting the wire that was attached to it. Sejal thanks Ambe Maa. The faith that Minal has placed in Sejal is something that Saras admires about her. Sejal implores them to listen attentively and invites them to meet in Delhi. She assures me that my family will be okay, and she says that I should tell Yohan the truth about Veera Nanda as soon as possible. Yohan will travel to that location. Sejal comforts him by hugging him while she cries. She has indicated that she has something important to discuss with him. He then pulls away from the embrace and displays the picture of the officers from SK removing Sejal from the scene. He claims that this photograph was taken at the location where Abhishek was killed, and that you are seen in the photograph wearing the blood-stained saree a piece of which was recovered from Abhishek’s body. He inquires as to what your thoughts are in response to that statement. Mahira arrives at the location and inquires of Yohan about whether or not he saw the items that were scattered. After investigating it, he discovers the components of the bomb. Mahira inquires as to whether or not we are in danger, as well as what you are doing with the bomb materials. She is in the performance. Yohan inquires of Sejal regarding whether or not she was preparing a bomb. She claims that I was not preparing a bomb, but rather I was… He tells me not to say that I don’t know what you’re up to because he’s watching me. According to him, it is a homemade bomb that was used in the attack. Sejal claims that I was attempting to save my parents when I discovered the bomb that had been planted in the house. Yohan tells her that she already knows the answer to everything and then asks her to reveal the truth about the picture. Sejal claims that I went there in order to save him, and while I did want to save him, I was unable to do so because… She promises that she will disclose all of the information to you. Mahira claims that there were blood stains on your saree, which indicates that you were present when the bullet was fired.
There are a number of people who go there, including Veera, Krish, and others. Mahira asserts that you had gone to kill him, that you are the person who murdered him, and that the evidence is right in front of you. Sejal cautions her to avoid speaking nonsense in this situation. She claims that I am not responsible for the death of Abhishek and that I was not preparing a bomb. When he says “I trust you completely,” both Veera and Mahira are taken aback by his statement. He claims that I am interested in finding out the truth. Mahira says again you. Yohan assures me that no one will tell anyone about what goes on between us. He asks me why I wasn’t told, and I don’t know the answer. According to Sejal, I had written the truth in the letter, but they persuaded me to change it. Yohan asks, “What were you doing there? Abhishek went on a secret mission, and you were about to come and meet me.” Abhishek left because Yohan was about to meet him. Sejal responds with a firm “no,” claiming that the listener is ignorant of Abhishek’s story, and proceeds to explain that Abhishek was a terrorist who committed suicide. She claims that I am not only your wife but also a spy working for Indian Intelligence and was sent to your house. The question is, what does Krish want? Sejal claims there was a spy who came to your house in order to spy on you. Mahira is outraged that Yohan has referred to her brother as a terrorist, and she asks Yohan how her brother is hearing what is being said. She claims that by placing blame on the individual, you are disrespecting the fact that he gave his life for the country. Sejal claims that the other girl is spreading false information and that the man in question was not her brother but rather mine. Yohan extends an invitation to accompany him and asks her to accept. Veera is questioned by Krish regarding the nature of this object. Veera acts. Shalini articulates what everyone else is talking about.
Yohan confronts Sejal with the request that he reveal the truth to him, and he indicates that he is prepared to listen. She claims that I am actually a spy, and she swears on him that this is the case. Everyone regularly visits that location. She claims that the Indian Intelligence officers SK and Tana ji entrusted me with this mission approximately six months ago, and that I successfully defused the bomb that was planted in Jam Nagar while I was sitting here. She asks how it is possible for her to accomplish something that a regular person simply cannot. He remembers Sejal making the transfer of money into the company account, among other things. She claims that the reason I married you was because your intelligence was questionable, and that I had sworn that I would put you in jail. Yohan is completely worn out at this point, and he sits down. She says that I learned during the attacks in Mumbai that you are innocent. She says that I learned this information about you. She claims that my intention was not in any way malicious, and that I feel terrible that I lied to you. She claims that she had the intention of establishing Abhishek’s terrorism first, and that she will only reveal the truth to you once she has demonstrated your innocence. Veera and the imposter of Mahira exchange glances with one another. It brings back fond memories of his time spent with Sejal. Sejal comes to him. He claims that the reason we got married was so that we could spy on each other. Although Sejal claims that it was due to reason, I have always had the impression that you are a kind and compassionate person. She says that ever since I learned that you have done nothing wrong, I have loved you with all my heart. He is interested in the means by which one can believe. Sejal assures him that she loves him and that this marriage will be her life before she begs him to put his trust in her. Mahira advises not to put your faith in her and points to this picture as evidence of everything that happened. She claims that Drishti was aware that my brother had asked her to avoid him and to keep their distance from each other. She questions why someone who is about to become a parent would choose to take their own life at such a vulnerable time. Veera makes a convincing display of crying. Mahira claims that SK would have informed them if my brother had been involved in terrorist activity if SK had known. Veera confronts Sejal with the question of why she did not pause to reflect before murdering Abhishek, why she did not consider Drishti and her unborn child, and why she did not consider informing Yohan.

Yohan puts the question to her and waits for her response. Sejal claims that she did not kill him and that she only wanted him to surrender; however, he ended up shooting himself because he believed that killing himself was preferable to giving up. Mahira questions why he would take his own life just as he was about to start a family. She claims that you did not tell him because you are a terrorist, and the objective of my brother’s mission was you; however, you ended up killing my brother in order to protect yourself. Yohan was instigated by Veera, and Veera agrees with Mahira that she is right. Veera also claims that Sejal is a terrorist who has received training. Krish argues that it is simple for you to assert that you are acting in the interest of the nation, and he asks what evidence you have to support your claims. Sejal asserts that I have evidence in my possession. According to Shalini, both Yohan and Abhishek were shot during the terror attack in Mumbai, but Sejal remained unharmed. Veera takes action and asks if you act as a supplier of weapons to terrorists through Nanda Industries and that this is the reason you married. Sejal claims that she will respond, and that she will ask questions that are beyond the scope of your ability to answer. Yohan is given the opportunity to respond to her question. Mahira claims that you are putting your faith in her by giving her this opportunity. Yohan is reminded by Sejal that he had previously stated that he would provide an opportunity for the woman to demonstrate that she is innocent. She claims that I will be requesting that opportunity from you today. She claims that she will provide evidence to support her claim that she is a spy and that SK Sir will reveal all information. Veera and Mahira get tensed. Sejal poses the question, “Will you give me a chance to bring out the truth and bring real criminals in front of you?” in the hope of gaining this opportunity. He confirms this by nodding his head. She then goes to get her phone out of her purse. She then pulls out her phone and dials SK’s number, but he does not pick up the call. Mahira inquires as to whether you had expressed interest in taking part in this opportunity. Sejal suggests that he must have a lot on his plate given his position as an intelligence officer. She tells you that she will bring you to such and such a location. Veera has stated that she will accompany you on your journey; however, I am unable to permit her to accompany the terrorist. Yohan maintains that she is not a member of any terrorist organisation. Mahira claims that even my brother did not engage in terrorist activity. Yohan is accompanied by Sejal as they travel to the location where SK gave her training; however, they find a shop there instead. She experiences a startling reaction.
In this recap,

Sejal reveals to SK that she was honest with Yohan and disclosed the fact that she works for the enemy. She wants to know the reason he put her through the training to bring her to his home, so she asks him about it. SK inquires as to what Mrs. Nanda is commenting on at this moment. Sejal cannot believe what she is seeing. SK claims that you are a spy, despite the fact that this cannot be true and that we do not send any girls to other people’s homes in order to act as spies. Sejal is taken aback when she discovers that SK has been lying.

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